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We are addicted to Tsum Tsum - vinyl and plush!

The name, Tubey Toys was indirectly created by our toddler. I have always wanted to blog and vlog about my life, and I feel like my boy has given me this opportunity to channel my inner kid again as well as mix it with my new found self, one half of a dynamic duo parenting team. I love being a mom, and I love seeing the world through my sons' eyes. 

Our oldest son, Marcello, is wise beyond his years (like most kids nowadays), and already has a full catalog of favorites for TV shows, characters, movies, etc. It is no question that pop culture goes hand in hand with technology, and a regular tablet that I used to use to play The Sims on was handed over to our boy during long car rides. This tablet (now, the stinker has an iPad) turned into the gateway for my son's imagination to grow. That being said, I wanted to create a safe, educational, and fun learning environment for him while he watches youtube, so I can stare into space for twenty minutes, or make a detailed shopping list without writing milk three or four times before I realize it. 

On our youtube channel, Tubey Toys, you will find an eclectic mix of toy collectibles to funny skits to honest reviews. 

Our blog focuses on our parenting adventures, fun stuff to do with your kiddos, honest toy reviews, and other chatter about parenting. We are not paid for mentioning any products unless specified. We just love toys and showcasing that to the world through our YouTube channel and our blog. We feel that getting down to the level of our kids helps promote imaginative play and builds his social skills. 

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