Crazy Toddler? Cure Toddler Boredom with the Best Toddler-Friendly + Family-Friendly Board Games!

STUCK INSIDE? YEAH, US TOO! We have lots of kid-friendly games to share with you to prevent the summer slide, keep boredom at bay, and bring the whole family together!

Goliath Games brings everyone to the table, or to the floor in our case, with their great line of toddler-friendly and kid-friendly games. 

I am a mom, I'm tired and I have two boys who are always not tired! I have a seven-year-old, and brand new three-year-old, and during these tough COVID-19 times, I have truly searched for the best games and toys to keep toddler tantrums at bay. No matter what you do, the witching hour comes every day, and tears, screams, and tantrums all ensue within moments. As quickly as a tornado twirls through a quiet town, your kiddo's tantrum ends, and how you handled that tornado could either be devastating or without little damage. What does a parent do? I read so many articles on this subject, and no two toddlers are alike. Keeping toddlers busy is one thing, and that is why I am suggesting these amazing games!

Toddlers are a species all of their own; they are learning how to formulate sentences, asking for things instead of taking things, taking turns, and just coping with their world of emotions. Check out this great article I found that sums up what toddler life is all about. The article basically says to just back off, and let toddlers just be themselves during these outbursts (within reason, of course). 

Which brings to why I love games by Goliath Games, you don't have to stand over your kid and encourage proper gameplay. You can get children as young as two years old involved to play, and you don’t have to play by the rules, which tends to make kids lose focus and get frustrated! 

When you do sit down with your kids and play, be sure to highlight the learning aspects of these games to make each board game experience an educational and fun one! 

Not only have I included great family games perfect for kiddos as young as two, but I also added in classic games by that parents can enjoy with friends or the older kiddos.

Toddler and Kid-Friendly Games

Banana Blast - Toddler Favorite! Place the bananas in the base, and roll the dice! Pull out one or two bananas, and when the monkey, Banana Joe, pops up you have to be the first to catch him! This game is nothing but laughs and smiles all around, and not only do you hone counting skills and taking turns skills, but your kiddos will also want to play it again and again. The rules are so simple that parents can leave the older ones to oversee the game. Go ahead, have a cup of coffee! For two to five players, ages 4+ Walmart $19.54

Pop The Pig - Toddler Favorite!
  • Top-selling preschool game with over 200 million views on YouTube
  • Players take turns rolling the die, feeding the pig, and pushing down on his head
  • Each pump makes his belly grow bigger, bigger, and bigger until... POP!
  • Teaches numbers, colors, and counting
  • For 2-6 players, ages 4 and up
  • Available at Walmart and  Target

Gator Golf
  • A hole-in-one is a lot more fun with Gator Golf!
  • Putt the ball into the Gator's mouth to score, and he'll toss your ball back with his tail for more golfing fun
  • Be the first player to score three points to win
  • Active game helps develop large motor skills and gets kids moving indoors
  • For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up
  • Available at Walmart and Target 

Build or Boom is a wonderful game for kiddos that is explosively fun! Build a tower according to the card as quick as you can, or go boom! This game is always at the top of our game pile. Toddlers and pre-schoolers can hone their fine motor skills and agility with this game! For 2 players, 3+  Walmart $16.39 | Amazon $15.34

Dragon Snacks is a magical game that the whole family loves. Help this poor dragon who ate too many snacks! Not only do we love playing it and helping the dragon relieve his tummy troubles, but we are also trying to figure out how this dragon's tummy becomes visible! This game focuses on color learning and teaches patience to toddlers, and is just a fun game that brings us a lot of smiles! For two to four plays, 4+ Walmart $14.88 | Amazon $14.88 


I will be reviewing these Goliath Games soon! Follow me to get notified when I update this blog! 

Burping Bobby Amazon $19.99

Dino Crunch Amazon $19.99

Johnny Skull Amazon $24.99

Rattlesnake Jake

Classic Board Games for Tweens, Teens, and Adults - These games have kept us busy throughout our shelter in place. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit that notification bell to get alerted to my video review. You can also find me on Amazon Live! where I will be demoing the games below, and the kid-friendly games that I mentioned above!

Sequence, Pressman - This is a new game for us, and we love the challenge! 

It's fun, it's challenging, it's exciting, it's Sequence! Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have five in a row, it's a Sequence. Learn to block your opponents or remove their chips, and watch out for the Jacks - they're wild! With a little strategy and luck, you'll be a winner. For 2-12 players, ages 7 and up. Amazon $17.97

Rummikub, Pressman - remember that clacking of the tiles when you shuffled the cards? That sound reminds me of New Year's Eve or a family game night. This classic game is effortless and will always be a mainstay in my game closet. Walmart $14.97 | Amazon $13.77 | Target $14.99

With more than 55 million units sold, Rummikub is one of the world’s best-selling and most-played games. Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs or groups, Rummy style -- the first player to use all of their tiles wins! Fast-paced, easy gameplay is ideal for people of different ages to play together. Rummikub reinforces STEM skills like sequencing, pattern recognition, and planning. 
For 2-4 players, ages 8+

Mastermind, Pressman - This is a fast and fun strategy game. Players each take turns solving codes. This game focuses on STEM and strategic thinking, which makes it a great game to introduce to grade school kids. Walmart $9.99 | Amazon $9.49 | Target $14.99

Let me know if any of these games were helpful to you, and if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them! Comment below with your toddler horror stories! 

This blog post contains affiliate links. Should you click through, it is at no cost to you! Please let me know if you do shop through my links, so I can thank you directly! I also may have been gifted products for my honest review, all opinions are my own. I give detailed and honest reviews, so follow me for more! 

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