Summer Aesthetic! Make it Fashion with a Tie-Dye Mask! Fourth of July Creations with Tie-Dye DIY with Swirl and Style by YULU

It's day three (I'm a little late!) of my tie-dye series with Swirl and Style! This tie-dye kit is so addicting! I am tie-dying everything in sight. Check back to my recent blog post where I tie-dyed a Red, White, and Blue Beach Bag!

Today I created an American flag-inspired tie-dye mask with the Swirl and Style by YULU. I tie-dyed a white cotton mask that you can wash and re-use. You can get something like this off of Amazon as a three-pack for under $5! I have always been nervous to die- anything, but Swirl and Style make it really easy and totally mess-free, so it is also perfectly fine for kids to create their own tie-dye clothes on their own! 

You’re going to need your tie-dye kit, the Swirl n Style comes with everything you need to get started except the shirt of course. I am using a fork to help twirl the fabric all over the tank top to create swirls all over the tank top to mimic a burst of fireworks. Rubberband or tie each swirl, and follow the steps from the Swirl and Style kit or check out my first tutorial on my YouTube channel and blog.

What do you think of the finished products so far?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's tie-dye creation with the Swirl and Style! What are you doing to keep kids busy? Check out how to bust boredom with kids on my blog, YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook, and TikTok

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