NEW Interactive STEM TOY Smarty JOJO Toddler Learning Toy Coming Early July - Best Bang for Your Buck!

Meet Smarty JOJO, the ultra-smart STEM toy by Flycatcher Toys. Flycatcher Toys are geniuses behind the smART Sketcher and smART Pixelator. Smarty JOJO is an airplane with big plans for your little one. 

Available early July on Amazon, you can get Smarty JOJO for just $24.99. Flycatcher Toys was kind enough to send us Smarty JOJO to test out, and I am totally impressed with the quality and bang for your buck with this STEM toy.

Smarty JOJO is really intelligent! With over 150 phrases, he can respond to movement, identify colors with his color recognition system, teach shapes, give educational prompts and tasks in both English and Spanish, and teaches children direction and speed. Your children will love the adventure that Smarty JOJO takes them on from take-off to landing! JOJO will start at take off with simple calibration, and because his buttons are shapes and light up in various colors, it’s easy for toddlers to start learning and playing with very little parental help! 

Smarty JOJO requires 3AAA batteries that are not included, but once they’re in you’re off to play. Smarty JOJO also has an automatic shut off feature, so you’re never wasting precious battery life while not in use. 

In my video there were instances where he is loud and isn’t loud - since he is so smart, he does respond to radio interference, so if you’re outside, it may sound muffled. In-person, you can hear Smarty JOJO give directions and prompts well. Smarty JOJO is not waterproof, but that didn’t stop my kids from trying to throw him in the pool. Thankfully, they missed it! Smarty JOJO took quite the “testing” his first day in our home, and since he is made of high-quality plastics, he passed the toddler test! Not a scratch on him, and he’s quick to respond and identify colors just like how he was doing outside of the box. 

I found this toy to be adorable, educational, very simple for little ones to use, and extremely affordable. I will be gifting this toy to all of the toddlers that I know when the holidays come around. My son Rocco who is turning three in August is in love with Smarty JOJO and treats him like one of his transportation toys. The fact that Smarty JOJO also teaches is a huge bonus! 

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Thank you so much Flycatcher Toys for sending us Smarty JOJO for free for our review! 

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