Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker - TOP DIY Craft of 2020! Create Adorable Erasers to Match Any Aesthetic!

    Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker kits are so much fun! You get a whole collection of colors and designs to choose from to create your very own miniature erasers! Who else obsessed over collecting miniature erasers during elementary school? I totally did! 60 cents got me like 10 erasers, and the thrill of finding the ones you wanted just made recess so magical! Relive these moments with your kiddos with the new Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker kits by Bandai! There are a bunch of designs to choose from like Animals, Fashion, Sweets, and Fruits! You can also get the Deluxe kit with a variety of styles and colors. Refill your kits up with the mini packs to suit your mood! 

    Pretty Pixels by Bandai are a neat way to create your own pixelated erasers in just minutes. Each kit comes with colors, patterns, platform, tweezer, and easy to follow instructions! You just need a little more imagination to achieve craft excellence! Get yourself a hardware kit and magnet roll to create your own Pretty Pixels Erasers jewelry! 

    I created my own jewelry and magnets to jazz up the crafting process. Not only does this add more value to your Pretty Pixels erasers, but you get the chance to share your designs with friends and expand your crafting palette. Pretty Pixels are the perfect platform to get started on a road of creativity! 

    Here are the tools that I used to create the looks in my videos! I used the Fruits kit, but I could only find the Deluxe Kit on Amazon, and this is the best price! 

    Pretty Pixels Deluxe Kit: 
    Pretty Pixels Mini Packs:
    Jewelry Hardware kit:
    Magnet roll:
    Glue + gluegun:

    How cute are they? Let me know what you think I should create next in the comments! Thank you so much, Bandai for sending me the Pretty Pixels Fruits Eraser kit for my review! 

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