Playmobil Grand Novelmore Castle Unboxing + Review - Where to Buy + Save!

Defend the castle from the Burnham Raiders, send a secret message via wolf, catapult boulders over the castle walls, and enjoy 360-degrees of play with the Playmobil Grand Castle of Novelmore 70220! The set retails for $199.99. There are plenty of ways to save on this epic build, read on see how you can save 15% off! 

Playmobil sent us this product to provide an honest review for free!

The Playmobil Grand Novelmore Castle is 360-degrees of fun! Help protect the Noveldor realm with this Great Castle build! The city of Novelmore features a castle with the latest inventions and weaponry to help ward off the incoming darkness of the Burnham Raiders! With Dario’s inventions like stone catapults, a helpful bucket system, canons, and projectile blasters, trap doors, and more the great city may overcome the dark ages! The beauty of this set is that it will really play well with any Playmobil set - maybe Dario Da Vinci made a time machine? Maybe he crossed over with Doc Brown and Marty McFly? Check out my unboxing of the Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean as well! You can also pair this set with the Playmobil Movie playsets.

This set took me six hours to build - no joke. My older son (who is just turning seven) helped me build it, but it was a little challenging with a toddler pulling the pieces apart. However, we had a blast no matter what the circumstances and the playtime was even more fun afterward. If your kiddo is eight or up, or a seasoned Playmobil builder, then they should have no problems. This playset sparks the imagination to go to another realm, the stories my son made up were just as epic as this castle! Prince Arwynn and Dario had to create magic lederhosen for the King, no joke, this is what my seven-year-old came up with. I did not even know he knew what lederhosen even was.

The Novelmore series features a vast array of titles to choose from to build up your village and defend it against the Burnham Raiders. The Great Novelmore Castle once built creates an intricate fortress with different passageways, trap doors, locked entries, and even a jail cell! The basement also features a room to provide Dario the ultimate space to create and invent! With 374 pieces included to build and play, this collection more than makes up for the price tag of $199.99. 

Ways to Save on This Epic Set and More Playmobil Sets

Playmobil sets are so unique and created with such detail that such a hobby can get very expensive. We were lucky enough to be able to review the Grand Novelmore Castle for free, but I ask myself, would I be able to afford such a purchase? I really cannot afford the retail price, but when you really look hard enough - the deals are there!

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Buy directly from Playmobil!

Purchase directly from Playmobil, and if it's your first purchase on their site, then sign up for their newsletter and get 15%!

Buy it from Amazon!

Amazon has the Grand Novelmore Castle for just $179.95, plus you can pair this set with more pieces from the collection. I would highly suggest getting the Burnham Raiders Dragon Training Playset as it includes to Burnham Raiders and a dragon - this is a great set to storm the castle. 

Walmart is Price Matching Amazon Automatically

Right now Walmart and Amazon are price matching one another. The perk of Walmart is that it includes free 2-day shipping without a subscription. Plus, you get the overall savings from a regular Walmart shopping trip. It's on sale for just $179.95. 

Wait for a Zulily Sale!

Yes, this may never come, but here's the link, so you can get the in-stock notification! This has been discounted down to $159.94 - that's a 20% off savings. Couple the deal with Rakuten Cash Back Bonus, and you've got even more savings (1% cash back). 

Save at Target

If you have a Target RedCard, then you will always save 5% when you make your purchases with your RedCard. If you're ordering essentials, I would add the Grand Novelmore Castle to your list as it is the ultimate boredom buster! Since COVID-19 started, Cashback has been halted with Rakuten, but sign up anyway to get a free gift card of your choice, and use that gift card to apply to your purchase!

There you have it! Watch this space for price markdown alerts from Playmobil, and be the first to know!  

Thank you so much, Playmobil for sending us the Grand Novelmore Castle to review and unbox for free!

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