Marshmello and Moe Shalizi Introduce Upbeat EDM Kid's YouTube Channel Mellodees!

Have you heard of MelloDees? It’s a brand new children’s YouTube channel that shares fun and catchy versions of nursery rhymes and children’s songs. MelloDees is apart of the Marshmello brand and music's Moe Shalizi. Fans of EDM or anyone with a child may know the marshmallow masked DJ, Marshmello. I mean, he had a concert on the game Fortnite for crying out loud. Mellodees is not your average kid's song channel. The songs are professionally produced, have colorful characters, and more importantly listenable for tired parent's ears, especially during these trying times. If 

MelloDees tells stories through music and has a distinct sound reminiscent of electronic music, which gets kids dancing of all ages.

My son Rocco listened to the ABC song video about five times before bed, and he didn’t even want to actually watch the video, he wanted to dance! That alone made me happy! Check it out if you have a toddler that likes to sing and dance! When children just stare at an iPad screen, there is no engagement, Dee the robot encourages children to get up and dance.

MelloDees comes out with new shows every Friday, and each episode focuses on short and sweet songs about letters, colors, shapes, numbers, nursery rhymes, and more!  You can also visit their website to download and print coloring pages for free! 

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