LEGO News! LEGO Art Pop Culture Icons Pieces Announced! Available September 1, 2020!

Exciting LEGO® News! New LEGO Art Decorating Walls September 1

2020 is huge for LEGO® news! We have the announcement of LEGO® DOTS where arts and crafts meet the power of LEGO® building to a full line-up of Super Mario sets and figures! Now, LEGO Group has announced the launch of its latest line, LEGO® Art! LEGO® Art is providing a full building experience where your mind, body, and soul can be fully immersed in the art of building your favorite musician, actor, superhero, or even villain! 

pop culture with 2D lay flat LEGO building where you combine each LEGO tile to create your favorite pop culture icon!  Once built, you can hang your custom canvassed new hanging element to hang your masterpiece on your wall and decorate your home with icons like Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, and even Iron Man using LEGO tiles. While building comb through the build playlist that includes music and interviews allowing for an immersive and relaxing build experience.  

Each LEGO set features a specific pop culture icon that can be created into a 2D flat image of LEGO tiles. Adult LEGO builders build up their pop culture portraits on a blank canvas that be interlocked together to create a small scale to larger portraits. You get a number of different variations to each title giving the builder freedom of expression. 

With LEGO® Art sets spanning across film, TV, and music, there is something for everyone to create. Hopefully there will be more sets coming out focusing on even more icons of pop culture in more skus! LEGO® no holds the Andy Warhol license since they are using the Marilyn Monroe version, well, what about the iconic banana, Campbell’s Soup can, etc? Sure, things may seems a bit overdone, but I personally love Warhol’s work in any form! 

LEGO® Art will launch with the following titles and will be available September 1. 

  • LEGO® Art’s Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe | 3,332 pieces | 4-in-1 Collectible Wall Art Building Kit for Adults
  • LEGO® Art’s The Beatles | 2,933 pieces | 4-in-1 Collectible Wall Art Building Kit for Adults
  • LEGO® Art’s Marvel Studios Iron Man | 3,156 pieces | 3-in-1 Collectible Wall Art Building Kit for Adults
  • LEGO® Art’s Star Wars™ The Sith™ (31200) | 3,395 pieces | 3-in-1 Collectible Wall Art Building Kit for Adults

The sets will be available on September 1st from LEGO Retail Stores and as well as retailers, with the only exception of LEGO® Marvel Studios Iron Man set which will be a LEGO Retail Stores and only.

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