Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tutti Frutti Dough Kits Perfect for Four Sense Sensory Play!

Imagine a dough set that provides all of the tools for a full play experience? Plus, it's non-toxic, it can be rehydrated if the kiddos leave the lid open a bit, and the scents are spot on! Tutti Frutti dough kits by Family Games America provides all that and more! With 23+ scented doughs in different color varieties to choose from, your kids will be fully engaged in play with their fruity scents, look, and feel.

Everything you need is inside the kit to give kids that push to expand their imaginations! Kids can explore dinosaurs, bake cupcakes, serve up some ice cream, or even share their belief in the magic of unicorns! Tutti Frutti dough kits provide all of that and more! 

We were sent the Tutti Frutti Dinoland Dough Kit for free to review, and this set keeps my kids totally engaged! Sure, the colors are mixed up now, but the scents are even more heavenly! When you mix the colors, the scents don't overlap, they blend! You can make 3D dinosaurs with the included tools, and four scented doughs. I love how the dough packed inside in a scalloped design. The scents are spot on, and refreshing, especially the lime green —it’s so fresh and lively! 

Each set varies in price, but offers up unique play experiences! Kids will be able to expand their imaginations as well as fulfill the necessary elements of play. Children will benefit from dough play cognitively and physically, like comprehension, fine motor skills, and even communication.

There are more kits that can be purchased like the Fantasy Scented Dough Kit, Cars Scented Dough KitIce Cream Large Scented Dough Kit, and more! Buy directly from ToysGamesPuzzles.com. You can also purchase extra dough packs for more Tutti Frutti fun! 

Tutti Frutti Dough is proudly made in Canada, and is made of all-natural ingredients, and is non-toxic. The dough is so natural that if it dries out, you can easily hydrate it with some water. 

What do you think of dough kits like this? How do you keep kids engaged during isolation? As the world slowly opens back up, we still must try and keep playtime fun and educational! 

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