Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Summer Time Aesthetics for Teens + Tweens on a Budget - Blog Series part one

Have you noticed your kid now has an aesthetic?

When I first learned about it, I pictured it as Harajuku meets Hippie. I wasn't too far off!

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What is an aesthetic?

It's a trend, of course, but it's like a head to toe trend-- mind, body, and soul. You don't just wear a fashionable outfit, you embody what you wear. Picture oversized clothes; baggy pants that are fitted at the waist (JNCO style for the 2020s), graphics usually 80s and 90s prints and characters, water flasks (it's just a water bottle!), fluffy blankets, bangle bracelets, scrunchies, and tie-dye ANYTHING! If you think you can vibe and hang, then you're listening to Lo-Fi Hip Hop and Chill Music. Kids now accessorize their whole style from their bedroom to what they walk out of the house in. It's artsy, it's fun, and it can get expensive. Like any trend, the stores to shop are Claire's, Justice, ItGirlClothing, and even Target or Walmart.

Building an aesthetic can get expensive!

I am looking for cheap ways to create an aesthetic for kids on a budget! I found one with the Swirl and Style Tie-Dye Studio kit, you get everything you need for $19.99 at Target. The Swirl n' Style kit is easy to use, and it comes with everything you need to start creating your own tie-dye clothes!

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How to create an aesthetic for the Fourth of July!

Go next level and match the night sky this July 4th with your own tie-dye tank! This is such an easy DIY with the totally mess-free Swirl and Style tie-dye kit by YULU-thanks for sending it to me for free! For just an initial investment of $19.99, you can be on your way to mess-free tie-dye. For tweens + teens, get your blanks at Forever 21. Parents, for your little ones, I find the best blanks are Hanes 5-packs or even Cat n Jack blanks at Target. You want to spend a little to reap a big reward in style and vibe.

Today I created a fireworks-inspired tank top with my Swirl and Style by YULU and a Forever 21 blank that I got on sale, it's the regular price is only $3.99. I really like Forever21 because of its high-quality tanks and affordability. Honestly, I have always been nervous to tie-dye clothes, but the Swirl n Style makes it really easy and totally mess-free, so it is also perfectly fine for kids to create their own tie-dye clothes on their own! 

You’re going to need your tie-dye kit, the Swirl n Style comes with everything you need to get started except the shirt of course. I am using a fork to help twirl the fabric all over the tank top to create swirls all over the tank top to mimic a burst of fireworks. Rubberband or tie each swirl, and follow the steps from the Swirl and Style kit or check out my first tutorial on my YouTube channel and blog.

What do you think of the finished product?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's tie-dye creation with the Swirl and Style! What are you doing to keep kids busy? Check out how to bust boredom with kids on my blog, YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook, and TikTok

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