Thursday, June 4, 2020

New Rubik's TILT & Rubik's Revolution Puzzle Games Review + Giveaway!

Fans of the Rubik's Cube now have even more ways to play their beloved puzzle cube. Super Impulse sent us a couple new Rubik's cube toys to play with, and I must say - they are both so much fun! I love them so much that I will be giving them away. Head to my Instagram for to enter to win!

Rubik’s Revolution is a light chasing game that also tests your agility, memory, hearing, and motor skills. It’s a lot of fun for one or even during multiplayer mode. This is a reboot of the original Rubik’s Revolution for this newly interested generation of cubers! Find it on Amazon for $19.99.

Rubik’s TILT is the first release coming out apart of the TILT line by Super Impulse. The TILT line will include titles from Hot Wheels, Tetris, and LOL Surprise. The Rubik’s TILT is a digital version of the classic Rubik’s cube, and in order to play you tilt and turn to move the cube parts to match the colors. Like the Rubik’s Cube there is great skill involved, but the TILT makes it easy with the different modes to assist players. Find it on Amazon for $19.45.

Looking for more gifts for a Rubik's cube fan? Super Impulse has revitalized this line with fun and new ways to play. Try out World's Smallest Rubik's Cube on for size where you can fit your favorite puzzle in your pocket! Check out my YouTube video featuring all of the coolest stuff (like miniature Wacky Packages!) coming out by Super Impulse

Get them both on Amazon!

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