Sunday, June 7, 2020

New Toy Story 4 Karen and Forky Figure Set Unboxing and Review!

Forky and Karen Beverly Amazon Exclusive Set

The Pixar 25th Anniversary line rolled out new Toy Story 4 characters as a cool figure set, Forky and Karen, aka Forky’s Girlfriend, Knifey, and Karen Beverly are now playable toys!  This set features poseable Forky and posable Karen figures. Both figures have posable arms for recreating that post credit scene in Toy Story 4! 

How They Arrive! 

First, the box you will receive will be a closed box decorated with Toy Story 4 art, but it is not a regular blister pack or a package with figures attached to a backing card. Many collectors might find this presentation annoying, especially if you keep your toys in the box for display. When I first ordered the Forky and Duke Caboom set, it was also packaged in this style of box. Then after a few months, I noticed that they sold them in a regular package with the figures visible.  If you would like to wait, then I suggest you do so, however, these figures are great outside of the box. Since their size is proportioned perfectly for the 7" figure line, Woody can carry Forky to rest his tired popsicle stick feet.

Meet the Stars!

The figures are very cute and would be perfect for your collection or your kiddo’s toy box. 

Overall, I was unhappy with Forky’s construction, he fell apart before I could remove him from the box. I was very disappointed with that, but I will order a new set to see if this is a factory issue or just mine wasn’t put together correctly. It’s an easy fix for just display, but he cannot be played with as the feet come off easily from the spork. 


The Karen figure is so cute! The details are all there, even the little bits that I did not catch from the movie itself. At the back of her, she is missing the back of her dress, and it is just held in place with some tape. The three decorations on her dress are actually a sequin and two stickers. There are little shoe scallops on the feet to show that Karen is wearing fancy shoes. I made my own Knifey/Karen on my channel, and I think I did a pretty good job - check out the video!  I just love all of these details, and Mattel paid homage to this very minor, yet memorable, character quite well! The construction is great, but she does not stand up very well. The material is kind of bendy, so you can position her, but she just bends down again after a few seconds. For play, she is perfect, but for display, this figure may need some tweaking!

You can find Forky and Karen exclusively on Amazon now for just $12.99! 

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