Saturday, June 13, 2020

Book and Bear June Subscription Box Unboxing and Review!

Plushies! Books! I feel like this is what childhood is all about, and Book and Bear consistently mixes these two childhood loves and makes the best subscription boxes that encourage pretend play and reading. 

Children will love the June 2020 Book and Bear box as it includes the super trendy, and just adorable llama! Book and Bear were kind enough to send us the June subscription box to unbox, and my boys were ecstatic! Not only does this box include a plush, a book matching the theme, activity, or toy, but the child also gets to experience stuffing their own plushie. The experience of unboxing this set alone is worth it and makes each month something to look forward to for children. 

We unboxed the Book and Bear Summer Series which included a large llama, a baby llama, a hardcover book for preschoolers featuring a llama, and a level two book about llamas. If llamas aren't your thing, you can purchase different themed boxes as a one time gift from dinosaurs to unicorns. Each box is carefully packaged, and carefully curated featuring the highest quality and the best books for your child.

The Book and Bear subscription box pairs a love of reading along with the power of the imagination! Plushies help move the story along, and I noticed that my younger son was very interested his book and baby llama. He took his plushie and "read" to the llama, plus he was totally engaged and did not stop his focus until we were done reading the story. My older son played tag with his llama plushie, and mimicked what he learned in the book about llamas.

Subscribe to Book and Bear now to get June, July, and August with their special Summer Series, which is a three-month subscription offer! Check out our unboxing video featuring the Dinosaur Book and Bear!

When ordering your Book and Bear subscription, be sure to order by the 30th of each month as they always ship by the 4th of the following month. I highly recommend this service! If you have more than one child, then you can order additional stuffing so all of the children can experience the fun and excitement of stuffing their own plushie. 

What do you think of subscription boxes for kids? Let me know in the comments!

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