Monday, May 11, 2020

Best Boredom Buster Surprise Toy on the Market - Ravel Tales DIY Craft Kit, Toys, and Lots of Adventures!

Looking for the ultimate boredom buster, end of school year gift, or like the best birthday gift ever?! Then you have to consider Sunny Days Entertainment's newest toy, Ravel Tales! Ravel Tales are a collection of adorably themed craft plushies all wound up in a ball of yarn. Inside each ball of yarn, there are 20 surprises that include the tools to craft and create, stickers, and an adorable plushie. Kids will be inspired to journey with their Ravel Tales Ravellers, as they themselves become apart of the TheUnravellers, a squad of crafters that help reveal the plushies!

There are 12 Ravel Tales Ravellers plushies to collect in all including one ultra-rare unicorn, which is definitely on our list to find. I unboxed one on my channel and I have to say, I am not crafty in the sense of sewing, and the instructions were very simple to follow, the sewing needle is durable plastic, and the craft projects are simple. Projects include a pet bed, pom-poms, bracelet, necklace, and Raveller's pet collar -- all super easy to construct. You just need a pair of scissors and you're on your way. Plus, kids will learn a great life skill by sewing and the stitch is very simple, over and under - this toy will also strengthen fine motor skills. 

Ravel Tales doesn't compromise quality for cuteness, as the craft tools are well made and even the finished products look factory made. Ravel Tales are available in stores at Target for $9.99. Amazon shoppers, keep checking back until about May 15, which is when sales should go live. For my Canadian readers, Ravel Tales will be in stores like Walmart and Toys R US in late summer 2020. 

Sunny Days Entertainment loves to keep kiddos busy! With their wide selection of play tents, dolls like Lil' Blizzard Friends, and more, there are plenty of toys to choose from for birthdays, things to do, and more, which is why I think Ravel Tales are such a big hit. With Ravel Tales, kids can unravel the yarn, reveal surprises, craft, and continue the adventure with their Ravel Tales plushie. Be sure to check out Ravel Tales on YouTube, Instagram, and their Facebook page! Follow me too for more toy news and fun unboxing videos for my kids and my own favorite toys!!

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