Thursday, May 14, 2020

New Playmobil Sets 2020 Scooby-Doo, Back to the Future 35th Anniversary, Construction Sets, Everdreamerz, Take Along, and more! Save 20% off now!!!

NEW Playmobil Sets for 2020 + Save 20% Select Healthcare Sets to Support COVID-19 Efforts!

The new movie Scoob is slated to open this year with lots of fanfare with an at-home premiere! While the kids are watching the movie at home, then build the latest sets that came out in January 2019 by Playmobil, and think about what you're going to get for the future. 

Playmobil launched the Scooby-Doo collection with a blind bag collection, the Mystery Machine, and a character 3-pack featuring Scooby, Shaggy, and a villain plus 12 blind bags with 12 different ghosts to hunt. 

Coming out August 2020 will be the Scooby-Doo Adventures in the Mystery Mansion, Adventures in the Wild West, Adventures in the Witches Cauldron, Adventures in the Cemetery, Adventures in Egypt, and Dinner with Shaggy.

Recently launched is the new line by Playmobil with new and fun ways to unbox their figures and accessories, Everdreamerz, a whole new way to play and collect Playmobil. Packaged in a reusable blind box with the different compartments, Playmobil fans will discover a magical amulet unlocking the world of EverDreamerz - with secret compartments with mystery figures, accessories, and jewelry. It even offers up less waste, because you can even return the toys back to the box for easy storage after playtime is over. EverDreamerz is a group of five best friends that travel to magical realms, face their fears, and have loads of fun! Inside the magical amulet, reveal seven surprises with a different theme! I love the Comic World theme! There is also a music theme, art theme, candy theme, and more!

This May 2020, '80s kids can go back in time with my all-time favorite film, Back to the Future, that is celebrating 35 years this year! Included with the collection will be beloved Marty McFly, Doc, and even Einstein. The cherry on top of this nostalgic sundae of my childhood is that beautifully detailed Delorean! With exceptional detailing right down to the last gigawatts. Your imagination doesn’t need roads for this open-ended play, and with that, the wheels even rotate in at 90 degrees to fly off into part two, I mean, into your imagination. This is the perfect toy for parents and kids to bond over as it conjures up all of the feels for fans…especially me! It would be sweet if it came with a lenticular photo of Marty and his brother and sister. Just saying. 

This is my grandfather. He had a can imagine why Back to the Future is so close to my heart. All the feels.

Sharp fans will notice this scene below is taken right out of the first movie - the iconic scene at Twin Pines Mall when they are doing their experiment before they were rudely interrupted. You see the camcorder, the skateboard, and even the box of plutonium. Also coming out is the 1955 figure set of Marty and Dr. Emmet Brown in period clothes from the film. Notice Marty’s outfit, straight out of the movie during the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance when Marty takes over and sings Johnny Be Good. Doc Brown even has the newspaper marking his fate! 

Playmobil brings the world of construction to life with a versatile line of machines that take the imagination to new heights. The Crane is remote control powered and can hoist heavy materials. Each of the sets works together to create the ultimate construction site. All of these awesome sets come out this August. 

Playmobil builders and skit creators will love the hospital that includes mini playsets and patients to fill the hospital. You can also get a separate hospital wing to add on thus creating the perfect backdrop to your Playmobil stories. There will be new healthcare professions like radiologists, physical therapists, eye doctors, and dentists added to the lineup. All of these sets will be out in August 2020. 

The new Take Along Box Sets features different scenes and themes for Playmobil fun on the go! There is something for everyone in this collection including the littlest fans of 18 months to pop culture fans that will enjoy The Ghostbusters sets. These sets will be out in August 2020. 

Already out now are Playmobil 123 sets for 18 months and older featuring cute sets that push the imagination with a children’s playground, airplane, construction truck with garage, and more! Out now and perfect for summer are the Sand Drilling Rig and Spring Flower Bucket - perfect gifts for Easter! 

Playmobil has new Advent Calendars for the holidays coming out too that are great gifts because they include lots of accessories and figures!

With the kids at home, it's a great time to start a new hobby with the kids, especially with this sweet offer direct from Playmobil! You can save 20% off on select sets featuring every day heroes, and the proceeds will go to support COVID-19 efforts. Encourage the power of play and imagination and support this worthy cause! We are all in this together, and Playmobil truly understands the power of true superheroes. 

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