Wednesday, May 13, 2020

NEW LEGO CREATOR SERIES Haunted House Devilishly FUN! Create Your Own Tower of Terror!!!

LEGO® has just announced the latest addition to their LEGO Creator series / LEGO Fairground collection, the 3,321 piece model of a LEGO Haunted House. Finely detailed and perfect for ghoulish display or haunted play! Create your own Tower of Terror with a free-fall ride with automatic doors with open and close elevator doors! Your guests will be thankful that they dropped in! Muwahahahahah! LEGO Brick Enthusiasts will be able to create a fully functional haunted house by adding in components of the LEGO Power Up accessories sold separately. To make the LEGO Haunted House…well, haunted, you can actually operate it via LEGO’s Powered Up app!

I think this set is pretty awesome as it has lots of haunted mansion tones, and that you can enhance the play and display experience with the motorized controls via the app. This is definitely a set for older LEGO fans - yes, it 18+ but I like to build with my kiddos. They will have to enjoy the LEGO build from afar because mama wants to play!

This is not me. LOL

The LEGO Haunted House is modeled after Manor Von Barron, the evil villain Samual Von Barron's home! The LEGO® Haunted House model has so many details that any Halloween fan or scary movie enthusiast would love - from ghostly figures, scary pictures, and more. I just love all of the minifigures included as well with all of the different expressions of delight to fear. 

Starting May 20, LEGO VIP members will be able to order the LEGO Haunted House on If you’re not a VIP member, then don’t worry, you can get it June 1st! Thanks, LEGO for the images and for sending me this info! Happy Quarantinoween!

Retail Info:
10273 – LEGO Haunted House
● RRP £209.99/ €229,99 / $249.99
● Aged 18+
● 3,231 pieces
● Product available direct from LEGO Stores and at

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