Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Make Jammin' a Thing of the Present with Jammin' With You Musical Lessons at Home! Free Classes This Week!

We’re jamming! I hope you like jammin’ too. With the kids at home the rest of the school year and the possibility of a socially distanced summer, parents and caregivers really have to be creative to keep kids engaged! Virtual music lessons with Jammin' With You is just the ticket to get kids involved in fulfilling hobby!

Music is a great way to strengthen communication, encourage expression, and will unlock a world of musical creativity. Jammin’ With You kids can access Jammin’ With You, 24/7. Now, parents can register for one, two, or more FREE classes this week! Check out the schedule below!

An unlimited access pass for kids ages one to seven is available for just $29 per month. The Unlimited Access Pass is such a great value because online music apps can quickly add up - sometimes weekly charges are incurred for some music app. With Jammin’ With You, your kids can learn to play their favorite instrument from the comfort of their own home with human, seasoned musical professionals - not an AI app-bot! Kids can learn to play guitar, play piano, play the drums, learn the saxophone, even hone their singing skills, and more!

Music is truly a wonderful gift, and no matter what age is children are given the tools to learn, then they will succeed, which is why Jammin’ With You is the perfect way to introduce music lessons. Lessons that are carefully curated and totally available online. All you need is the instrument you want to study, and a subscription and you’ll be able to access easy to follow music lessons for your kids and even yourself to enjoy! 

Are you ready to start jammin’? Let me know in the comments if you’re taking advantage of these great offers!

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