Saturday, May 23, 2020

Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage Pop-Up Playhouse Craft Playhouse Review PlayMonster

Pair the power of imagination, creativity, and versatility all in one adorable playset! Thank you so much PlayMonster for sending us Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage for our review! 

The Cottontail Cottage opens up a 360-degree world for creative play. Colors the Fuzzikins figures, and then wash them off to get colored again! This set is adorable, it comes with three markers, three washable figures, an entire collection of stickers that act as decorations and furniture for the house, 360-degrees of play, and lots of cues to create a world for the Fuzzikins! 

Fuzzikins are for ages four and up, and is an extremely versatile plaything for your kiddo’s toy box. Once playtime is over, you can wash the Fuzzikins figures in water and then let dry, and like magic - they're plain again. Fold up the play-set flat like a book for easy clean and storage. I would suggest saving the box to store it. The box can also be cut up for more figures to add to the Cottontail Cottage.

Overall, I am so impressed with this set with how compact it is, as well as, how big the play space becomes. I tried regular washable markers on the Fuzzikins and they washed off perfectly, so kids are not just limited to the three colors that it comes with. Make sure the marker says washable, though! If you want to expand the world of Fuzzikins, then check out more of play-sets featuring this adorable toy line! I love the Fuzzikins Camper which is very on-trend, and would be a great play-set for more open-ended play!

You can buy Fuzzikins playsets at Walmart and on Amazon for $21.99. Choose from dogs, cats, and more! You can buy more of PlayMonster's toys and games directly from! Thank you so much PlayMonster for sending us this free product for our review and pure enjoyment! 

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