Bluey Themed Dining Merch by Zak! Australia

Bluey themed dining options for little fans!

Bluey fans will sit down and eat no problem when eating off of Bluey dining collection by Zak! Australia

Available now for lucky Aussies is a cutlery set, melamine bowl and plate (sold separately), cold sipper, and cold lunch bag. 

The products are very reasonably priced, and will share the same high-quality products that other Zak! Products share. I have my fair share of products by Zak! in our home, and I have nothing but high praise. We have only lost a couple of plates due to our nightly toddler plate smash. I love their products, so I am so happy to see this available now. Fans outside of Australian can order on Aussie Toys Online and pay a hefty shipping cost. Australians can order directly from Zak!

Will you order now or wait? I am hoping they reach stores worldwide soon!

1 comment

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