Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bluey Plush Toys Review + New Bluey Home Decor and Bedroom Comfort Merch! Bluey Sleeping Bags, Bluey Inflatable Furniture!

Bluey Plush Dolls Review + More Blue Toys by Moose Toys! 

In this post, I review the Bluey mini and jumbo plush! I also found some awesome Bluey merch by Moose Toys too! Take all of my dollarbucks! I want it all...for my kids, of course. 

Bluey toys, plush, and games by Moose Toys will be available worldwide very soon! Australian fans of the show already are seeing Bluey merch on shelves across the country. 

At Toy Fair New York 2020, I saw the entire line of Bluey toys, and I was gifted two plush - jumbo Bluey and mini Bluey. I have to say, I wanted to take the entire line of toys home with me. Honestly, I could not think of a better pairing Bluey and Moose Toys -- two Aussie brands that are all about family and fun! To see the entire Bluey collection, please check out my YouTube video. I have a few videos dedicated to Bluey already, so you can also watch the Bluey playlist that I created.

The Bluey plush assortment will come in three varieties -- mini, jumbo, and musical jumbo. The mini plush assortment features Bluey, Bingo, Snickers, and Coco. This is the first wave of plush, I believe, so there will definitely be more added. The Bluey-verse is large and almost matching up to the character list of The Simpsons. 

In this video, I review the Bluey mini plush alongside Moose Toys' popular Chu Chu TV Peek and Surprise toys. I really like to include familiar toys with color, animal, number, and mood learning. My son, Rocco, has not watched Chu Chu TV that often, but he truly loves the toys. Pairing Bluey and Chu Chu TV was a success!

I also reviewed the jumbo Bluey plush in this video. The jumbo Bluey plush is a great plushie for sleeping, so I paired the review with a new Bluey activity book! Of course, this book is not ideal for bedtime, but the magic of Bluey is to imagine, and including an activity book at bedtime will help fuel the imagination and maybe even have your child dream of becoming a fruit bat. You can find the Bluey activity book on Amazon and my full review on my blog!

The Bluey line of plush dolls are very soft, and the overall construction is very well made! The mini plush is just the perfect size for little ones to cuddle and enjoy. You can use them for pretend play and even display as they sit up nicely. The jumbo Bluey plush is just a joy to hold! The construction is very well made, and really takes the playtime of a first grader and toddler well! Bluey is well-loved in our home, and she is still in perfect condition despite being thrown around for a game of keepy-uppey! I was told at Toy Fair that there will be a jumbo Bluey plush with sounds! 

New Bluey Merch Found! 

In my weekly Bluey research, I found more toys by Moose Toys cropping up that edge more on the spectrum of play space and bedtime decor/comfort. I was so happy to find an inflatable chair and mini sofa on Aussies Toys Online. There are also two varieties of sleeping bags, which would be perfect for pretend camping play, nap time, or even for when the kids actually return to school! Little kids can be soothed to sleep with the Bluey and Bingo nightlight that can be used as a torch for nightly visits to the loo, and as a gentle glowing nightlight. These products are slated for June 2020, and will most likely launch in Australia. Coming in September 2020 is a beautiful table and chairs set also by Moose Toys. Keep checking this space and my social media channels to stay up to date to see if they will be released worldwide. Paws crossed if they do!

Bluey is an adventurous heeler pup with an amazing imagination! She and her sister Bingo take their parents along for the ride. Pairing a play session with the Bluey toys along with Chu Chu TV Peek & Surprise toys is a great way to facilitate learning through play! Children love familiar characters and implementing them while teaching basic skills will make educating easy and fun! You can incorporate other familiar characters too! My kids just happen to LOVE the show Bluey on Disney Junior. Bluey is an Australian kids show, and their toys are coming out worldwide this summer. Check out my other videos to see more!

Check on Amazon for more books published by Penguin Books like The CreekGood Night, FruitbatThe Beach, and more! 

How do you keep kids engaged during edu-play sessions? Are your kids fans of the show Bluey? Are you? Bluey is a favorite among all of us, parents too! 

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