Sunday, May 10, 2020

Let the Games Begin! New Games by Hogwild Toys! MUST HAVE SUMMER TOYS!

Summer is quickly approaching, and many of us have been cooped up for just a bit too long, so I have two truly fun games to spread out that energy! There are two games that come to mind that are perfect for this new normal of ours, Hog Wild’s Pop and Pass is perfect as a nearly zero contact indoor or outdoor game. Birdie is also perfect for indoor and outdoor fun as you can literally play this game anywhere! 

Let’s start with what I am calling Game of the Year, yes it’s early, but Pop and Pass is truly engaging, poppin’, non stop smilin’ fun! To play, you pop the ball to your opponent or teammate and pass it over, and then the other play catches it or if they don’t catch it, they have to scoop up the ball in the basket using the toy itself - no hands required. The popping sound is just so satisfying also, which just adds some sweet icing to this already layered cake of fun! Find this amazing game on Amazon now!

Pop and Pass is great for regular gameplay or just to have fun popping the ball and catching it on your own. The ball shoots up really high and very far depending on how you aim it, and how you load the ball. The trick is to pull as much as air out of the tube as possible, so when you load the ball and pull back the handle, give it a pull one more time, and then smash it down and the ball will fly super high! We even tested the height of the ball when popped, and it flew up over two stories high! I had the fun idea to share a Pop and Pass set with my neighbors because we can play over the fence! We can play against one another, and we still can experience that social contact that we all crave. 

For a more relaxing game, try out Birdi also by Hog Wild - it's for sale on Amazon! Birdie takes the fun and skill of golf, and then the quirkiness of miniature golf to create Birdie. The set comes with four birdie balls, two clubs, and a Birdie flag, as well as a handy fanny pack that can hold everything but the clubs. Mimic your regular 18 holes with a fun and exciting way to play golf. Use the Birdie flag to act as the hole, and use the club to launch the Birdie balls near the hole, and if you knock down the Birdie flag, then it’s a hole in one. 

Birdie is perfect for kids because there are really no rules to play. Littles ones will delight in tapping the Birdie ball, plus you can play it indoors, so Birdie is the perfect rainy day activity. 

You can buy Pop and Pass, and Birdie at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Not yet convinced? Check out my Pop and Pass and Birdie unboxing videos! You can also check out my social media platforms where I showcase how we play every day with the products we review. We share Pop and Pass a lot because we play with it every single day! 

Get wild with Hog Wild Toys with us, and take our #PopandPassChallenge and share how high you can pop your ball! 

Thank you so much Hog Wild Toys for sending us Birdie and Pop and Pass for free to review!

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