Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day! Essential Item for Your Diaper Bag! Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder GIVE AWAY!

Soothe baby in just minutes with an all-in-one pacifier by Bryco Baby! The Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder should be on hand in every mom's diaper bag and a top gift on every new mom's baby registry! The Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder does exactly what it says and more! Find their amazing baby products and more on their website or buy direct from Amazon ranging from $9.99 to $12.97 each! 

READ ON for my thoughts below and how to enter to win your own Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder and a $25 Amazon E-Giftcard! 

When I was a new mom, I relied on a pacifier for my first son. I was breastfeeding, and he was a cluster feeder. For those few minutes that he took his pacifier, I had time to run to the bathroom, collect my thoughts, or really just stare into space! It sounds crazy, but it's true. I am a firm believer in soothers, so when Bryco Baby sent me two of their cuddly, plush pacifier holders to try out, I knew I was perfect for the case! 

Bryco Baby Pacifier Holders are very well constructed plush that is super cuddly for baby. They also come with their own pacifier that attaches to the pacifier through the hook and can be removed for easy cleaning. Take note that the pacifier is also BPA-free! Don't worry about baby dropping their pacifier on the floor, there is a tail clip that is baby-proof, so only the parent can remove the holder from the baby's clothes. 

Baby will also strengthen their fine motor skills with this amazing holder! It's such a great milestone when baby can finally place their own binky in their mouth; it's truly the beginning of when a baby starts illustrating their independence. 

Give baby a thrill with the cute design and the tactile play, because this soother is also a rattle! The Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder is the ultimate four in one pacifier. Bryco Baby also makes a handy baby goods caddy, which is perfect to house your pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and other essentials that you need to quickly grab. I still keep a caddy in the living room for quick diaper changes and quick boogie wipes! Their caddy has so many compartments that I also recommend it to keep in your car. 

Bryco Baby also has released their very own Milestone Blanket that is available for purchase on their website! It's only $9.97 and is seriously so cute! I wish this milestone blanket was a thing when my kids were babies because it's super easy to just lie the baby down, and document their monthly growth! You don't even want to know what I did every month - I am that EXTRA MOM! I swear! 

The Bryco Baby Pacifier Holder comes in a variety of cute animals from giraffe to puppy to a monkey! Find one that suits your style on Amazon!

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Enter my Mother's Day Giveaway where one lucky winner will win two Bryco Baby Pacifier Holders and a $25 Amazon E-Giftcard! Head over to my Instagram to enter!

Thank you so much, Bryco Baby, for sending me your wonderful pacifier holders to me for free! I'll be passing them on to my bestie who is having baby number two. 

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