Thursday, April 30, 2020

National Tie-Dye Easy Crafts with Mess Free Swirl & Style Studio by YULU! Sneak Peek of YULU toys for 2020!

Today is Tie-Dye Day! To celebrate, I made a bunch of cool tie-dye designs using the new Swirl & Style Tie-Dye Studio by YULU! The Swirl & Style allows for a totally mess-free experience making this pop culture art form a cinch to do for kids. Perfect for craft nights, boredom busters, or even to create some pieces for a slumber party, the kids will love how easy it is to use, and parents will love the almost zero amount of clean up! Find this awesome new craft kit at Target for just $19.99!

My first project was for the release of Trolls World Tour! I made Poppy and Branch inspired tie-dye shirts for my boys, and they came out awesome! I used a fun technique where you can tie-dye an image onto your garment. It's very easy to do. You don't need anything else other than a washable marker to draw a mirror image of your design on to folded fabric and make sure you watch the video for step by step instructions. If the image is simple, it can be done! 

For Tie-Dye Day, I transformed a boring canvas tote into a VSCO girl's dream tote bag. I bought plain canvas tote bags off of Amazon. I also purchased white, cotton scrunchies that I used to tie-dye as well, and you can find a pack on Amazon.  I also made a bunch of shirts so far with my Swirl & Style Studio, and I use just plain white t-shirts - you can use any t-shirt that is light enough to take colors. I bought a pack of t-shirts off of Amazon, but you can also get packs of white t-shirts at Target and Walmart. For Tie-Dye Day, I really tried to make a Mickey Mouse tie-dye shirt. I drew half of a Mickey Mouse head on to the shirt and bunched the outline up to make one consistent line to rubberband. It did not come out as I planned, but the shirt looks funky and far out! The possibilities are truly endless with the Swirl & Style Studio - you can turn any plain fabric into a fun art piece!

The Swirl & Style Tie-Dye studio takes this art form and makes it accessible to kids. Tie-dying fabrics can get messy if you aren't a pro, so I love that there is  a chamber to hold the garment and nozzles to administer the dye. The nozzles are self-sealing, so it keeps the die inside the chamber and off of your hands! The crank allows you to swirl the garment around in the chamber allowing for equal distribution of dye. The set comes with dye packets (you have to mix the powder with water), rubber bands, the tie-dye chamber, and instructions.

Channel your inner creative hippie, and turn plain white t’s and virtually any fabric into far-out pieces of wearable art! The Swirl & Style Tie-Dye Studio is available now at Target for just $19.99, this is the ultimate boredom buster! 

Check out brand new toys and games coming out by YULU this year! It's going to be an action-packed year for play!


Thank you so much YULU for hooking us up and sending this awesome crafty DIY kit to us for free! Stay tuned for more videos of more mess-free tie-dye creations!

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