Tuesday, April 28, 2020

10+ 2020 HOT Summer Toys by Antsy Pants to Promote Pretend Play!

Staying home is fun when you’ve got an arsenal of toys to keep the whole family busy! Thankfully, Antsy Pants inspires the imagination to go farther out than ever with their unique line of toys, games, and builds suitable for pre-schoolers to tweens and big kids at heart promoting limitless play!

Here’s a full list of my top picks by Antsy Pants for indoor and outdoor fun!

Nothing says summer fun like a game of ring toss and a cool glass of lemonade! Antsy Pants has to new versions of the classic game with the Antsy Pants playful twist.

Cactus Ring Toss Set, Target, $24.99, 4+

Make an oasis of play outdoors or indoors with the Cactus Ring Toss set! It includes three cacti and three rings. Perfect for kiddos ages four and up, and can easily be ordered online from Target.com! 

Flamingo Ring Toss, Target, $24.99, 4+

I love this kitschy Flamingo Ring toss game! Flamingoes are just fascinating birds. This set comes with three flamingo stands and three rings. For an added challenge, see who can balance the longest by standing like a flamingo! 

Benefits of play: Ring toss promotes hand-eye coordination and develops motor skills, plus it’s fun! 

 Unicorn Bowling, Target, $24.99

Unicorn Bowling set is just a fun and adorable set! We never put the this Unicorn bowling set away, it is always out and ready for a game — perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The Unicorn Bowling Set by Antsy Pants mixes fantasy and skill together with the adorable kid-friendly unicorn-shaped bowling pins, and a kid-sized pink bowling ball. The pins are easy to set up and are color-coded for easy set up for little kids.

Benefits of play: Bowling improves hand-eye coordination, and helps develop motor skills.

BINGO game, Target, $7.99

Play a game of BINGO with a group of two to four players. It's so easy for kids to play together without any assistance. Flip a card, and match it to the game board. The first to get five in a row wins!

Benefits: Improve memory, hand-eye coordination, learn basic shapes and colors, concentration, and focus with games of BINGO

Stepping Stones, Target, $19.99

Kids will strengthen their balance by hopping from one colored stone to another with the Stepping Stones by Antsy Pants. Call out the stone colors and turn this fun way to strengthen core muscles into a full-body, standing game of twister! Add in that extra challenge of not falling off of the stone into the “hot lava” will keep kids engaged, laughing, and strengthening their bodies all at the same time! Stack them up for easy storage once playtime is over. You can play with the Stepping Stones indoors, too. 

Nothing says summer like a refreshing cup of lemonade, but it tastes even better when it’s bought from an Antsy Pants Lemonade Stand! Easily build one of the many Antsy Pants structures to encourage and promote the power of pretend play! These sets are timeless and will grow with each child. Choose from the Lemonade Stand, Ball Pit, Donut Shop, and more. 

The beauty of Antsy Pants building kits is that you can create different setups to encourage limitless play. One day you can build a pirate ship, a tent, or a farmer's market, and the next day it can be a fire truck. Each set is compatible with one another and is a cinch to build with the Snap and Click™ poles and connectors. $9.99 to $19.99 at Target. Make sure you pair the build kits with their felt foods line!

Antsy Pants also supports KaBoom a non-profit that builds playgrounds in poverty-stricken neighborhoods across America. 

You can also find Antsy Pants products on Amazon!

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