New Toy Reveal! XOXO Cupcake Surprise Tic Tac Toy Toymakers Line - GIANT Cupcake with 20+ Surprises

Tic Tac Toy fans are going to love the new XOXO Friends Cupcake Surprise. With over 20+ surprises inside, and an unboxing experience worthy of a Toy Master challenge, kids will be able to collect new, 4” XOXO Friends, tattoos, wings, headbands, and more.

For this unboxing, my son Marcello was all business, and just wanted to dive right in! First, you unwrap the wrapper and underneath the giant cupcake top are two surprises You get a costume to wear like a unicorn headband and wings, so kids can dress up as they reveal the next collection of surprises. Next, reveal the special XOXO key to unlock a mega cupcake full of surprises! From large XOXO Friends articulated figures to squishy accessories, fans and new fans alike will love everything inside!

The price tag is steep at $39.99, but you get nothing but high-quality Tic Tac Toy approved toys inside! I was so impressed with the stitching of the wings, and the great quality of the figures. They spared no expense for their fans with this series, and I hope to collect more for my Tic Tac Toy fan! Don’t forget to use the cupcake as a great storage container for your XOXO Friends. Not only is that giant cupcake super cute, but it’s a great decor piece to brighten up your child’s bedroom or playroom!

What do you think? Do you think the price is too high? I have to say no, and I will explain why--not only do you get all of the toys that I mentioned, the unboxing experience was fun and long. I timed it at 35 minutes of unboxing the entire cupcake, and both of my boys have been playing with the toy for three days straight. When your child revisits a toy to play, again and again, it is money well spent in my opinion!

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  1. Can't find these for sale any where....all sites show Target, but they are out of stock and won't ship