Thursday, March 12, 2020

New Toy Reveal! LEGO SUPER MARIO Sets Coming This Fall!

I am beyond excited that LEGO and Nintendo have teamed up to create these next level Super Mario LEGO sets. For real guys - these sets are AMAZING! Each set looks like it will have different challenges to complete all while using your interaction LEGO Mario figure as a guide. He has different expressions and tells you what he needs or reacts to different tap points. 

There will be different tap activation points to signal Mario where LEGO Masters can hear familiar sounds from this iconic game. Tap on goombas, avoid the piranhas, hop on coin boxes to collect coins, watch Mario's face and screen change when activating different tap points, knock out Bowser, hop on turtles to knock them out, visit Yoshi and give him some love, and try to beat the clock to reach the goal pole!

I could be wrong, but this looks like five different playsets will be released. There's very little building involved as I really think once the set is put together, it's all about imaginative play. This is so great for little kids and LEGO and Nintendo fans that I think more sets will come from this! I hope to see an interactive Luigi LEGO figure as well, but the likelihood of that is small. We have to wait and see! 

The new SUPER MARIO sets will be out later this year. Typically fall releases are in August for toymakers, but I would expect a September 1st or October 1st. This will be the hottest LEGO set to get for the holidays, and I sincerely hope that there is a pre-order.

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Thank you so much LEGO Group for sharing this news and your images/videos with me!

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