Bluey Toys at Toy Fair New York 2020 are Coming This Summer - Amazon Pre-Order Open Now!

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In my video, I talk about the figure packs, mini play-sets, Bluey’s Family home (Heeler House), Heeler Family 4WD Vehicle, Plush dolls, and the Bluey and Bingo games. 

A quick rundown of the products shown at Toy Fair New York are below. The toys below will be out this summer (August 2020). Be on the look out starting in June, there is a slight chance you may be able to find them in stores then. 

  • Figure packs with accessories like Grannies, Pool Time: $7.99 (US)
  • Mini Playsets (BBQ, Playground): $14.99 (US)
  • Figure 4-packs: $14.99 (US) You can pre-order the Heeler Family now on Amazon
  • Heeler Family 4WD Vehicle: $19.99 (US)
  • Bluey’s Family Home: $39.99 (US)
  • Bluey Jumbo Plush: $19.99 (US) You can pre-order the Bluey Jumbo Plush now on Amazon
  • Mini Bluey & Friends Plush (8-inch Plush): $9.99 (US) Bluey and Bingo can be pre-ordered on Amazon now. 

I also learned that there will be a talking Bluey plush that will play the Bluey theme song. More on this when I receive more information. I also will find out if there will be a Bingo Jumbo Plush like in Australia. Stay tuned!

At New York Toy Fair, Moose Toys was my third appointment of the day. I walk in and the first thing I see is the Heeler house standing on a pedestal with two other of Moose's key toys for the show. There it was four rooms, furniture, and Bluey at the center. My heart was not ready for my turn around the corner. 

Figure packs! Mini Play-sets! A vehicle! The house! Plushies and games! My Bluey Heaven! Shown here we have mini-figure packs that include figures and key accessories from a particular episode like my favorite, Grannies, and my other favorite, Pool Time. Bluey's paternal cousins also get some love, Muffin and Socks are in their own figure pack along with a Bingo figure. There is also a Bandit and Bluey pack with the skateboard from Beach. 

Doctors Playset. You see important accessories like the magic xylophone and even the claw.

Also seen here are mini playsets, and I believe they are $14.99. Each set comes with a key accessory to re-tell Bluey episodes (or to make up your own!). 

We have a playground, which would be perfect for the Bike episode or even the one with the bus stop! I can't remember the title. There is also a BBQ playset that includes Bandit! We all know and love this episode--Bingo is so perfect! Listen to the Gotta Be Done Podcast-link below!  There is also the tent I recall from the Doctors episode, and check out that tiny magic xylophone! Moving on--the Bluey and Friends 4-pack and it comes with Honey, Coco, Bluey, and  Snickers.  We also have the first release 4-pack with whole Heeler crew, Chilli, Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit. 

Next up is the Heeler family's 4wd vehicle and I'm so glad they stayed true to the driver's side location. I didn't like when a certain Pig family had their family car driver's side switched. Bravo Moose for staying true! This set is only $19.99 and is a great deal! It comes with two surfboards, Bandit figure, and a sticker sheet to decorate the vehicle. It can also fit four figures--perfect for the Heeler family!

The Heeler Home is a multilevel play set that features four rooms -- living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. We are missing many rooms as this is really a very layered show, but for kids--it's great! With removable furniture to expand the story, children can create their own stories for Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli! Don't forget the beans in the kitchen while playing Grannies! This set is only $39.99 and will be the perfect centerpiece gift! I forgot to mention in my video that the house is portable so your little one can take Bluey and friends on their own adventures. 

We also have soft toy plushies! Not shown here is the Bluey plush with sound that will play the Bluey theme song! The larger Bluey plush is $19.99, and is so huggable! The smaller plush features Bluey, Bingo, Snickers, and Coco. Im sure there will be more. I believe these were $6.99. I will put accurate pricing down below. And these prices are US.

Bingo's BINGO game is just perfect for the little ones. We also have a board game based off of the episode Shadowlands! - so perfect!

We have August 2020 release date for the Bluey toys in the US. I was told that Australia will get the rest of the line first--right now Australia only has the large Bluey plush, Bingo plush, and the 4-pack Heeler family. 

I love toys, I love to pretend play, and I love being creative. The show Bluey just speaks to me as a parent, and helps me come to terms that I'm not crazy--I just love to be silly and live life playfully with my children! We should all as parents watch Bluey and learn a thing or two. Check out more of my toy fair coverage and my IGTV with my son's reactions to seeing the Bluey toys! This whole line is on his birthday list! Please watch this video a lot so I can earn some dollarbucks to buy them all! 

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  1. Do you know the exact date they are releasing? We are clicking on your pre order links & the price is double or triple what you’ve got listed? Will they go back down? My daughter loves Bluey but $60 for one small plush is crazy.