Friday, January 31, 2020

New Toy Alert! Wreck Royale Mix n Match Collectible Crash Vehicles

Wreck Royale, the latest collection of vehicles that wreck when they crash, and they don’t just get wrecked and that’s it - there are hours of play to be had here, and my boys had a blast! Thank you so much to MGA Entertainment for gifting us the entire series of Wreck Royale cars. 

With seven styles to choose from across the first wave, Wreck Royale made their debut at the LA Auto Show back in November 2019 with a slew of eager mini car enthusiasts looking on as these chunky cars crashed and exploded their parts in all different directions. Later, they made their way to the retail space on Amazon with a smash hit, and now they’re on store shelves like Target and Walmart. 

Mix n' Match Parts to Customize Your Own Crashes!

There are over 35 cars and parts to be combined again and again for customized “explosions” on contact with another vehicle, hand, wall, or hard surface. 

Back to the cars, Wreck Royale is easily my favorite car collection that crashed into 2020. You’ve got action-packed play, crunching destruction, that element of mixing up things (kids are obsessed with this notion), and they’re just really cool and thoughtfully designed. What little boy (or crash-obsessed little girl) wouldn’t love crashing these cars and that crazy clown, King Crash?

Head over to Wreck Royale’s website to check out their fun commercials, collector’s guide, and where to buy. You can also learn a little tidbit of information about each car like Meatloaf, he’s a bull or cattle themed car with a hay bale at his back and ring radiator grill. Meatloaf’s catchphrase is that “He’s got beef with everybody…” Or check out Tooned Out who says he is “2 Fast 2 Care 2 Stop.” You can also watch videos and even check out the Wreck Royale debut at LA Auto Show where you can see a possible sneak peek of wave two vehicles - a whimsical unicorn and a police car with an oversized donut that Homer Simpson would love! 

Footage from LA Auto Show | Photo Credit: MGAE

What do you think of Wreck Royale? Find them in stores now for $9.99 each for single packs at Target and Amazon. You can also get a double park at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $19.99 for your kiddos ages six and up. I would highly recommend having at least three cars to really maximize the carnage! Hopefully, MGAE comes out with some blind bags for some more mystery car parts. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Thank you so much to MGAE for giving my boys a thrill - there was no issue adding Wreck Royale to our play space, they fit right in! 

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