Monday, January 20, 2020

Toys for Generations: Le Toy Van Sustainable Wooden Toys

Earth-friendly. Chunky wooden toys. Limitless play. This is all what comes to mind when I think of Le Toy Van. Their fabulous line of children’s products caters to babies to big kids. With a wide range of products already out now and more to come in 2020, this is the toy company that will be revolutionizing the toy industry! With a range of prices for playsets as little as $14.95, there is something for every price point and level of play!

With their mantra that “wood is good,” Le Toy Van is reducing our overall carbon footprint by creating thoughtful toys made from re-purposed Rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their life. 

Le Toy Van creates whimsical, heirloom toys that can be cherished and passed down from generations to come. Choose from a variety of toys that will positively impact and excite a child’s imagination by further encouraging storytelling and improve their social skills, all while having fun!

Starting with baby and toddler toys with playful designs like a shape sorter birdhouse, and an all-wooden activity gym. Perfect for the nursery, playroom, and the classroom — toys like the sensory shapes also act as tactile toys and will grow with curious toddlers to little kids. I personally love the Stacking Veggies set - bright colors, felt leaves, and planter pots adds a lot of cuteness to pretend play. Le Toy Van baby and toddler toys and products are perfect gifts for Baby Showers or for the new arrival gifts as each toy has a very giftable quality about it featuring never before seen ways of display and play. Also, every new parent honestly has that desire to bring all natural products in the home, and Le Van Toy's sustainable production value will really make parents happy! They are just really cute, too!

As children get older, their toy tastes get more and more sophisticated, and Le Toy Van creates many lines to accommodate a child’s every whim. 

The Honeybake Roleplay collection includes a wide variety of pretend play things from a coffee maker to a grocery set with a scanner. My favorite is the popcorn machine as it includes felt popcorn and even pretend-play tickets so kids can host a pretend carnival. 

For collectors and doll lovers, the Daisyland Collection started 25 years ago and encourages the use of fine motor skills, problem-solving, and speech development. 

Some houses come furnished or unfurnished and will give children the opportunity to be the master of their own play scenes. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, even the smallest dollhouse on their site was noted by a happy customer as saying it was “bigger than expected!” Select your style and you can even add family members with their collection of dolls. Add in unique furnishings too to build your world of pretend play with their various room designs.

Their Traditional Playsets will be playroom staples with a great variety of toys perfect for any age and toy appetite. Choose from a toy fire engine complete with a fireman, a wooden farmyard complete with animals, playmats, rockets, unicorns, and more.

Not only are these toys perfect for every day play, they look amazing too. The toys are all made of word or new materials giving each look a really whimsical aesthetic without overtly flashy colors or sounds—but are more warm, inviting, and bright—since their designs are simple with whimsy, kids will be able to focus on what matters, and that is play! 

Foam Playmat with a serene country farm scene.

If you’re a new parent, parent veteran, or just looking for the perfect gift, seek out Le Toy Van. You will not be disappointed!

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