Monday, January 13, 2020

New! Rainbows in Pieces R.I.P. Creepy but Cute Collectible Figures by MGAE

If you are apart of the fantasy fandom with nods to gore, then Rainbows in Pieces figures are for you. Meet the Unis, a collection of misfit gory unicorns that tragically died and are back for some sweet revenge. They’re depicted as “gnarly and messed up,” I think they’re goresome!

Made by the mega toy company, MGA Entertainment, Rainbows in Pieces takes these legendary creatures to new heights. Not only does each figure of a gruesome past, but they have an even more dark afterlife! Bobby Bruises was given a major attitude adjustment and was beaten to death. We learn from his holographic collectible card that he’s now dead and crying for his mama. Bobby Bruises is half llama, half unicorn but 100% dead. I also purchased Undead Ned who has come back from the dead to get revenge on his killer or even those who may have wronged him. 

Overall, the figures are well made. The packaging is wonderful with a nice smooth finish, embossed details, and lots of dark artwork. The box itself just makes you think - it’s a dumpster and inside are a pile of rotting trash bags. These poor Unis were tortured and killed, then left to rot at the dump. 

You can get Rainbows in Pieces collectible figures on Amazon and Target for $9.99 each. 

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