Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Build Buddiez - Moldable Putty Snowman Craft Kit is the Ultimate Parenting Hack! Keep Kids Engaged for HOURS

Thank you Salus Brands for sending us Build Buddiez for free for our review! 

We are no stranger to Salus Brands high-quality products. From Pop-Oh-Ver, Coconut FloatOriginal Super Cool Slime, and KeiKi Music now we have Build Buddiez. Build Buddiez are the ultimate parenting hack!

Build Buddiez Are Buckets of Parenting Hacks

Are you dreaming of a snowy morning, but you live in Florida? Do you love the snow, but it's just too cold to take the kids out to play? Then you have to check out Build Buddiez Snowman Craft Kits! Perfect for kids and big kids at heart, Salus Brands, has your love of a snowman building in mind with these adorable sets! Choose from single packs for just $3.95 that includes snowman accessories like a carrot nose, buttons, eyes, mouth, and more, plus moldable putty that looks like yummy soft-serve ice cream, but it never melts! If you have a trio of crafters at home, then opt-in for the Build Buddiez Snowman Craft Kit 3-pack for just $11.95 on Amazon. I would highly recommend the 3-pack as it includes three different characters to create.

The packaging is adorable, and kids love that the containers are little buckets with handles. The buckets are great for easy cleanup, too. Your kiddo can squish down their design and put all of the pieces back inside the bucket. The Build Buddiez buckets stack up, too, and the buckets are clear to see which character pieces are inside. 

I love Build Buddiez too! I made Olaf for the boys, which they promptly squooshed.

Create and Educate with Build Buddiez

You will be amazed at what you can build — the possibilities are endless with this moldable putty. The putty provides sensory play and strengthens fine motor skills. Create teachable and craftable moments with Build Buddiez. Putty is often used to teach spatial awareness, strengthen fine motor skills, and to just make learning fun! The Build Buddiez putty is so versatile that you can stretch, rip, press, squeeze, and even stamp it, and if stored in its container after play, you can play it again and again.

After you create your snowman and snowlady, or any other creation, you can choose to store your putty back inside of the container or leave your figure out to dry for a custom DIY figure project! 

Just wait and see what we create! Check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for Build Buddiez inspiration!

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