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Best Schwinn Bikes Gift Guide Holiday 2019: Gift a Family Tradition

Give a Family Tradition this Holiday

Give the ultimate gift of childhood this holiday season to your little one;  the gift of a bicycle. Getting a new bike on Christmas morning was every kid’s dream come true. What better brand to invoke that childhood spirit than Schwinn? My first bike was a peach banana seat dream of a bike, and it wasn’t new, either. Schwinn bikes are built to last, so my first bike was my sister’s first bike. My oldest sister has a pink Schwinn banana seat bike, so I switched out the bikes to my daily activities. However, the peach banana seat was my ride of choice! 

Today Schwinn still makes heirloom quality of bicycles where siblings can pass down the memories and parents can enjoy the value. With the reinventing of some of their most coveted designs, gifting a Schwinn this holiday season is a no brainer as it will invoke a wistful longing to memories past. Biking may even spark a pastime that the whole family can enjoy together. I went on so many adventures with my Schwinn bike, and to think it’s still being enjoyed more than 20 years later by another family! I've got to dig up my photos because I am getting all nostalgic writing this post. 

After I graduated from my banana seat, I got a Schwinn Sidewinder one birthday from my Godparents - what an amazing bike, that was, too. It ended up getting washed away down a river. That's another story, though. 

Riding a bicycle will open up your kiddo's world to play! Bike riding supports the imagination, gives a sense of independence, promotes pride of ownership, and gets them moving! You don't see any apps or wires connected to a Schwinn!

Do you have any fond memories biking by yourself or with friends?

As for Schwinn, I cannot think of another company to get your kiddo started on their adventures in bike riding. Gifting a bicycle is like giving the gift of tradition. To begin, make sure you check out Schwinn's guide to bike sizes. Even though your kiddo may fit the age requirement, they still may be a bit too tall or even too short!

Guide to the Perfect Ride!

Schwinn Koen Bicycle is the perfect starter bike to transition kids from training wheels to two wheels with ease. With sporty BMX style and the SmartStart design, this lighter frame bike is built to grow and also built for a child’s proportions. Kids can comfortably hold the handlebars, and adjust the seat without tools when needed. A handy seat handle makes carrying the bike or hanging for storage at home really convenient. Safety features like a fully covered chain guard, transitional front and rear brakes, and a limited lifetime warranty are all key features of this bike, plus the awesome nameplate a la BMX styling.  Available in three distinct colors of black, blue, and red and all colors come with training wheels except the 20” bike.  Depending on the size of bike you need, the prices range from $117.99 to $169.99 on Amazon in various sizes 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”. Get kids started riding as early as two years to 12 years old. 

Schwinn Elm Bicycle gives beautiful styling with full-on safety features to put parents at ease as their kiddo takes their first set of wheels out for a spin. Built with a child in mind this beauty of a bike has Schwinn’s prized SmartStart design that fits kid-specific proportions for easier pedaling and handling. The Schwinn Elm is a great starter bike for kids beginning the independence from training wheels to a two-wheeled bike and will give the confidence kids need to embark on such a milestone. Available in three vibrant colors and a handy basket, the Schwinn Elm gives a vintage feel along with lots of individual style. Schwinn, Amazon Prices vary size and comes in three colors: pink, purple, and teal. Ages two to 12 years Sizes: 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” & 20”  MSRP: $129/ $117.99, $129.99, $145.99, $157.99, $169.99 

Schwinn Sting Ray Bicycle will always be a classic; it's nothing short of iconic. Bringing modern mechanics to vintage styling, adults will get a kick out of their kids coasting the streets in this bad boy. With iconic high handlebars, rear coaster brakes that stop on a dime, you can’t deny that this classic style still leaves an impression under today’s standards. Simple in design, it packs a big punch with its iconic banana seat, two distinct color choices of electric blue and red (you gotta go for the cherry red!), and with the higher ape style handlebars, it will give kids more control over the bike’s handling. This is definitely one to consider when nostalgia is involved as this is one cherry of a bike! Limited lifetime warranty is included ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and support. Schwinn, Amazon $349.99 Ages 7-17 years

Schwinn Fair Lady Bicycle brings back all of the feels. With this beauty of a bicycle in a beautiful purple and even a shade of pink, this classic beauty gives class and style to any old bike ride. A fashionable and decorative banana seat gives a note of nostalgia and will pull at the heartstrings of passersby. The single-speed drive train makes it easy for kids to learn to ride, and the high ape handlebars allow for more control. Nothing beats the coaster pedal brake, which I think is a better way and safer way to stop. The classic steel frame and chromed out fenders pays homage to the original Fair Lady. Schwinn, Amazon $349.99 Ages 7-17 years

Schwinn Balance Bicycle will get little ones as early as 18 months to get the feel of a bike without actually pedaling. Toddlers can learn to push the bicycle with their feet to balance the bike. The Schwinn Balance Bike will promote independence on future bigger kid bikes as toddlers as young as 18 months will build their confidence on this pedal-less wonder. Kids will learn to ride, jump and coast on their bikes with no assistance from their parents or the use of pedals thus allowing for a more confident bike rider who may only need the use of training wheels for a short time. Schwinn, Amazon MSRP: $84.99 Available now
on in pink, blue, green, and red. 

Some kids aren't keen on learning to ride a bicycle, especially toddlers and preschoolers. Pair the gift of a bicycle with a book and some encouraging words. 

Pair the Perfect Accessories for Added Safety and Style

Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet. Add the perfect youth helmet to keep your kiddo safe and looking sharp at the same time. This helmet is lightweight and comes in a variety of funky colors. Recommended for kiddos ages eight to 14 years old. Schwinn, Amazon $15 - $25

Schwinn Toddler Helmet is a functional and stylish helmet to protect your kiddo’s head. With fun designs and pretty colors, your child will love to wear it and show of their unique style. Schwinn, Amazon  $16.43 to $19.99 Ages 3+ 

Schwinn Little Kids Bike Helmet with 3D Characters features a variety of characters like a bear or fireman’s helmet to add that sense of pretend play and imagination to your kiddo’s bike riding experience! Schwinn, Amazon $9.99 to $24.99 

Schwinn Light Set allows for a flash of style, add some light to your bike. I think they would look awesome on the Schwinn Stingray or Schwinn Fair Lady. Schwinn, Amazon $14.96  

The Schwinn Bottle and Cage set are essentials for riding. Staying hydrated is important. I recommend this for teens who will venture out further than younger kids. Schwinn, Amazon $8.04

Ring-a-ding-ding with this cute bell! Give a little bit of a thrill to your kiddo’s biking experience with an attachable bell. Perfect fit for any bike, a bell just adds a little oomph that you didn’t know you needed. Schwinn, Amazon $8.75 

 Always keep your bike safely locked up. It doesn't matter where you live as bikes are the easiest to steal! This is the best bike lock as we use it to store. Living in NY doesn't always allow for owning a garage, so we depend on public storage spaces, and for 10 years this bike lock has been dependable! It's also really easy to use. It's really affordable, too. Schwinn/Pacific Cycle, Amazon $9.99 

Now that you found the perfect bike for your kiddo, don’t forget to wrap it! Use a festive bike gift bag (unassembled or assembled). You can also assemble it for Santa and have it ready for gifting with a big red bow, unwrapped and ready to ride! 

I would love to know which bike you chose, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!


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