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Hot Toy Alert! 25+ Top Influencer Toys Gift Guide Holiday 2019

Trending gifts this year were the explosion of toys and products inspired and created by your kids' favorite influencers. Ranging from YouTube sensation Ryan to adorable family Tic Tac Toy to trendsetter Wengie - there are plenty of products to choose from. Even FunnelVision stars FGTeeV created a fun and energetic line of toys for their fans. 

Pomsies Lumies are sweet, cuddly little interactive unicorns that aren't on YouTube, but the latest release of these beautiful creatures teach kids colors and there are Easter Eggs in there of kids' favorite social media and YouTube stars! Kids will swoon when they discover that  Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Ellie Sparkles, Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Kids/Disney Car Toys), and YAYOMG all had a hand in making these cuties even more magical! Skyrocket, Amazon $8.99 (MSRP $19.99)

Ryan’s World Red Titan is based on Ryan’s alter ego superhero! Standing at just over 13-inches in height, it is a play-set and giant figure all in one! Included are a bunch of accessories to help make this set enjoyable for play time like a 3.25 inch tall Red Titan figure, one mystery slime, one mystery sidekick, and 2 missiles. Plus you can also include other articulated figures with this set to encourage even more pretend play! With lights and sounds, kids will be amazed as they hear and see the magic of Ryan’s World come to life! Just Play, Amazon $34.99 (NOW $22.99!! Run, don’t walk!  | Walmart $34.97 

Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe, by Just Play, is the ultimate unboxing experience for little kids. YouTube star Ryan from Ryan’s World is on every kiddo’s holiday toy list this year, and the Super Surprise Safe delivers in a big way. With over 30+ surprises inside including toys that Ryan curated himself like articulated figures from his magical world of merry characters like Combo Panda and different Ryan variants, mix & match build characters, slime, and more! The unboxing fun continues with a secret compartment in the back is filled with more treasures. This wonderful safe is great for storing toys, too, which is great because there really is very little waste. Don’t be surprised if you see your kiddos playing with this safe during playtime as it also facilitates pretend play marking a journey of imaginative play. Just Play, Walmart $39.99 

Ryan’s World Ultimate Tree House Ryan’s World Ultimate Tree House is a wonderful play-set to create your own kits and promote imaginative play just like Ryan. You also get a Big Bang for your buck as it includes four figures:Ryan, Moe, Gus, and one exclusive Peck figure. Peck has two variants - the rare glitter Peck or the ultra rare metallic Peck. The mystery is also apart of the fun, which is also what will bring lots of fun and joy to your little Ryan fan. With a hidden slide, coordinating accessories and that mystery surprise element, this is the ultimate gift for sure. Just Play, Amazon $14.99  | Walmart $14.99  

Ryan’s World Mini Surprise Safes Crack open a world of play and fun with these super adorable Ryan’s World Mini Surprise Safe featuring toys curated by Ryan himself! Kids will love smashing the safes open to reveal fun surprises from articulated figures to slime to tiny trinkets featuring characters from Ryan’s World. Perfect stocking stuffer, just open the package and stuff them un the stocking along with the toy hammer. Just Play, Amazon $12.97   | Walmart $12.97 

Pair all of Ryan’s World sets by Just Play along with the Deluxe Figure Set featuring 14 pieces including one ultra-rare mystery figure. This set features articulated figures from Ryan’s World and will promote imaginative play! Include them as an addon gift with the Ryan’s World Ultimate Treehouse or even the Ryan’s World Red Titan. They are going fast, so when you see them, snag them! Just Play, Walmart $19.88 Make sure you carefully look at the Walmart website as they have third party resellers listed first on this toy for some reason. 

Ryan’s World Mystery Eggs 6-pack Kids will love the Ryan’s World 6-pack by Bonkers Toys. Each egg includes pieces to build three figures. The best part is that you can mix and match the figures’ pieces to make silly variants. Bonkers Toys, Amazon $12.99 

Ryan’s World Treasure Chest Me’hearties, this is the most wild treasure hunt your kids will go on all year, and will surely bring a smile on their face! Inside this golden surprise toy chest are treasures carefully chosen by YouTube superstar Ryan! You don’t just open the chest and discover your treasure because that alone just wouldn’t be fun. Your kiddo will be engaged in a full scavenger hunt where they will open up numbered boxes, reveal hidden exclusive pirate booty, and more! Once the unboxing experience is over, kids can use this sturdy treasure chest to store their treasure. Be warned ya scurvy ‘rents, this treasure chest will be used for more scavenger hunts, so your kiddos will be busy for many hours! Bonkers Toys, Exclusively at Target $71.99 Tip: Use the 25% off code at Target plus your 5% RedCard for additional savings!)

Ryan’s World Mini Egg Bonker Toys, Walmart $9.83  | Amazon $9.84 

Ryan's World What's in the Box? Mystery Goo Challenge - Blip Toys mixed their wildly popular game What's in the Box with YouTube powerhouse, Ryan's World! Fun for the whole family, you can now challenge each other to guess what's inside the box and the goo! Blip Toys, Walmart $19.98 Ages 3+

Tic Tac Toy is my son's favorite YouTube channel (one of many favorites!). He loves following the adventures of the whole family Lucy, Jason, Addy, Maya, Colin, and even their dog Sandy! Tic Tac Toy created a great collection of toys with Blip Toys. They would make great gifts for any fan. The best part is that mom Lucy made sure that duplicates were a thing of the past! Each multi-pack is numbered from one to 12 to ensure that your child gets every single from that collection. Thoughtful?! Yes, indeed!

XOXO Friends Multipack (varies) includes two XOXO Friends figures, putty, putty cutter, and wings! Blip Toys, Amazon $14.99 | Target $9.99

XOXO Friends Light Unicorn Hugs & Glitter Friends includes a light up plush and a bunch of glittery XOXO Friends. This is a great gift set with a very cuddly plush! Blip Toys, Amazon $21.99 | Target $39.99

XOXO Friends blind boxes are perfect for stocking stuffers! Included in each mystery box is one XOXO Friends figure and wings. Blip Toys, Walmart $3.88

XOXO Glitter Friends Exclusive includes 24 surprises! 12 Glitter Friends and 12 Glitter Wings! Blip Toys, Walmart $29.82

Baby Shark Chunky Puzzle Chunky Puzzles are great for tiny hands, and pairing the sounds of Baby Shark with it will motivate your little one in a big way! My little guy loves this puzzle. Wooden chunky puzzles help promote fine motor skills, shape sorting and fosters problem-solving. Cardinal Games, Amazon $12.99 

Baby Shark Family Tempo Puppets by WowWee- Have a fun puppet show with the Baby Shark Tempo Puppets that come in all three family styles. Children will learn the tempo of music as the puppet sings slowly when the puppet is moved slowly, and then will sing faster when the puppet is moved faster. Plus, children respond very well to puppets, and will speak to a puppet even if they know an adult is talking through them, which is a great way to facilitate comfort with nervous kids, or to just get them to eat their dinner. WowWee, Amazon $14.88 

Baby Shark Bath Squirters - A bath time favorite in my house is the Baby Shark bath squirters. Included in this set are Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Shark and an orange fish. The bath toys are easy to clean and are of great quality. WowWee, Amazon $8.99

Baby Shark Song Cube Plush are perfect for mini gifts or stocking stuffers for toddlers. The square shapes are in the form of different members of the Baby Shark family. Easy to hold, fun to squeeze, and simple to operate little ones will delight in hearing their favorite song over and over again - parents, eh, not so much! Amazon  $6 to $8

Baby Shark Fingerlings are just the cutest Fingerlings! Baby Shark Fingerlings have the same cuteness as Fingerlings except now they are members of the Baby Shark family. Collect them all and experience the magic of this phenomenon in Fingerlings form. Amazon $7.49

Baby Shark Bath Toys by ZURU are fun and functional toys! Drop them in water and they will sing and swim using ZURU’s RoboFish technology. Collect all three members of the Baby Shark family. We have used these for water toys for outside play and for the bath. Amazon $8.88

Pomsies Lumies are adorable magical pets that come to life with color and sounds. Kids can unlock different sounds from their favorite influencers too like Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Family), Toys Unlimited, Ellie Sparkles, We Wear Cute, and more! Amazon $14.99 

XOXO Friends created by YouTube sensation and star family Tic Tac Toy are a favorite in our house! My son loves their channel and loves their toys as well. Within their line is a collection of the creative world of magical friends with wings. 

XOXO Friends 12-pack Each mystery 12-pack is also thoughtfully numbered to avoid the dreaded duplicates. There are also variants of the budding stars of the channel, Addy and Maya. Find them in 12-packs or single packs. Blip Toys, Amazon 12-pack $12.99 (Some packs are $5.99 each!) Stocking Stuffer* Single Packs Walmart $3.88  |  Amazon  Varies | Walmart $7.88 (All 12 packs each for that price!)  

XOXO Friends Light Up Unicorn Hugs are the latest collection to be added to the whimsical toy line. The new XOXO Friends Light Up Unicorn Hugs by Blip Toys an adorable mystery plush, and six sparkly exclusive mystery figures with six sparkly fairy wings. The cuddly plush unicorn also lights up to add some more magic to this adorable line of toys featuring YouTube stars from Tic Tac Toy. Blip Toys, Walmart $18.99  | Amazon $29.83 

XOXO Friends Exclusive Glitter Friends collection includes 12 glittery exclusive XOXO figures and 12 glittery fairy wings to mix and match. Little fans of Tic Tac Toy can swap out the wings along with accessories from series one to create whimsical versions of their XOXO Friends. Blip Toys, Walmart $29.99  | Amazon $44.99  

FGTeeV fans will love the huge collection of brand new toys featuring their favorite characters! For those with FunnelVision and have high energy, then this toy line is for you! This energetic and funny YouTube family takes their videos to next level antics. Join in on the fun with this MEGA collection created by FGTeeV and Bonkers Toys.

FGTeeV Large Retro set includes a whole bunch of awesome mystery surprises including an animated plush, collectible character figures, a squishy, 6" Action figure, hanger plush and vinyl stickers. Once the unboxing experience is done, the fun doesn’t end - use this awesome TV for storage or pretend play. Bonkers Toys,  Amazon $29.74  | Walmart $29.74 

FGTeeV Big Fig Season One Collect figures like Meggs, Duddy, and more. These figures are huge, and perfect for play for display. Bonkers Toys, Amazon $21.84 

FGTeeV Mystery Mini Packs are quick unboxing sets featuring a figure, putty, and more surprises!  Bonkers Toys, Walmart $9.84 

YouTube Star Wengie created her own line of tactile toys and DIY kits with Target this year. Whimsical by Wengie encompasses a delightful array of products for fans new and old.

Whimsical by Wengie Lava Lamp DIY Kit Kids can create their own lava lamp at home with this easy to use kit. Americans, keep in mind measurements have to be converted. Kids will be mesmerized by the movement of the lava and will be calmed by the lights. Target $14.99 

Slime 4-pack The Whimsical by Wengie slime’s scents are truly wonderful! The slime is the perfect texture and touch. Squeeze, stretch, and press with this fun and whimsical 4-pack. Target $12.99 

Unicorn Hair Kit Dare to be different and stand out with this fun and easy to use hair kit. The hair color is really just hair chalk and it goes on really well. The color won’t stain your clothes and will come out of your hair very easily. Adding in a little hairspray will keep the hair chalk in your hair longer, too! Target $16.99 

ChuChu tv toys line Fans of ChuChuTV will enjoy playing with this educational line of toys. Including colorful eggs with letters and animals inside, Moose Toys made sure that the ChuChu TV toy line was chock full of different ways to have teachable moments during play. Parents and educators can use each egg a multitude of ways to promote number learning, letter learning, color learning, animals, and animals sounds! When kids get older, you can mix up the eggs to match the colors. Spell out words with the eggs. Take a ride on the ChuChu Train and have your eggs take a ride. 

ChuChuTV Train: 
Amazon $19.99
Alphabet Starter Set: 
Amazon $11.99 
12 Pack Eggs: 

Amazon: $29.99 

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