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Best Gifts for Nostalgic Gamers and Collectors - Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Buying gifts for gamers is tough. Here are some gift ideas for original gamers and the new gamer in your life. From handheld games to console, there is a little something for everyone! If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

SEGA Genesis Mini Console - It’s been 30 years since the original US release of the original SEGA Genesis, and what a way to commemorate this momentous event of the greatest 16-bit gaming system of all time with a cuter, smaller version of itself! Using a simple plug and play style, the SEGA Genesis Mini looks like the original but is loaded with 40+ classic SEGA game titles to pull at the heartstrings of gamers young and old. You’ll be able to play titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra: Hard Corps, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and more! Get the real feel of gameplay with two replica controllers with six-foot cables so you can finally sit on the couch and play. Amazon $78.95 | Walmart $78.95 | Target $79.99 | GameStop $79.99 NEW $74.99 Pre-owned 

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a historical masterpiece. Every gamer should be getting this game for the holiday season. Made for the Nintendo Switch and published by gaming powerhouse SEGA, Mario and Sonic take you on a journey switching back and forth from 3D to 2D with a seamless gameplay. There is so much content in this game that you can play for hours on end switching back and forth from Story Mode to Quick Match mode and never get bored.  Walmart $49.94 | Amazon $59.99 Digital Download  | Target $59.99 | GameStop $59.99

Namco Museum: Arcade Pac has everything the Arcade kid of the '80s needs! This game packs a big punch and it's priced right. Bring your arcade favorites to life in your Nintendo Switch like Pac-Man, Galaga, Splatterhouse and The Tower Of Druaga, or play games such as Rolling Thunder, SkyKid, or Tank Force. You can enjoy the new co-op version of Pac-Man and play with family and friends.

 Amazon $24.83 | GameStop $29.99 | Walmart $24.83 | Target $24.99(5% off RedCard Savings Could Bring this Price Down!)

MicroArcade is for the true game on the go. Keep nostalgia in your back pocket with these tiny versions of everyone’s favorite arcade games featuring actual sounds and music from each game! Choose from retro titles likes Tetris, Pac-Man, an Atari Combo Card featuring Missile Command, Centipede and one surprise bonus game. Amazon $17.99

Tilt Rubik’s by Super Impulse is a fun new way to solve and play the classic Rubik's cube. Improve hand and eye coordination. Twist, turn, and tilt to move the columns, rows, and sides to solve the Rubik's cube. A tried and true way to keep your brain spry is with this game. Amazon $24.99

Tiny Arcade will give collectors and gamers a true arcade-style experience at their fingertips. Tiny Arcade is a collection of miniature versions of real arcade cabinets with details like the artwork, position of the joysticks and buttons, right down to the sounds and music. Plus it’s attached to a handy keychain for nostalgia on the go! Go back in time with titles like Tetris, Pole Position, Rally X, and QBert. You can also find more arcade game titles like Galaxian, Dig-Dug at varying prices - perfectly fine as a stand-alone gift or small enough for use as a stocking stuffer. Various Titles Amazon $12.88 | Target $12.89

Throwback to the original classics with Basic Fun!’s Arcade Games. Styled to look like arcade cabinets from the 80s, tried and true arcade gamers will appreciate the clear screen, the detailed cabinet art, and the original game sounds. Enjoy titles like Galaga and Miss Pac-Man for the ultimate ‘80s experience. Other titles are available like Pac-ManTetrisWhere in the World is Carmen San Diego?, and Oregon Trail All links indicate lowest prices at varying stores.

Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller by Ematic retails at $39.99 but you can find it at Walmart for as low as $27.99. For an extra controller for party style gaming, this controller is the right price, and has a great grip! Stylish in design, this controller is exactly whatever Nintendo Switch budget set up needs. Walmart $27.99

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case by Ematic is the perfect accessory for the gamer on the go. Extra games for the Nintendo Switch should be kept in a safe place and this carrying case is the perfect size for on the go. It holds up to eight games, Nintendo Switch (not included), and includes a screen protector for worry-free transport of your favorite games. Handy zipper closure allows for no dust to get in and the padded book fold case protects your Switch from light falls. Walmart $12.99 | Bundle this case with the new Nintendo Switch Lite at Walmart for $199.96 (you get the case for free!) 

Nintendo Switch Lite is the next generation of Nintendo Switch. Save yourself $100 to be able to solely take your favorite games on the go. The Switch aspect is lost here as this game is a very fancy Gameboy, but you get the power and the graphics of the Nintendo Switch. Plus you can play all of the awesome games. Amazon $199.99 | GameStop $199.99 (Get 20% Used Games with any console purchase) | Walmart $199.96 | Target $199.99 | Bundle this case with the new Nintendo Switch Lite at Walmart for $199.96 (you get the case for free!) 

PS4 Fortnite Bundle includes the latest 1TB slim PS4 and the widely popular Fortnite. Amazon $288.88 

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bundle Enjoy 4K Ultra HD and beautiful graphics with this iconic gaming bundle. Amazon $388.84

Xbox One Battlefield Bundle Amazing savings with this console bundle. With 1TB of space, you'll be on your way to a wide selection of games.  Amazon $239.97

Race with Ryan mixes the fun of racing with every kid in the world’s favorite YouTuber, Ryan. We saw this game in action at a toy fair over the summer, and many of the kids were enthralled! It's light gameplay, nothing too crazy, and easy for little kids to master. If you're on the fence about this game, I would suggest waiting until after the holidays to purchase t the game. Otherwise, Ryan’s World Race with Ryan allows for fun imaginative gameplay. Race through each game board that is both challenging and rewarding as you unlock achievements through each obstacle.   See familiar faces along the way like Combo Panda, Mo, and Ryan himself. Nintendo Switch Amazon $32.84 | XBox One Amazon $39.99 | PS4 Amazon $39.99 | GameStop $39.99

Watch this space for more added gifts for the gamer in your life! Did you click through and buy through my links? Thank you so much! You RULE the holiday for sure! 

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