Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mario and Sonic Back to Basics! Content Rich Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, SEGA Revives Classic 8-Bit Story Modes in a Big Way

All-Around Fun Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2020 is finally here! 

Now available in stores, online, and even for download with Nintendo, you can play Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Find it on Amazon now for just $49.94. 

Each Olympic event comprises of a series of challenging and thrilling experiences. You are prompted to press the correct buttons in order to perform each event with precision. From Gymnastics Floor Exercises to Swimming, you’ll see your favorite Mario and Sonic characters doing things you’ve never seen them do before! The game overall has tons of content and will quickly be a game favorite! 

With stunning graphics, catchy music, exhilarating Quick Match mode, and iconic Story Mode, this will be the game of the year for sure!

Mario and Sonic-Two Universes Collide

Choose an array of classic Mario and Sonic characters and take your gaming next level to go for Olympic gold. Travel around each gymnasium or park and learn some trivia along the way. Continue playing and beat previous times in order to unlock special characters and mini-games. Choose your character favorite and get started on a gaming journey that original platform gamers have needed for a long time - a content-rich storyline with that same 2D cheesiness that all 8-bit gamers know and love! 

Karate in Quick Match mode

You can choose to play a Quick Match or Story Modes

In Quick Match mode, you can play a quick game or two without too much commitment. You may find yourself playing for two hours straight like I did this morning; it’s that fun. 

Story Mode is very much involved, the constant dialogue is reminiscent of 90’s gaming where every single bit of information is tapped out on the screen. With each chapter, you have to compete in an event from Tokyo 2020 to help Sonic and Mario as they are stuck in Tokyo 1964. I love that there is a real storyline, which makes this game more than a party game. 

Princess Peach has her classy red and orange hue. 

8-Bit Gaming Never Gets Old

Going back and forth between gaming eras is seamless. Starting Story Mode, Sonic has to beat Dr. Eggman by racing Japan’s iconic Bullet Train. You have classic Sonic the Hedgehog style movement with a 2D game board. Mario has to race Bowser at rowing with a bunch of crazy hurdles along the way. Gaming fans will love seeing the character throwbacks like the flying fish from Super Mario Bros, or the pinball bouncers from Sonic the Hedgehog.  

The games in Tokyo 1964 are reminiscent that of Nintendo and SEGA of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the music has that synthesized sound, the announcer is over the top, the graphics are pixelated and blocked together—it’s just wonderful. I really hope SEGA creates more games like this as they captured the overall essence of original Nintendo console gaming. This is my childhood here, and I know gamers today will appreciate this style of gaming. 

Not only do you get the feeling of gaming nostalgia within the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, but you also can play your favorite characters from both franchises. Choose to play Sonic, Tails, Amy, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and more characters! You will also notice that they both have the unique qualities that make them the iconic gaming characters from each of their platforms. When you go back to Tokyo '64, you can see that Bowser releases his iconic puffs of smoke from his nose or Sonic charges and does his iconic spin.

Follow the controller commands to reach Olympic perfection. 

Controller Commands 

In story mode, you have to play Tokyo 2020 events, and you have to follow the button prompts in order to win at that event. The gameplay itself was a bit fast-paced as each prompt flashes on the screen. After a few goes, I got it as the pattern doesn’t really change for each event. SEGA made sure to include directions each time before the event began. I found myself mashing the A button to get to the event because it was a bit long-winded. Don’t do that. Be patient and have fun. 

Dream Events - Surreal Meets Epic Gaming

Show off your hoverboard tricks in Dream Racing with your favorite characters. 

Dream Events are only available to play in Tokyo 2020, and there are three to choose from Dream Karate, Dream Racing, and Dream Shooting. All three are over the top versions of Olympic events making games play fun free for all. Dream Racing is a mixture of Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, and skateboarding — ride the rails, zoom up a loop like Sonic, and pick Sonic rings and power-ups along the way. Dream Karate is stadium-style craziness with iconic players battling to light up the game pieces. Dream Shooting is an awesome version of target practice. 

Overall, my family and I have been thoroughly enjoying Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. The game is so content-rich that it really doesn’t get old and sets itself apart from party games. The story mode is full of content and you’re not just clicking through the dialogue, you have free will to explore. In story mode you can walk around, learn trivia, speak to different characters, and explore the map, so you’re not just playing events and completing tasks, there’s an actual game in this game! I’m only up to Chapter Four, and I can’t wait to get back to it and play some more! 

Big thank you to SEGA for sending us Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Nintendo Switch early to test out and play. Check out my gameplay video to see some highlights.

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