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Gift Guide: Best Doll, Babies, Interactive Doll Gift Ideas for Holidays

I love dolls! I was born to collect dolls, and the past couple of years dolls are have had a real reawakening. With the love of surprises and unboxing, toy companies really brought dolls to the forefront. These are my top picks for dolls, baby dolls, and loads of accessories, too (playsets, dollhouses, and baby doll accessories). Doll play is great for imaginative play. Not only does it improve social skills, but your little one can "live" out everyday scenarios through the creation of play scenes. Just have listen when your little one is playing -- they may bring up experiences from school, conversations they have had with you, or conversations you have had on the phone with a friend! 

If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

Meet Blume, the new and innovative way to watch your toys grow. Each flower pot contains a magical fairy with the ability to change her hairstyle with other fairies from the Blume collection. Use the Blume flower pot as a Blume Room where you can There is very little waste from this surprise toy as you will need the flower pot for the Blume character to live in! Included is one Blume character, a flower pot, accessory, and stickers to decorate your home. For just $9.99, you get a beautiful doll that will be treasured forever! Skyrocket, Amazon $9.88 Walmart $9.88 Target $9.88

Blume Secret Surprise Garden Playset adds more magic to this wonderful line. Now you can bloom your Blume doll again and again with this adorable tulip-shaped Blume Secret Surprise Garden. Filled with over 30 hidden surprises, unlock a world of fantasy and whimsy with this fun and wonderous set! Skyrocket, Amazon $26.99 Walmart $26.99 

Hairdudeables BFF 2-pack- Dude! The Dude-meister! Dude-a-riffic! HairDUDEable! What? That’s right! New BFF packs featuring one Exclusive Hairdorables doll and one mystery Hairdudeables boy doll. There are 13 surprises inside and accessories inside each gift set style box. Just Play, Amazon $20.80 Walmart $20.80 Target in-stores

Journey Girls Kyla (Amazon Exclusive) Journey Girls are the perfect dolls to bring the adventure of play to life. With their interchangeable outfits, fun storylines, and just overall beautiful faces - Journey Girls are heirloom toys that can be passed down from child to child. Kyla's outfit is fun and totally kawaii with her boho fringe bag, booty boots, and kawaii printed pants and shirt. She is 18" in height and can switch out clothes with her fellow Journey Girls friends. Just Play, Amazon $34.99 Ages 6+ 

Disney Minnie Mouse poseable doll collection at select Walmart stores and at are available now! These beautiful dolls are perfect to display and even for play as they are fully poseable and come with fun accessories. The Exclusive Glamour Gala Minnie Mouse features a beautiful blue ball gown and silver heels. Movie Night is a set featuring a Nerdy Mickey Mouse and dressed to impress Minnie Mouse ready to watch a flick together. Three other Minnie Mouse dolls include Sweet Latte, Floral Festival, and Oh So Chic Minnie Mouse dolls all with different accessories to complete her many looks. Minnie Mouse is seriously a fashion icon from her stylish flare dress to rocking her dots and daisy hats -- from head to toe  Minnie Mouse has always been fashion-forward. Jakks Pacific, Walmart $12.88 

Minnie Mouse fans and unicorn believers will love this cute plush set, Minnie’s Walk & Dance Unicorn Plush! Minnie is hanging out with her new unicorn friend from the new show Mickey’s Mixed Up Adventures, Penelope. Pressing Minnie’s hand will activate Penelope to dance. If you have them touch, they will walk together. This is seriously such a cute set! Minnie’s outfit is so sweet with her sparkly and rainbow details on her bow, she’s adorable.  Amazon $29.99 

Barbie Surprise Career Dolls are really just the coolest Barbie dolls ever. Barbie is the epitome of a hardworking woman, and now be totally surprised with her career. Imagine the careers and accessories that will be inside each box?! The possibilities are seriously endless because Barbie has had over 100 careers in her 60 years. With three different dolls to choose from each career is a surprise and hidden inside four compartments for a rewarding unboxing experience. Mattel, Amazon $19.48 Walmart $19.88 Target  $17.99

Move over Hairdorables, little sisters are in town. The Shortcuts are packaged in mini shampoo bottles, and their overall design is just adorable. The package itself is layers of surprises to finally reveal the doll itself with a cool backdrop and stand.  Each comes with eight surprises that can be mixed and mingled with the other Shortcuts dolls. You can collect 24 different Shortcuts to realize these amazing transformations. Just Play, Amazon $9.99 | Walmart $9.88 | Target $9.89

Hairdorables are so much fun! With 36 dolls across each series to collect, you can get a variety of dolls that promotes fun careers and hobbies. With new theming, pop-up backgrounds, and fun accessories channeling your inner dancing queen, and outdoorsy woods girl types are super easy for the latest series! Just Play, Amazon $9.88  

Hairdorable Pets are a cute collection of pets that match up to Hairdorables pet owners. Included inside each surprise box are eight accessories! Packaged small, no bigger than a box of animal crackers, this would also make a fun stocking stuffer! Just Play, Amazon $7.79

SNAPSTAR are social dolls that love to do what's trendy, fun, and cute! Not only do they have multiple points of articulation, promote self-love and self-worth, and are totally awesome, but they also are totally interactive with their free app! There are also fun playsets that are out including a photo studio to encourage more interactive play. Yulu, Amazon $7.08 | Playset Photo Studio Amazon $24.95 

Hairdooz by Headstart Toys is an adorable line of dolls featuring girls at the salon getting all dolled up. Hairdooz are thoughtfully packaged in shampoo bottles where you are spin and reveal the doll inside. Each doll has its own unique personality and inside you will find a Hairdooz doll, a cape, their stand, their seat, a suction cup, and maybe a pair of glasses if your Hairdooz needs them, plus a full-color collector’s guide! There are two variations for each doll with different, colorful and intricate hairstyles. Plus, they all have a “frooty scent!” Make sure you add this new mystery toy to your Holiday shopping list - perfect for stocking stuffers or as a great collection of gifts. Headstart Toys, Amazon $12.99 

Minidooz Now joining the Hairdooz “croo” are the new Minidooz! Minidooz are mini versions of Hairdooz dolls. They are packaged in neat spinning nail polish bottles. Spin to reveal a mini Hairdooz doll perched on her little chair. Each Minidooz has a fun hairstyle that pertains to her personality, and each one is scented. Their scents are scrumptious! You can decorate your nails (or their little nail polish capsules) with the included stickers. They also include a suction cup to stick them to a window or to a mirror. Plus there is a hole at the bottom of their seat make them fun and fancy pencil toppers! Minidooz is available now in-store at Five Below. They will make the perfect Stocking Stuffer. Minidooz are the smaller versions of Hairdooz and creatively packaged in nail polish bottles. Headstart Toys, Five Below $5 | 3-pack Amazon $24.99 Ages 3+

    ZURU Sparkle Girlz provides a world of imaginative play and are big on quality and value. Choose from miniature dolls packaged in neat cones, or full size 11.5" dolls that come with pretty outfits and sparkly toned hairstyles. Corresponding accessories and playsets give playtime lots of oomph without breaking the bank. 

    Sparkle Girlz Mini Dolls, ZURU Walmart $1.94 (image shown)

    Sparkle Girlz Little Friends Pack, ZURU Walmart $19.99 - it comes with 10 dolls!

    Sparkle Girlz Coupes are perfect accessories for the little friends. With adorable designs, these little cars are the perfect size and style to encourage a magical day of play. ZURU, Walmart $4.97 each Ages 3+

    Sparkle Girlz Cones are 11.5" dolls that come in a variety of styles. The Fancy Cones are shown to give an idea - notice their shimmery outfits, and fun theming - every doll collector will enjoy these dolls. I just love the overall quality and the excellent price point, which makes it really easy to purchase for a stocking stuffer or as the main gift. ZURU, Walmart $5.44 Ages 3+

    Disney Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa Set is a Walmart Exclusive and each says phrases from the new film. Not only do you hear each character speak, but they both sing their songs from the film, which will further give kids the opportunity to pretend play. Both beautifully dressed in their new outfits, each doll features beautiful facial details, kids can retell the story of Frozen 2 as the girls go on yet another coming of age journey.  Jakks Pacific, Walmart $59.99 Ages 3+

    Disney Princess Jasmine Musical doll that sings the song Speechless from the live-action Disney Aladdin film. She is poseable and stands beautifully in her gown that is so highlu detailed that it is a mini replica of the film version. She is stunning! Her tiara is gold and teal and matches the other toys in this collection, check out my Pretend Play Toys Gift Guide to shop more of this collection! Jakks Pacific, Amazon $29.97

    Cry Babies consists of a line of dolls and mini-dolls that cry and it's your kiddo's job to stop the tears. The mini babies come in small bottle house playsets and a bunch of fun accessories. You can also get the original Cry Babies baby dolls that cry when their pacifier is not in their mouth, and they come wearing a bunch of fun and cute sleepers like ladybugs, puppies, and dragons. They just came out with Kristal and Pearly, the new Cry Babies Gets Sick and Feels Better dolls, are new interactive babies that promote pretend play. Cry Babies Gets Sick and Feels Better babies won the Made for Mums Toy Awards Gold. 

    Cry Babies Surprise Bottle Houses 3-pack - each bottle house includes one mini Cry Babies doll, accessories, and stickers to decorate the inside of the bottle house. Playtime is contained to the bottle house because once playtime is over store everything back inside! Did I mention the wall of surprises inside the bottle house with the chance to get the golden bow or golden pacifier? No batteries required and playtime begins right outside of the box. IMC Toys, Amazon $17.49 Ages 3+

    Cry Babies Baby Dolls are full size baby dolls perfect for little kids to start caring modes of play. Playing with babies promotes pretend play, teaches compassion, and will strengthen social skills. These adorable Cry Babies dolls need extra TLC as they are always crying, and the only way to stop them is to give them love and their pacifier. They cry real tears, and are dressed in the sweetest of outfits. IMC Toys, Amazon $14.56 (prices range) Ages 3+

    Cry Babies Gets Sick and Feels Better Kristal or Pearl dolls are so much fun! I was seriously taken back to the early days of motherhood. These babies really do cry and need to be taken care of in order to feel better. With a bunch of accessories to get them on the road to recovery kids will enjoy playing hospital and diagnosing their boo-boos. IMC Toys, Amazon $30.75 | Target 

    Hatchimals Pixies Hatchimals are still on top with this adorable line of collEGGtible figures, but now with new Hatchimals Pixies, Hatchtopia just got a bit for magical. These poseable figures are truly egg-mazing and include a bunch of accessories and an eggcellent egg room for your Pixies to live in comfortably. Spin Master, Amazon, $9.99 each / $16.99 2-pack Ages 5+

    Boxy Girls are a fun collection of dolls that include the ultimate unboxing experience! With each doll, you get little packages to unbox with adorable accessories and clothes inside. 

    Boxy Girls Unbox Me set features a mystery doll and mystery surprises. Collect 36 dolls in all!  Target $9.99 

    Boxy Girls Studio includes a room that can be connected to other rooms to create the ultimate fashion studio. Also included are furniture perfect for your Boxy Girls! You get a square box bedroom styled and sized for your Boxy Girl, Boxy Girl mini-dolls, and Boxy Pets! You also get four shipping boxes that are filled with a variety of different fun fashion surprises. Target $24.99

    Boxy Babies are the newest addition to the Boxy Girls family! Collect these adorable babies and enjoy the same thrilling unboxing experience like their  Walmart $9.99 (Various Styles)

    Boxy Babies Triplets are three babies boxed in a special mystery carrier! Inside is everything your kiddo will need to get  Amazon $27.96 

    LOL Surprise OMG Doll with various styles to choose from and over 20 surprises inside. The box also acts a closet for all of their fashions and accessories. With multiple varieties to choose from you can get the "big" sisters to the wildly popular LOL Surprise dolls. SWAG is pictured, and she is divalicious! MGA Entertainment, Amazon $26.99 

    LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet has over 95 surprises inside for the most epic unboxing experience of the year! There are also multiple levels of fun for the LOL Surprise girls. MGA Entertainment, Amazon $216.99 | Walmart $216.99 

    Pair the Winter Chalet with some surprise dolls for the ultimate gift. When you group all three variations of the LOL Surprise Glitter Globe dolls, you can create a snowman!

    Glitter Globe LOL Surprise Dolls Amazon $8.70 
    Glitter Globe LOL Surprise Lils 2-pack Amazon $13.99 Glitter Globe LOL Surprise Pets Amazon $9.99

    LOL Surprise Glamper Take the girls on the go with 

    LOL Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper! The Glamper Fashion Camper has over 55 surprises inside! With over 10+ hangout spots including bunk beds, light up pool and slide, fashion runway, BBQ patio and D.J. Booth, there is always something to do. MGA Entertainment, Amazon $99.00

    Frozen 2 Talk and Glow Olaf RC set is perfect Frozen 2 fans! Control Olaf's movements with Queen Elsa's powers. Olaf dances around lights up, and says over 20 sounds and phrases. Give him some room, because he likes to move and dance! Hasbro, Amazon $27.99 | Walmart $31.99 

    Spirit Riding Free Playset is a wonderful playset to facilitate open-ended play. It includes one Lucky doll (11.5") and one Spirit horse (14"). You also get a caddy, grooming brush, comb, play bottle, one hair barrette, four hair ties, one bucket, three carrots, one sticker sheet. Lucky is fully poseable so she can take a ride on Spirit. Spirit also has a beautiful soft coat that is soft to the touch, and a beautiful mane that can be combed. Just Play, Amazon $29.99 Ages 3+

    Kindi Kids are adorable preschoolers who just started their first day of kindergarten! There are four dolls to choose from and each comes with their own accessories. You can feed them with their yummy treats, and take them on shopping adventures with their cute playsets. Moose Toys, Amazon $18.88 | Walmart $18.88 

    Kindi Kids Accessories and Playsets promote pretend play and further enhance the play experience. 

    Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket Amazon $24.99  
    Shopping Cart Amazon $14.84 
    Fun Refrigerator Amazon $19.88

    Baby Alive Hungry Baby is an adorable new baby that loves to eat! She also loves to poop, so make sure you change her diapers. She comes with her own table to eat, sippy cup, food, and diapers. Amazon $38.82 | Walmart $38.99 | Target $38.99 Ages 3+

    Baby Shark Baby Alive is perfect for water play and regular pretend play! Collect the whole family Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark! Your little one can remove the tail and shark mask, too. Hasbro, Amazon $24.99 Ages 3+

    Bellies Babies are new mischievious babies that are loaded with personality! Their diapers are loaded, too, with a different variation of poops. Locate the style of poop with the Poopypaedia. Don't worry, the poops are just fun stickers that can be changed out. Press their belly buttons to hear fun phrases and even toots! Jay at Play, Amazon $26.36 (Various Styles)

    Bellies Emergency Kit includes everything you need for your Bellies baby if he or she gets sick. Those poor Bellies have some strange poops, and this is the best way to get their tummies better. Jay at Play, Amazon $12.99 

    Pomsies Lumies are sweet, cuddly little interactive unicorns that aren't on YouTube, but the latest release of these beautiful creatures teach kids colors and there are Easter Eggs in there of kids' favorite social media and YouTube stars! Kids will swoon when they discover that  Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Ellie Sparkles, Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Kids/Disney Car Toys), and YAYOMG all had a hand in making these cuties even more magical! Skyrocket, Amazon $8.99

    Pomsies are cuddly and soft and totally interactive! With two modes of play Freeze Dance and Virtual Pet mode, kids will love playing with these cuties! They react to pets, cuddles, and tickles, plus make 50+ adorable sounds! Skyrocket, Amazon $7.58 (MSRP $14.99)

    Little Line Cozy Dozy line includes a variety of cuddly soft, totally sweet, and interactive babies! You can choose from bears or a llama. They are seriously just the sweetest dolls. My sons treat their baby cozy dozy so gently, thus providing teachable moments during play. They respond to touch, react when tickled and can be lulled to sleep. Swaddle them with their blanket to make them snuggly, and give them their pacifier to soothe them. Little Live Cozy Dozy has over 25+ interactions, and is just the perfect gift and bedtime buddy! Moose Toys, Amazon $29.99 | Target $29.99 | Walmart $29.97 Ages 4+

    Goo Goo Galaxy DIY Slime and Glitter Kit - Goo Goo Galaxy combine everything tweens love - cute aliens, slime making, slime, squishy squeezes, and more slime! Now they can fill their Goo Drop alien up with its own custom slime! Squeeze, squish, and care for your Goo Drop baby. Squeeze their tummy to squeeze out the slime from their mouth. Sound fun, parents? It actually is, and provides important tactile play and fulfills sensory needs. Fill this adorable alien, Bowie, with some glittery space slime and you can squeeze the slime back out! Moose Toys, Amazon $22.99 

    Goo Goo Galaxy Aliens You can also collect four more Goo Goo Galaxy friends with pre-filled squishy bellies. Inside each Goo Goo Galaxy alien spacecraft is an adorable Goo Drop alien with loads of personality! Mix up easy to make slime in just 15 minutes for tactile play. Moose Toys, Walmart $12.99

    Rainglow Unicorn Vet Moose Toys Rainglow has two functions, happy and sick, and includes a bunch of accessories to get feeling better. By promoting pretend play and building social skills, kids will enjoy taking care of their cuddly unicorn. Rainglow’s expressive face will give kids the impression that she’s really alive.  Walmart $39.97 | Amazon $39.97 Note: Target is selling this toy for $59.99, and the cost savings are not present, so I'm not linking until the price goes down!

    Pound Puppies are back and cuter than ever before! Available in a variety of colors, each pup comes with his own pup house that also acts as the packaging. Little kids can fill out their pup’s adoption certificate and decorate it with stickers, too. Adopt mini pups or the jumbo pups. Perfect for toddlers to little kids to even big kids at heart. Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $19.99  | Walmart $19.99 Ages 3+

    HOT TOY! Bring on the cuteness overload with the Pound Puppies Newborns! Adopt the babies of the wildly successful Pound Puppies. Perfectly packaged in their crate along with a birth certificate, these cuties will teach the importance of kindness to all animals. I can't take the cuteness and the nostalgia meter is through the roof. Basic Fun! Toys really pulled at my '80s kid heartstrings this year! Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $12.99 | Target $7.99 Sold out online, but check in-store at the end caps near the games section. Ages 3+

    Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise with over 25 surprises, the unboxing experience is totally fulfilling. You get a bunch of adorable and functional accessories, as well as a gigantic plush Rainbocorn, and more fun surprises! ZURU Toys, Amazon $59.99 Ages 3+

    Rainbocorns for the second year in a row is a Toy of the Year finalist solidifying it's place on shop shelves and in children's hearts. 
    Look for Rainbocorns Series 2, which is now packaged in a beautiful blue egg and filled with 10+ surprises. ZURU Toys, Amazon $19.59 Ages 3+

    Little Mermaid Ariel Playdate Princess Ariel wants to be where the people are, and she really will be part of your world as she is 32” tall! From head to toe, she is true to Disney Princess-life with her iconic flowing, red hair, dinglehopper in hands, and sequined mermaid tail, this doll is ready to play! Ariel is fully articulated and for a large doll, she sincerely poses with ease to help recreate key scenes of this wonderful “tail” that celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. Make her a part of your world, and help create the scene for a wonderful play date.  Jakks Pacific, Amazon  $54.99 | Target $54.99 (on sale now, save extra with 5% RedCard savings)

    Little Mermaid Lights and Music Vanity by Jakks Pacific is a wonderful toy to help promote pretend play. Pretend to be Under the Sea and keep your precious treasures untold safe in the vanity’s drawer. Dance to Under the Sea with Sebastian as he pops up once the vanity is opened; he’s always watching out for Ariel. Life is the bubbles with the vanity mirror as it is surrounded by light up bubbles. Included in this set are adorable accessories for your kiddo to get dolled up including a play curling iron, dinglehopper brush, clip-on clamshell earrings, hair ties, and more! Jakks Pacific, Target $59.99 

    Little Mermaid 4-in-1 Stroller for $59.99 is truly a fun and innovative stroller! My son absolutely loves this stroller and travels around the house with baby Ariel like it’s his baby. Playing pretend with a baby doll (not included) is a wonderful activity to help engage and encourage self-expression, empathy, improves socialization, and more. Plus this stroller is a toy that is four in one as it blows bubbles, has a neat activity tray with Flounder, turns from a stroller to a bouncer, and more! This stroller is the perfect size for toddlers and their older siblings to get in on the fun, too. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $59.99 Ages 3+

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    1. Journey Girls is a favorite toy series for my daughter. These dolls are so different and attractive so my baby likes to collect them.