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Best Books Sets and Books for Kids Holiday 2019 - Books, Book Gift Sets, and Novelties!

Give the gift of books that take children on adventures. Kids today can't sit still, so gifting children a book that are interactive will help broaden their imaginations! By doing this, you are supporting the desire to want to read more. This holiday break, take your kiddo to the library, too, to further that thrill to feed the mind.

From beautifully designed personalized books to adorable gift sets with sleepy monsters - there are plenty of great books and gifts out there to encourage children to take a seat and get lost in a book.

If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide for 2019, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

Blippi Books - Beloved YouTube Star, Blippi, has a collection of books that are educational and fun! Reminiscent of his widely popular YouTube shows, Blippi takes kids on educational adventures, and the same will be the same through the pages of his new books. Published by Studio Fun International, there are two books for kids to explore. Children can learn about the world of transportation in Blippi: Things that Go. Kids can also follow Blippi along with learning about animals in Blippi: Let’s See Animals. Each book also comes with stickers to decorate each page or even themselves like my kids do! Blippi speaks to children on their level without overly infantilizing them, which I think is why kids really enjoy Blippi. Add these the book gift lust this holiday season. Studio Fun International, Amazon $4.99 each Ages 3-5 years, 24 pages each

More books by Wonderbly

Where Are You...? makes an ordinary story become extraordinary! This holiday season takes your little bookworm on a journey to find him or herself in this fun and colorful book where readers explore six alternate universes to find six different variations of themselves. This book is not just a beautiful gift, but it also sparks a powerful message - that kids can be anything, and Wonderbly’s Where Are You…? book conveys this message in a fun and unique way. Don’t forget to check out other personalized adventures by Wonderbly with holiday themes and perfect for year-round gifts. Wonderbly, Where Are You...? $29.99 (two sizes to choose from) Ages 5+ 

Elf Pets: An Arctic Fox Tradition is a beautifully designed gift set that includes the Elf on the Shelf’s pet, the Arctic Fox who spreads the magic of Christmas from her snow globe collar. Included in this set is a beautiful storytelling the tale of the other Elf pets. Watch your Arctic Fox’s snow globe illuminate with the glow in the dark snow, which adds some more magic and whimsy to this cute set. Kohl’s $24.95  | Bed Bath and Beyond $24.95

Pick up the Elf Pets A Reindeer Tradition, too, at Target for another added addition of this now-classic tradition! Target $21.95 

Toothless Monster is for kiddos who are on the journey of losing their teeth. This is the perfect gift for kids who asks questions like, "Where do all of the teeth go?" That's exactly what the author's daughter asked her dad., which sparked this amazing idea to create the Toothless Monster. There are two monsters to choose from Meli (purple) or Monte (blue), and both each come with a sincerely beautiful storybook with a fun story and gorgeous artwork. The gift set includes the plush monster and the book along with 16 teeth. As your child loses teeth, the toothless monster will gain.  Keep in mind, this does not replace the tooth fairy, it actually enhances her story and continues to keep the magic alive. Three Little Hens, Amazon $39.99 | Glow in the Dark Teeth: Amazon $5.95

Reindeer in Here is the start of a new Christmas tradition! Your little ones will love this cuddly friend that works directly with Santa Claus who reports back to Santa each night all of the wonderful adventures he was on with the kids! The gift set comes with a cuddly Reindeer in Here plush, and a beautifully written storybook. Winner of 12 major awards, Reindeer in Here is a favorite amongst parenting magazines and advice sites, parents love Reindeer in Here, too. Reindeer in Here also shares a special message that "different is normal." Even the little Reindeer in Here is different, and we didn't even notice! Reindeer in HereAmazon $24.95 

Ordinary People Change the World is a collection of books about famous people who carved out a special place in history, written by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos, this series was created to inspire and to ignite an inner desire to be more than meets the eye. These beautifully written stories will encourage kids to harness the power to succeed and the potential to become the greatest version of themselves. Books like I am Walt Disney, I am Jackie Robinson, and even I am Amelia Earhart will give a glimpse into the person’s life - hardships, struggles, and even successes. Pair this beautiful book series with the new show on PBS Kids, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, and watch as a group of friends with time-traveling abilities that solve mysteries using clues from famous historical figures and historical time periods. The show has some empowering tidbits in there to encourage kids that the world is theirs for the taking. The kids in the show also illustrate that these historical figures were once kids, too! Penguin Random House New York, Amazon $9.29

TreeMendous Looking for an easy way to keep kids busy all while creating beautiful ornament decorations for the holiday? You've got to check out TreeMendous - geniuses behind the Egg Mazing! Included with the TreeMendous are markers and your ornament maker, plus three blank ornaments. It's super easy to use for ages three and up. Plus you can use this set year after year to create your customized ornaments. Hey Buddy, Hey Pal, Amazon $19.51 Ages 3+ | Refill Pack Hearth Song $9.99

The snuggle is truly real with these adorable Snuggle Monsters collection. Some children really do fear the dark and truly believe that there are monsters out there in dreamland, but would if you introduced these so called monsters into your kiddo's bedtime routine? With the Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime set you get your own monster to snuggle and a wonderful storybook that talks about how even little monsters have fears, but they fear the light! Your kiddo and their new monster friend can work together to balance out bedtime. Before bed, parents can hide the little Snuggle Monster some where in their child's bedroom, then read the story, then children can quietly find their monster, and bring their monster to go to sleep. With three monsters to choose from - blue, pink, or purple - kids will enjoy snuggling up with their own monster to chase away the nighttime scaries. My kids may get a bit riled up with this monster, but that's only because they love monsters! Continuum Games, Amazon $29.95

Toy story augmented reality Bring your favorite Toy Story 4 characters to life with this amazing book, Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure! With the help of the free AR, you can “play” with Woody, Buzz, Bo, the Aliens, Hamm, and even Duke Caboom from your smart device. I am completely blown away by this app, and the high quality of the book itself. Kids and even older Toy Story fans will enjoy this book as the AR is high quality, and each character provides a little bit of magic with each page. Throughout the book, collect pieces to build your own Forky. Carlton Kids, Amazon $13.98

Toy story my busy books My Busy Books are great books to get in general as they include a way to build a story. Included is a sheet of four panels that each have a scene from TS4. You can fold up this giant sheet when playtime is over and place it back inside the book. Also included are characters to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie or even television show. The Toy Story 4 set is special as it comes with Combat Carl! Phidal Publishing Inc, Amazon $10.98

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