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Best Trending Gifts for Holiday 2019 for your Adorkable Friends and Family - Tiny Gifts that are Big on Fun!

From tiny cooking to nostalgic gaming, these gifts prove that small gifts can provide a big impact this holiday season. With miniature worlds trending this year into 2020 in a big way, you'll want to snag these gifts now to rule the holiday!

If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

Real Littles Shopkins Shopkins Real Littles Shopper Pack - These aren’t your kiddo’s Shopkins, these are bonafide super adorable versions of real foods found on supermarket shelves. Inside each one are adorable Shopkins styled variants from Cheez-its to Chef Boyardee, your kids and collectors will be swooning for each one. Moose Toys, Amazon $9.88 

5 Surprise Mini Brands by ZURU Toys captivated millions on TikTok and YouTube with these wedge slices chock full of shopping surprises! From mini shampoos to mini anti-aging cream to packages of bacon. Each wedge includes the perfect recipe for a fun unboxing and pretend play shopping experience. Perfect in size to promote imaginative play, kids will love to enjoy unboxing and revealing which mini brand they will reveal next! You may even get one of three supermarket accessories like a shopping cart, a retail shelf, or a basket. Target $9.99 | Amazon 2-pack  $30 | BJ’s sells them as 2-packs for $9.99 (Membership is recommended to save on products!)

Nanables are miniature worlds with themed homes and tiny, little Nanables living their best lives. Collect miniature worlds encased in thoughtful snow globe-like packaging. The fun continues from the real world to the Nanables world with the free app. Create YOUR WORLD YOUR WAY™ with the app by heading to the spa, or even playing games at the arcade. New for the holiday season is the Winter Wonderland themed tiny home. Jazwares, Claires $9.99 Buy three, get three free deal! | Amazon 3-pack $16.99 | Walmart 3-pack $16.99 

Polly Pocket proved that tiny is mighty with this adorable revival. ‘90s kids were in full swoon mode when Polly and friends reintroduced her tiny world back into their hearts, myself included! Collect mini play-sets like the Winter Snowglobe for $12.99 on Amazon. 

Base model shown
Pair the miniature worlds of Polly Pocket with a new and fun playset, the Pollyville Mega Mall. The mall comes with a working elevator and levels of miniature stores, parking garage, fun car ramp, and loads of interactive accessories. Mattel, Amazon $34.99 | Amazon Exclusive Set $44.99 | Walmart $34.99 | Target $34.99 

World’s Smallest Products With the World’s Smallest lines you can relive your childhood memories for just $5 by purchasing their teeny tiny toys that replicate actual toys that came out. From the colors to even the stickers, no stone was left unturned with each product. From World’s Smallest Stretch Armstrong to a World’s Smallest Hot Wheels 4-in-1 set. The World’s Smallest line by Super Impulse has a little something for everyone, no pun intended. Super Impulse, Amazon Starts at $4.99 | Walmart Varies  | Target $4.99 and up 

Smooshy Mushy squishies are now miniature and totally cute! Collect Smooshy Mushy Miniatures and create a world of tiny, totally squishable characters from Smooshyville. Each Smooshy Mushy mini has its own personality and it is reflected within their tiny room to the accessories included. There are six to collect in all, and these tiny squishies are right on trend with the squish factor and the new tiny factor. Create an amazing gift set at Walmart with three Smooshy Mushy products in one - Smooshy Mushy Miniature, Sticky Snacks, and Mystery Munchie. Redwood Ventures, Walmart $14.94

Pomsies Lumies are sweet, cuddly little interactive unicorns that fit in the palm of your hand. These little unicorns teach colors and have  Easter Eggs that are activated throughout play, and play familiar sound from kids' favorite social media and YouTube stars! Kids will swoon when they discover that  Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Ellie Sparkles, Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Kids/Disney Car Toys), and YAYOMG all had a hand in making these cuties even more magical! Skyrocket, Amazon $8.99

Pomsies are small, cuddly, soft and totally interactive! With two modes of play Freeze Dance and Virtual Pet mode, kids will love playing with these cuties! They react to pets, cuddles, and tickles, plus make 50+ adorable sounds! Skyrocket, Amazon $7.58 (MSRP $14.99)

Okay, this isn't so tiny, but it's a smaller version than the classic original. The '90s are totally trending, and so is the SEGA Mini. With the highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog movie, the comeback of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, this is the perfect gift for the trendsetter in your life. The SEGA Genesis Mini looks like the original but is loaded with 40+ classic SEGA game titles to pull at the heartstrings of gamers young and old. You’ll be able to play titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra: Hard Corps, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and more! Get the real feel of gameplay with two replica controllers with six-foot cables so you can finally sit on the couch and play. Amazon $78.95 | Walmart $78.95 | Target $79.99 | GameStop $79.99 NEW $74.99 Pre-owned 

This isn't tiny, but this is still trendy! The '80s is the decade that really had it all, awesome New Wave music, awesome movies like The Goonies and Adventures in Babysitting, and the coolest toys. Speak and Spell Kids can learn and play just like their moms and dads did way back when! Who doesn’t love and remember the Speak and Spell? Permanently sewn into the fabric of pop culture, the Speak and Spell was made famous by '80s iconic film ET. ET phoned home with the help of the Speak and Spell, and since then it has been a beloved and sought after nostalgic piece of history. I had one passed down to me by my sisters, so the Speak and Spell can withstand many years of play. Basic Fun Toys! Made sure to include all of the same elements that made the Speak and Spell so wonderful like the flash spelling bees, iconic robotic voice, and a bunch of activities to help hone kiddos reading, writing, and spelling. Perfect for preschoolers and big kids at heart! Walmart $24.99  | Amazon $24.99

Friends Central Perk LEGO Set #21319 Get this tiny replica of the most recognizable cafe on television, the Central Perk! LEGO came out with some great LEGO sets in 2019 including the LEGO Friends set, Steamboat Willie, The Flintstones, and more. However, the Central Perk LEGO set is pretty awesome. You see Gunther serving up some grub, the iconic couch, tiny cups of lattes and cappuccinos, and even the whole listening to Phoebe sing Smelly Cat. This is the perfect tiny set for your own friends. LEGO, Walmart $59.99 

LEGO Hogwarts Clock Tower #75948 Get a tiny version of the grandest structure attached to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Hogwarts Clock Tower! This set includes a full collection of Harry Potter LEGO Minifigures, eight in total: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Albus Dumbledore and Madame Maxime. Connect the Clock Tower to other Harry Potter LEGO sets to really enhance this magical fandom! LEGO Walmart $89.95 | Amazon $89.95

Totally Tiny Just Play Grillin’ and Chillin’ Set are adorable pretend to play sets that replicate real recipes, but with the added twist of slime! Each set includes miniature toy tools for kiddos and collectors to use to collect and create! They come in a variety of styles and “flavors.” Just Play, Amazon $9.99  

Tiny Baking Smart Lab Bring the world of miniature to life in a big way with the Tiny Baking set by Smart Labs. Included with this adorable set are real recipes and 17 real miniature, working tools to help you create tiny baked masterpieces. Summon your inner Alton Brown, and learn the science of food with a tiny twist! You get so much in this tiny package, it’s really just hard to believe. You get a storage tin with top, rolling pin, wee-knife, pizza/dough cutter, mixing spoon, three wee-spoons, mixing bowl, pizza/pie pan, pie server, sheet pan, silicone cake and cupcake molds, two silicone finger mitts, and 48-page recipe book. Recipes included require real food in regular sizes, and are miniaturized in baking times and servings to create the tiniest, most delicious treats. Plus, not only do you get bite-size confections, but you learn the science behind all of those sweet treats, so STEM learning is mixed in which is an added bonus. Perfect for dollhouse collectors, creating miniature YouTube videos, little kids, and more! Smart Labs, Amazon $19.99  ages eight and up

Tiny Robots by Smart Labs are tiny STEM sets where you create mini-robots. Don’t be fooled, these tiny Robots are big on fun, and provide wonderful teaching tools to introduce your children to a world of robotics and STEM learning. There are 15 suggested builds, but endless possibilities and will certainly ignite the need to build and learn more. Smart Labs, Amazon $19.99   ages eight and up

MicroArcade is for the true game on the go. Keep nostalgia in your back pocket with these tiny versions of everyone’s favorite arcade games featuring actual sounds and music from each game! Choose from retro titles likes TetrisPac-Man, an Atari Combo Card featuring Missile Command, Centipede and one surprise bonus game. Amazon $17.99

Tilt Rubik’s by Super Impulse is a fun new way to solve and play the classic Rubik's cube. Improve hand and eye coordination. Twist, turn, and tilt to move the columns, rows, and sides to solve the Rubik's cube. A tried and true way to keep your brain spry is with this game. Amazon $24.99

Tiny Arcade will give collectors and gamers a true arcade-style experience at their fingertips. Tiny Arcade is a collection of miniature versions of real arcade cabinets with details like the artwork, position of the joysticks and buttons, right down to the sounds and music. Plus it’s attached to a handy keychain for nostalgia on the go! Go back in time with titles like TetrisPole PositionRally X, and QBert. You can also find more arcade game titles like GalaxianDig-Dug at varying prices - perfectly fine as a stand-alone gift or small enough for use as a stocking stuffer. Various Titles Amazon $12.88 | Target $12.89

My favorite tiny world will come to life in a big way this holiday season with a bunch of new additions to the collection. Fill up the Red Roof Country Home with a bunch of new accessories that really work or even more levels to make a grand mansion for the Hopscotch bunnies.  

Kitchen Island  This lovely counter space is the perfect platform to plan the next big meal! Includes a bunch of accessories along with "working" waffle iron and donut maker. Epoch Everlasting Play, Amazon, $12.95 Ages 3+

Breakfast Playset  Additional accessories and play foods for your Calico Critters kitchen. Epoch Everlasting Play, Amazon $12.95 Ages 3+

Wall Lamps and Curtains Set For use only with the Red Rood Country Home, liven up drab windows with bright floral curtains and rods. Give your sconces a facelift with these gilded wall sconces. Epoch Everlasting Play, Amazon $10.37 Ages 3+

Microwave Cabinet   Pop in a pie for a quick meal, and watch the pie spin around in this adorable microwave. The cabinet also acts as additional storage. Epoch Everlasting Play,  Amazon $6.88 

Bed and Comforter Set includes a cozy bed with bunny memory foam mattress, and will fit perfectly into the decor of any home. Amazon $11.99 Ages 3+

Laundry and Vacuum Center Vacuum the house in style with this adorable stick style vac with removable dust buster to remove all of those dust bunnies. Wash the clothes in the working washer that looks like there are suds of water swirling around. Epoch Everlasting Play,  Amazon $6.88

Tiny living needs some classic homes! Try these Calico Critters homes on for size.

Sweet Raspberry Home is a one story house that can later be added as a room to the Red Roof Country Home. It includes a baby Hopscotch bunny and a really cute bed with slide. This is the perfect starter set. Walmart $19.88 Ages 3+ 

Red Roof Cozy Cottage Starter Home includes two levels of adorable cuteness. Tiny living is best done with a second level, and right out of the box you can start playing immediately. You also get one Hopscotch rabbit to start the fun.Connect the Cozy Cottage to the Red Roof Country Home to create a large, three-story house (sold separately). Amazon $34.95 Ages 3+

Red Roof Country Home Gift Set is perfect for the ultimate in pretend play. Enjoy three levels of detailed rooms for each of your Hopscotch bunnies to explore. Enjoy a detailed storybook outlining the life of the home, and breathe new life into it with the new generation. Add on more levels to create a handsomely sized mansion for the tiny inhabitants! Amazon $74.00 Ages 3+

KeiKi Ukulele Why not a tiny version of a guitar? Channel your inner Steve Martin and play like a uke-Rock star with this beautifully designed KeiKi Ukulele by Salus Brands. The word KeiKi is Hawaiian for “little one,” but this little ukulele carries a big sound. Included with this set are a digital tuner, gig bag, strap, picks, and stickers. You also get detailed instructions. so even the littlest musician can handle the rich sounds of the ukulele where its melodic sound emanates the rich history of over three hundred years around the world. Songstress Taylor Swift also plays the ukulele  along with YouTube sensation and talented teen dancer, JoJo Siwa. Give the gift of music with the heirloom quality piece. Available in four colors to suit your style and for sale at the KeiKi website. Salus Brands $29.95 

Throwback to the original classics with Basic Fun!’s Arcade Games. Styled to look like arcade cabinets from the 80s, tried and true arcade gamers will appreciate the clear screen, the detailed cabinet art, and the original game sounds. Enjoy titles like Galaga and Miss Pac-Man for the ultimate ‘80s experience. Other titles are available like Pac-ManTetrisWhere in the World is Carmen San Diego?, and Oregon Trail All links indicate lowest prices at varying stores.

Watch this space for more trending gifts that are tiny in size, but big on fun! Did you click through and buy through my links? Thank you so much! You RULE the holiday for sure! 

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