Sunday, November 17, 2019

40+ Best Toddlers Gift Guide 2019! Toys for Toddlers and Little Kids | Games, Dolls, Playsets

I have rounded up my top picks that facilitate growth through play for gift ideas for toddlers to little kids. The toys in this list have been tested by us at home or at a toy event. Note that the Little Tikes tent is the only product we haven't actually checked out in person. Otherwise, I promise these will not be dust collectors. There are different levels of play with children, and if you want full engagement, you have to "show" kids how to play. The toys below are fun both children and parents - bond, learn, grow, and play! Keep checking back to this gift guide as I will be adding more! I'm a busy mom to two very energetic boys, and my time is usually spent chasing them or cleaning up their messes. I'm tired!

If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

Fancy Nancy Find Your Fancy Oh-la-la Find Your Fancy all while honing critical cognitive skills like matching, focus, and cooperative reasoning. You will feel fantastique after playing this game as gameplay is fun and educational. Wonder Forge, Amazon $24.99 

Baby Shark Chunky Puzzle Chunky Puzzles are great for tiny hands, and pairing the sounds of Baby Shark with it will motivate your little one in a big way! My little guy loves this puzzle. Wooden chunky puzzles help promote fine motor skills, shape sorting and fosters problem-solving. Cardinal Games, Amazon $12.99 

Hottest Toy of the Season! X-Power Dozer will leave kids amazed by what this vehicle can do! Totally brand new to the Jakks Pacific line the X-Power Dozer is a bulldozer that packs a big punch, it has a high torque motor that can push or even pull up to 200 lbs and has lights and sounds for a realistic feel! Kids can play indoors or outdoors, and they will seriously have a blast pushing and pulling anything that isn’t nailed down. We saw the X-Power Dozer in action twice, and both times it proved its worth! First, we saw it pushing pounds of paper confetti, it had to be about 50 lbs worth of confetti that came from a giant piƱata. Then we saw it again in action and it pushed a whole garden of rocks. Not only did it push, but it even climbed the rocks like it was scaling a mountain of cotton. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $59.99 (SOLD OUT! | Walmart $48.88 (Selling out fast!) | Target $49.99 

GEOMAG Magicube Sets are the perfect solution to give little hands and growing minds to learn, play, and grow. These wonderful cubes connect are seamlessly designed with toddlers and even parents in mind as clean up is seriously a breeze. GEOMAG Magicube Sets promote STEM learning and will sharpen your little one's fine motor skills. Incorporate color learning into playtime with these cubes as well. GEOMAG, 64PC Set Amazon $130.92, 27PC Set Amazon $64.79 Ages 1+

The Magicube collection continues with different titles like Fruits and Animal Friends. Magicube Mix and Match series includes a bunch of fun ways to mix up people and animals to make funny combinations. 

Disney Mickey Mouse Snuggle Time Winner of 2019 National Parenting Product Award & 2019 Parents' Choice Award Help Farmer Mickey corral all of his animals into the barn in this calming, before-bedtime board game. The board is like a cozy blanket that can easily be folded up back into a tight square for easy storage. Play this game before bed (15 minutes of gameplay) with your little one or use it as a great teaching tool. Teach day and night, animal sounds, colors, shapes, and patience! Wonder Forge, Amazon $24.99 

Speak and Spell will pull at parents' heartstrings, and get little kids excited about practicing their spelling. Plus, the Speak and Spell provides spelling lessons to help kids practice over 200 commonly misspelled words!  The revival of the Speak-n-Spell, an age-old learning tool that I used when I was a child is a one-piece toy that is perfect for on the go and to play with at home. Speak and Spell is not just for learning - this toy opened up a whole world of pretend play for me as a child! Before the iPad was even a thought, I used my Speak and Spell to play "office" and to take orders while playing "restaurant." I also used it as a "medical chart" in my plush hospital! Toys have so many uses and will open doors for more play for kids. Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $23.99 Ages 7+

BaaBaa Bubbles is an adorable game for toddlers featuring a sheep that almost seems allergic to his own coat! Kids choose a card noting how many times they have to press the sheep's head down to release a slew of bubbles! It's such a fun game, and everyone loved it at New York Toy Fair! This is on my kid's wishlist this year, and I hope Santa pulls through because I want to play! Spin Master Games, Amazon $9.99

Pomsies Lumies are sweet, cuddly little interactive unicorns that aren't on YouTube, but the latest release of these beautiful creatures teach kids colors and there are Easter Eggs in there of kids' favorite social media and YouTube stars! Kids will swoon when they discover that  Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Ellie Sparkles, Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Kids/Disney Car Toys), and YAYOMG all had a hand in making these cuties even more magical! Skyrocket, Amazon $8.99

Let it Fly is a fun two-player game that gets kids moving all while strengthening their own agility skills! One player is the attacker, and the other is the blocker. The fun of it is the blocker is behind the "windshield" to time the block just right! If the attacker hits the windshield, watch the fly go splat on the "glass."  The first player to advance to the win icon wins! Maya Toys, Walmart $19.99 | Target $19.99 Ages 8+

'Fryin Flyin Donuts will give little kids a thrill all while testing their fine motor skills! This game is so cute and fun! It's a great game for the whole family - the rules are simple for preschoolers, and parents will love how easy it is to set up and dismantle for storage. The first player to get their donuts into the baker's box wins. Maya Toys,  Amazon $13.86 | Target $15.49 Ages 4+

Cow Snatchers This unique and fun puzzle game is perfect for ages six and up, plus it’s a game that can be played solo allowing for much needed quiet play. Cow Snatchers comes with 60 game cards featuring different puzzle mazes for the UFO to collect all of the cows. Since the pieces are magnetic and are self-contained, this would make for a great travel game. Think Fun, Amazon $31.48

Monkey Trix is an adorable game that will really tickle your kid's funny bone and bring out their competitive side! My 6-year-old was feverishly building the blocks and pieces to create the structure just like the picture on the card. You don't use your hands though! You use monkey hands to build your structure, which allows for a lot of laughs!  Maya Toys, Amazon $18.13 Ages 6+

Toy Story 4 35-Piece Puzzle is perfect for any Toy Story fan, particularly pre-schoolers who probably just experienced the Toy Story franchise for the first time. Encounter new friends and old with this set that is perfect for a standalone gift or for just because. Ravensburger, Amazon $10.99 Ages 3+

King of the Ring is perfect for a group of kids who want to experience an action-packed board game with little thought involved! The rules are simple, be the last sumo standing to become King of the Ring! The best is that there are no batteries are any assembling necessary; you just open the box, and play! Yulu, Target $19.99 BLACK FRIDAY SALE $9.99

Fish for Fish by YULU For a quick and fun game with the kids you’ve got to play Fish for Fish. Fish for Fish combines the power of pretend play with survival. Build your spear (it has a suction cup tip) and then use it to catch your fish. Each fish has a score on from one to three. The person with the highest score wins! For up to four players, fast-paced, and a lot of fun! No batteries required. Play spears must be assembled by an adult before playing. YULU, Target $19.99 BLACK FRIDAY SALE $9.99!

Oops Scoop is a fun stacking game that has so many teachable moments! Kids can improve their fine motor skills and gross motor skills! If you choose to stand to play, you really have to balance yourself to make sure the cones don't fall. For smaller kids, you can play while sitting. Incorporate color learning and counting to add some educational value. The object of the game is to keep the ice cream scoops from falling - this is a life lesson in itself! Yulu, Target $17.99 Ages 4+ BLACK FRIDAY SALE $14.39

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn, Nickelodeons hit TV show that follows a band of magical animals on their wildly fun and colorful adventures. My son loves Felicity, she's the hot pink kitty with lots of sass and a big heart!

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Action Paws are cuddly kitty paw gloves that make fun sounds and light up when moved. Fans of RBUK on Nickelodeon will appreciate and give PAWS to their cuddly cuteness, or as my little guy Rocco says about them, "AW, so coot!" The RBUK Action Paws will get your kids moving because they will want to see the paws light up with each shake and wave. Funrise, Amazon $10.00 | Walmart $10.00 | Target $19.99

Pair the Action Paws with the RBUK Vision Mask to complete the look, and promote even more pretend play! Your kiddo can wear this cute and cuddly mask and see the world through the eyes of Felicity. A light-up unicorn horn completes this whimsical mask allowing to embody this free-spirited and silly unicorn kitty. Funrise, Amazon $9.99 | Walmart $9.99 | Target $9.99 Ages 3+

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9-Lives Cat Can is a tiny world for Felicity and her friends! Each can of kitty food includes nine surprises. The accordian style opening is magical when unboxed, and once playtime is over, simply close it back up with the contents loose inside for easy storage. Funrise, Amazon $5.00 | Walmart $5.00 Ages 4+

Pound Puppies are back and cuter than ever before! Available in a variety of colors, each pup comes with his own pup house that also acts as the packaging. Little kids can fill out their pup’s adoption certificate and decorate it with stickers, too. Adopt mini pups or the jumbo pups. Perfect for toddlers to little kids to even big kids at heart. Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $19.99  | Walmart $19.99 Ages 3+

HOT TOY! Bring on the cuteness overload with the Pound Puppies Newborns! Adopt the babies of the wildly successful Pound Puppies. Perfectly packaged in their crate along with a birth certificate, these cuties will teach the importance of kindness to all animals. I can't take the cuteness and the nostalgia meter is through the roof. Basic Fun! Toys really pulled at my '80s kid heartstrings this year! Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $12.99 | Target $7.99 Sold out online, but check in-store at the end caps near the games section. Ages 3+

Hatchimals WOW is the latest evolution of Hatchimals featuring an adorable Llalacorn. This is the first re-hatchable egg, and it makes over 250+ interactions and sounds! Plus, the llalacorn can extend its neck really long! How long will it go? Spin Master, Amazon $79.99 | Target $79.99 | Walmart $79.99 Ages 3+

My First Farm by BRIO is the perfect toy for curious toddlers! Toddlers will be able to hone their fine-motor skills when connecting each wooden rail piece. Each animal can take a ride on the train and then hop off to the farm meadow where they nestle in the base to sound off three distinct animal sounds. The animals are chunky wooden pieces that are easily distinguishable by look and sounds, plus very easy to hold for little hands (starting at ages 18 months and up). My First Farm is a wonderful teaching tool as well as a busy toy. Connect the My First Farm set to other BRIO World products where the fun continues and imagination flourishes. BRIO products provide a great starter to pretend play and mix educational time with playtime. BRIO, Amazon $59.99 18 months and up

Kids can play with their favorite dinosaurs from the hit Disney Junior show Gigantosaurus! My son loves his stomping Giganto figure, and I know yours will love them too. With a full line of figures and vehicles, it's easy for kids to recreate scenes from this heartwarming show featuring adorable characters, Tiny, Bill, Mazu, Rokcy, Cror, and more as they keep a watchful eye on Giganto! Watch our unboxing video on YouTube and IGTV

Roar & Stomp Giganto He really does roar and his mouth opens wide, too. Kids will love making him stomp, because with each step you can hear the thunderous stomp that belongs to Giganto. Roar & Stomp Giganto has six points of articulation: legs, arms, tail, and his mouth. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $29.99 Target $29.99 | Walmart $29.97 Roar & 
Gigantosaurus Plush Dolls featuring the cast of the show are the perfect gift option. 4-pack Gift Set on Amazon 

Giganotosaurus Figure pack featuring  Bill, Mazu, Rocky, Tiny, and Giganto. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $19.97 

 4-pack without Giganto Amazon $12.99

Gigantosaurus Mobiles that bounce up and down give a lot of movement and fun to playtime! Perfect for little hands to push along and play! Jakks Pacific, Amazon $9.97 

Peppa Pig's Magical Parade Floats All aboard for a world of magic and fun featuring my boys' favorite pig, Peppa, and friends! Peppa Pig's Magical Parade Floats truly does provide that wow factor, and toddlers ages two and up will enjoy the feeling of controlled movement with the wand. Kids can make the vehicle move at will giving a truly magical and whimsical element to playtime. The fun continues with moving parts on the interchangeable parade floats, and it also includes two figures Peppa and her little brother George. Oink oink! Jazwares, $39.99 Amazon $30.57 | Target $39.99 - BLACK FRIDAY Sale Alert:  $19.99 | Walmart $30.57

New Disney Junior TOTS - Tiny Ones Transport Service is a huge hit in our house! When we saw the toys at NYTF, Marcello and I were so happy! Now that they are here, Just Play did not disappoint. With sets to cultivate the imagination to help recreate scenes and create their own scenes, kids will have a blast sliding down characters from the show on down the magical cloud slide. Disney Junior, the T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset has a variety of ways to play! Slide down the cloud slide through the sky tunnel, brings the babies up to the next level in the stork bundle elevator, take a nap on a cloud, or get pushed around in a cloud stroller — all of the tots waiting for loving homes live comfortably at the nursery headquarters. This set is $39.99 for ages three and up and will be available in the fall. There will also be a T.O.T.S figure set, T.O.T.S. Surprise Nursery Babies mystery bundles with color change diapers, T.O.T.S. Surprise Babies Nursery Care Set, Plush Babies, and even larger carriers with grooming kits for pretend play! TOTS Headquarters Amazon $34.95 TOT Surprise Babies Nursery Set Amazon $24.88  | TOT Surprise Bundles Amazon $7.99 

Keia's Treehouse - My sons love Puppy Dog Pals too, and this year there are bunch of new friends that have been added to the show. We met cute puppy Keia in season two, and Bob created an amazing treehouse for her in the second episode of the season! Now, Keia gets her own treehouse play-set for us to enjoy at home! No house parties please, I don’t think ARF can fix the treehouse twice! This set looks even cooler than the pups’ treehouse play-set from the initial release, plus it’s a bit smaller, which is something I appreciate. This set has plenty of bits to enjoy to recreate key scenes from the show! It features two-sided play for double the fun, adorable pup Keia, an elevator, food, and a bouncy chair. Amazon $24.99 Ages three and up

Puppy Dog Pals Awesome Care Bus - Bingo and Rolly can get checked out on the go with the Awesome Care Bus Set, which was a great intro to the new Puppy Playcare series. The bus opens up to reveal a play area, a puppy bath, a place to get check-ups, X-rayed, groomed and more! With lights and sounds, realistic vehicle movements, plus you get two 3” figures, Bingo and Rally! Amazon $24.49  

Pair the Awesome Care Bus with the new Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figure Play-set featuring new pup Lolly and a robot from Puppy Playcare. Plus you also get Chloe, Keia’s owner. Amazon $24.49  Ages three and up

Mickey Mouse is getting a brand new clubhouse! The Mickey Mouse and Friends Clubhouse Adventures play-set is a multilevel play-set with different components to explore. Start from the top of the clubhouse and take a ride on the Mickey glove hot air balloon. When you’re done, take walk on over to the telescope and peruse the beauty and majesty of Hotdog Hills. Slide down the slide to the first level, or take the handy helper lift down to the first floor. On the main floor, press the floor to activate a series of familiar sounds and lights. This set comes with 3” Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Pluto figures. It also comes with a bunch of accessories too like a telescope, one play table, chair, and more! Just Play, Amazon $30.98   Pair this set with the Mickey Mouse Surprise Collectible figure - perfect as a stocking stuffer too! Amazon 2/pack $9.25  | Target $4.99 

Minnie Mouse is getting a jazzed up bowtastic home in her new and spiffy Bowfabulous Vacation Home. Like a shiny beacon at the top of the two-story home is a polka dot bow that twinkles in rainbow colors and plays familiar sounds. Step on the doormat to “open” the door, and once inside you’ll feel like you have stepped inside Minnie’s fa-bow-lous home! Take the manual elevator up to the second floor and get a tour of the top floor, once done slide down the slide and have a snack at the dining table. There is so much included with this set like articulated Minnie Mouse and Daisy, Figaro the cat, and furniture and accessories to help make happy helping a breeze. Available this fall for $34.99 for ages three and up. Just Play, Amazon $39.82 ages three and up 

Pair Minnie's Bowfabulous Vacation Home with the Bowliner Jet so Minnie and friends can arrive at their vacation home in style Amazon $24.97  You can also add in the new Minnie Mouse Bow Surprise Collectible Figures, which includes an assortment of Minnie’s Happy Helpers characters like Minnie, Daisy, and even Cuckoo-Loca! They’re just $4.99 each and they will make great stocking stuffers, too! Target $4.99 

Minnie Mouse fans and unicorn believers will love this cute plush set, Minnie’s Walk & Dance Unicorn Plush! Minnie is hanging out with her new unicorn friend from the new show Mickey’s Mixed Up Adventures, Penelope. Pressing Minnie’s hand will activate Penelope to dance. If you have them touch, they will walk together. This is seriously such a cute set! Minnie’s outfit is so sweet with her sparkly and rainbow details on her bow, she’s adorable.  Amazon $29.99 

Wo-oh-oh! Vampirina! The new Spookleton Castle is definitely something to scream with de-fright over! With two stories of ghastly fair from performing on stage, having a midnight hairy scary snack, getting the batties, dancing with Gregoria, and more fans of the show will delight playing and exploring this play set! Take the grand staircase up and down to explore, or relax in a coffin bed after a full day of playing the spookylele. Amazon $34.99 For ages three and up 

Pair Spookleton Castle with the deluxe figure set to complete the gift. Your kids will thank you, trust me! Amazon $15.99 Ages three and up

PJ Masks' new vehicle is a villain chaser and a caravan all in one! Carry up to four vehicles and three PJ Masks figures inside the new The Seeker! The Seeker crawls the streets in a stealth-like fashion searching for villains on the prowl. Once located with the searchlight, startle them further with a drive-by of discs launched from the disc launcher. trap the villains in the cage. If they getaway, with the touch of a button release the Seeker’s cabin and go on hot pursuit. This set comes with a 3” Catboy and a mini Cat Car. Other vehicles with figures sold separately. Amazon $48.88 ages three and up 

Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free & Lucky Grooming Paddock playset is the perfect place for any horse to get pampered. This set includes a poseable Lucky doll, Spirit, and one foal. Lucky can wash Spirit and the foal, and the continue on their adventures. The set comes with 21 pieces, stickers to decorate the play space, and more! This is the perfect playset to facilitate the retelling of Lucky and Spirit's stories. Just Play, Walmart $29.98 | Target $29.99 Ages 3+

Imaginext Transforming Batmobile R/C set is a favorite over here. Kids and big kids can use the remote to control what the Batmobile does to keep the streets of Gotham safe. Launch discs, hear sounds and see lights, and then make the Batmobile go forwards and backward with the remote. Included is one Batman Imaginext figure, discs to fight off the enemies of Gotham, and the remote. Imaginext/Fisher-Price, Amazon $59.99 | Walmart $59.99 | Target $59.99 Ages 3 - 8

Mash'ems are so much fun to squish, stretch, and mash! With cool characters to collect like PJ Masks, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Pac-Man, and even Disney-Pixar Toy Story characters, they will make great stocking stuffers! They come as single capsules for $2.99 each at stores like Target, Walmart, and even at Five Below. You can also purchase these handy 4-packs, which can be broken up to be placed as stocking stuffers. Kids love them, and adults love them for their fun characters and how squishy and stretchy they are! Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $11.49 Ages 4+

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Buzzbot is a great playset for toddlers and little kids. The head is removeable to create a space shutter. The arms are poseable and shoot out projectiles. Pair this set with other Toy Story Imaginext sets to bring pretend play to life. Imaginext/Fisher-Price, Amazon $34.99 | Walmart $34.99 | Target $34.99

Toy Story Imaginext Figure Pack includes nine figures, including Combat Carl, Forky, Duke Caboom, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Ducky and Bunny. Walmart $14.97

Playmobil Christmas Bakery is a playset that incorporates all five senses! See the beautifully designed Playmobil playset featuring 128 pieces of intricately designed holiday-themed pieces. Touch a world that gives us a peek inside Santa's bakeshop and workshop. Hear made up stories that your child will create while preparing to build this set, and hear the laughter while your little one throws the completed play cookies down the chute. Smell the real baking cookies that are Playmobil and holiday shaped -- cookie cutters taken from the top of this very set! Don't forget to have a taste of the cookies! This set is truly engaging and comes with a lot of fun details for the best holiday-themed stories, it includes details like Santa, two Elves, cookie cutters, cookie Stamp, ladder, mailbox, work table, baked goods, recipe book, baking ingredients, oven spatula, cat, and other accessories to give this set life. Playmobil, Amazon $27.95 Ages 4+

Playmobil Crystal Hut 9470 Find the crystal gain access to the moutain! Will the couple solve the mystery?Playmobil, Amazon $39.99 | Target $59.99 Ages 6+

Playmobil Mars Space Station 9487 is the perfect hub to explore the unknown in space. Kids will love the intricate details from tiny juice and milk to a space-garden. Included are two astronauts and even an alien! There are different rooms that click together with ease, and the overall build is quite simple -- perfect younger builders! Playmobil, Amazon $79.99 Ages 6+

LEGO City Ski Resort #60203 is the perfect set for mini master builders to get into the holiday spirit. With a winter chalet set against the backdrop of a snow ski resort, you get this amazing set that would be a perfect build for over the holiday break. LEGO friends can halfpipe, talk to the ski patrol, shop at the pro shop, you can even save a LEGO citizen from a minor ski accident, and then kick it back and drink some hot chocolate. This set is full of so many fun little bits that I think LEGO builders young and old will enjoy the build. LEGO, Walmart $89.95 | Amazon $89.95 Ages 6+

Caterpillar Tough Machines with lights and sounds are chunky vehicles made to withstand rough toddler play. Toddlers will love the lights and sounds plus the chunky builds. Choose from three styles a Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Wheel Loader. Funrise, Amazon $14.99 each Ages 3+

HeroDrive Mod Squad vehicles are a must for any fan of Marvel and DC universes. HERODRIVE by Funrise includes an array of superheroes (and a villain!) from both Marvel and DC Comics in the form of chunky, fun vehicles! We reviewed Rumblers, Mashers, Mod Squad in our video. Mod Squad vehicles come in three parts to mix and match different cars together. There are three to collect in all, and when you collect all three you can combine the bonus piece that comes with each set to build an additional bonus car. Marvel Mod Squad vehicles include Captain America bonus pieces, and DC Comics Mod Squad vehicles include The Joker. Funrise, Amazon $10.99 Ages 3+

KidKraft Ultimate Creation Station Kids Activity Art Table with 4 Stations & 2 Stools This was a favorite at the TTPM Holiday Showcase! I loved this set for its compact size and all of the nooks and cubbies to give kids the power to create in their own space. The double-sided table allows for kids to sit and create or stand and create. There are no areas for unused space, there are cubbies underneath the tabletop, tall storage for more room for craft tools, and more! The set is modular in that you can switch out the tabletop parts for different crafting projects - paint, create with doh or slime, and more. Keep everything neat and tidy with this set! Amazon $119.99 | Walmart $119.99 (currently out of stock!)

Disney Art Center is 3-in-1 to meet the needs of budding artists! Kiddos can incorporate lots of pretend play as it includes a magnetic dry-erase board - perfect for playing school. The set also has toy storage with the use of the large fabric toy bin. A spacious workspace and a comfy stool will give kids a great place to practice their letters or pretend to work at an office (I did this!). Also available in more licensed characters like Paw Patrol, Cars, and Disney Princess. Delta Children, Amazon $54.99 Ages 3 - 6

smART Pixelator will encourage everyone in your house to get creative! With different textures like beads, sequins, pegs you can create custom pixel pieces using their pre-loaded artwork or upload your own via the app. Use the guide to coordinate each bead, peg, or sequin in the board. Once done, iron your create to make 2D pixelated artwork or connect pieces to create 3D works of art. Tweens will love the option to create their own custom jewelry with their smART Pixelator. Amazon $49.99 Jewelry Kit Amazon $23.31 

Encourage more creativity with extra refill kits. Your tween will appreciate extra beads, sequins, pegs, and more neatly packaged in its own storage tower. Complete with extra boards and applicators to help complete the set. Organizer Kit Amazon $18.39 

smART Sketcher by Flycatcher - If your artist likes to draw by hand and needs some practice, consider the smART Sketcher. It projects an image you either sync using the app, or use the cartridge for kids to follow along and draw. Once drawing is done, the smART Sketcher breaks down to be a totally compact for easy storage. Perfect gift that will continue giving the power of creativity again and again! Flycatcher, Amazon $59.99 | Walmart $59.99 | Target $59.99, Ages 5+

smART Sketcher Cartridge Packs are about $12.99 each, and there are at least 10 to choose from! Choose from titles like Jungle Animals, Royal Princesses, Under the Sea, and more! Flycatcher, Amazon $12.99

PBS KIDS Playtime Pad+ For the perfect gift for a toddler and preschooler just learning how to use a tablet, then you should consider the kid-friendly PBS Kids Playtime Pad+. Kids will be able to be the masters of their own devices by selecting the content they want to watch that is totally kid/friendly! Play games, learn, sing songs, and more—this is the most kid-safe tablet out there! Entertainment at your child's fingertips! Not only is it useful for kids for when they’re on the go, but it’s durable, too. Walmart $79.99

Disney Mickey's Vacation House #10889 - Encourage open-ended and imaginative play with this adorable play-set featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto! This set is awesome as it allows for different storylines with the use of double-sided bricks. One side of the bricks is summer-themed, and the other is winter-themed for two different vacation houses. LEGO Duplo, Amazon $49.99 Ages 4+

Frozen Ice Castle 10899 Introduce your toddler into a world of imaginative play with this breathtaking set. Build Queen Elsa's ice castle with fun details like a slide, tea set, and even a light-up brick that be used as a beacon at the top - lighting up in a rainbow of different colors. The set is easy to build and perfect for little hands to piece together with little help. LEGO Duplo, Walmart $39.99 Ages 2+

Magformers are a great tool for learning and creating. Build according to the instructions or build from your imagination. With fun and engaging titles in their Amazing line, you can to choose to build with that are all reasonably priced. My two-year-old and six-year-old sons both love Magformers. Magformers encourage problem-solving, improves fine motor skills, and promotes pretend play. Magformers, Amazon $59.99 | Target $59.99 

Ryan’s World Red Titan is based on Ryan’s alter ego superhero! Standing at just over 13-inches in height, it is a play-set and giant figure all in one! Included are a bunch of accessories to help make this set enjoyable for playtime like a 3.25 inch tall Red Titan figure, one mystery slime, one mystery sidekick, and 2 missiles. Plus you can also include other articulated figures with this set to encourage even more pretend play! With lights and sounds, kids will be amazed as they hear and see the magic of Ryan’s World come to life! Just Play, Amazon $34.99 (NOW $22.99!! Run, don’t walk!  | Walmart $34.97 

Ryan's World Super Surprise Safe, by Just Play, is the ultimate unboxing experience for little kids. YouTube star Ryan from Ryan’s World is on every kiddo’s holiday toy list this year, and the Super Surprise Safe delivers in a big way. With over 30+ surprises inside including toys that Ryan curated himself like articulated figures from his magical world of merry characters like Combo Panda and different Ryan variants, mix & match build characters, slime, and more! The unboxing fun continues with a secret compartment in the back is filled with more treasures. This wonderful safe is great for storing toys, too, which is great because there really is very little waste. Don’t be surprised if you see your kiddos playing with this safe during playtime as it also facilitates pretend play marking a journey of imaginative play. Just Play, Walmart $39.99 

Ryan’s World Ultimate Tree House Ryan’s World Ultimate Tree House is a wonderful play-set to create your own kits and promote imaginative play just like Ryan. You also get a Big Bang for your buck as it includes four figures: Ryan, Moe, Gus, and one exclusive Peck figure. Peck has two variants - the rare glitter Peck or the ultra-rare metallic Peck. The mystery is also apart of the fun, which is also what will bring lots of fun and joy to your little Ryan fan. With a hidden slide, coordinating accessories and that mystery surprise element, this is the ultimate gift for sure. Just Play, Amazon $14.99  | Walmart $14.99  

Ryan’s World Mini Surprise Safes Crack open a world of play and fun with these super adorable Ryan’s World Mini Surprise Safe featuring toys curated by Ryan himself! Kids will love smashing the safes open to reveal fun surprises from articulated figures to slime to tiny trinkets featuring characters from Ryan’s World. Perfect stocking stuffer, just open the package and stuff them un the stocking along with the toy hammer. Just Play, Amazon $12.97   Walmart $12.97 

Pair all of Ryan’s World sets by Just Play along with the Deluxe Figure Set featuring 14 pieces including one ultra-rare mystery figure. This set features articulated figures from Ryan’s World and will promote imaginative play! Include them as an addon gift with the Ryan’s World Ultimate Treehouse or even the Ryan’s World Red Titan. They are going fast, so when you see them, snag them! Just Play, Walmart $19.88 Make sure you carefully look at the Walmart website as they have third party resellers listed first on this toy for some reason. 

Ryan’s World Mystery Eggs 6-pack Kids will love Ryan’s World 6-pack by Bonkers Toys. Each egg includes pieces to build three figures. The best part is that you can mix and match the figures’ pieces to make silly variants. Bonkers Toys, Amazon $12.99 

Ryan’s World Treasure Chest Me’hearties, this is the wildest treasure hunt your kids will go on all year, and will surely bring a smile on their face! Inside this golden surprise, toy chest are treasures carefully chosen by YouTube superstar Ryan! You don’t just open the chest and discover your treasure because that alone just wouldn’t be fun. Your kiddo will be engaged in a full scavenger hunt where they will open up numbered boxes, reveal hidden exclusive pirate booty, and more! Once the unboxing experience is over, kids can use this sturdy treasure chest to store their treasure. Be warned ya scurvy ‘rents, this treasure chest will be used for more scavenger hunts, so your kiddos will be busy for many hours! Bonkers Toys, Exclusively at Target $71.99 Tip: Use the 25% off code at Target plus your 5% RedCard for additional savings!)

Ryan’s World Mini Egg Bonker Toys, Walmart $9.83  | Amazon $9.84 

Rescue Set to features a rescue vehicle, 24 magnetic pieces, two characters to save, and everything else to keep the city safe! 

The Police set includes magnetic pieces to create a police tower, vehicle, and it even comes with a bad guy and a getaway car. 

The Construction Set gives your child the option to create buildings and contradiction vehicles. 

Clicformers Puppy Friends Set is an adorable set that will open a whole new world of creativity and pretend play. Build and create nine different dogs from an adorable Welsh Corgi to a fancy Poodle. Clicformers $69.99 Ages 4+

All Clicformers sets are compatible with each other to allow for endless possibilities. You can purchase smaller sets to suit your dog fancy. Clicformers improves eye-hand-coordination and will promote pretend play. Encourage further play after the sets are built to include for everyday play moments like a vet clinic or dog school!

Brave Friends set includes Chichi the Chihuahua, Jemima the German Shepherd and Danni the Dachshund. Amazon $26.99

Sweet Friends set includes Sheila the Shiba Inu, Colin the corgi and Gertie the Golden Retriever. Amazon $26.81

Loving Friends set includes a French Bulldog and a poodle. Clicformers $29.99

Clicformers are the latest addition to Magformers vast line of constructible toys. Geared towards preschoolers, Clicformers will redefine the way kids think and build. Perfect for developing color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and critical thinking skills. Click each piece together to create a fun and exciting world of pretend play!  Rescue Set Amazon $24.96 (regular price is $59.99!) | Target $69.99 Ages 4+ 

Magformers Mini House Sets are perfect to promote imaginative and open-ended play. Since all of the pieces are interchangeable, expect to create some epics sets! Choose from four different playsets that will each tell a story, and further the storytelling experience with the wonder of Magformers. Max’s Playground Set, Maggy’s House Set, and Milo’s Mansion Set. Compatible with all Magformers, add Milo, Minibot and Max sets for extended building fun! Thames and Cosmos $49.9 Ages 3+

24-Volt Monster Truck by Rollplay Give your toddlers the feel of the open road with the Rollplay 24V Monster Truck! This ride-on has all of the bells and whistles that kids look for in pretend play, and parents will be happy with all Little kids can enjoy speeds at up to 4 MPH going forward, and can even drive backward like Mater at a whopping 1.86 MPH! There are real working headlights and true to life truck sounds giving kids a thrill. The Monster Truck by Rollplay comes with a battery charger. Perfect for kids weighing up to 77 lbs and recommended for children ages three and up. Rollplay, Walmart $349.00

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Truck Fans of Paw Patrol will enjoy this fun truck featuring Rubble, the Paw Patroller from Adventure Bay who has the coolest trucks around! Swing the wrecking ball, move the shovel to pick up rocks, and more! My boys love this truck so much as we reviewed it in early 2019. It's still a hot item, and would be a great holiday gift! Spin Master, Target $34.99 Ages 3+

Mix art, tactile play, and STEM all within the Electro Dough kits. With three kits to choose from your kiddo won't even realize that they are fine-tuning their critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and working on their communication skills. With the use of dough, lights, easy to follow instructions, plus some imagination - you can build a whole world of dough comes to life! TechWillSaveUs $24.99 - $29.99 Ages 4+

Electro Dough Story Kit ($24.99) 

Ecokins are adorable plush that helps clean up the environment as they are 100% eco-friendly! It takes 16 recycled bottles to make one Ecokin -- that's a lot of used bottles to make one adorable, realistic-looking plush. Even the hangtag is 100% recycled, and the packaging is bio-degradable. Never will parents or grandparents have to second guess another plush purchase when it's an Ecokins plush! Choose from a bunch of adorable varieties from black bear, sloth, polar bear, dolphin, African elephant, hippo, koala, snow leopard, panda, penguin, raccoon, red panda, sea turtle, wolf, and a tiger in two different sizes to choose from - 12-inches and 8-inches. My children love plush dolls, and Ecokins are truly high quality and send a wonderful message. The 8-inch would be perfect as a holiday stocking stuffer, and the 12-inch would make a great standalone gift. Plus, teach kids the power of recycling and all of the beautiful things that you can create with just materials used once before! Wild Republic, 8-inch, $5 | 12-inch $8

Baby Shark Family Tempo Puppets by WowWee- Have a fun puppet show with the Baby Shark Tempo Puppets that come in all three family styles. Children will learn the tempo of the music as the puppet sings slowly when the puppet is moved slowly, and then will sing faster when the puppet is moved faster. Plus, children respond very well to puppets and will speak to a puppet even if they know an adult is talking through them, which is a great way to facilitate comfort with nervous kids or to just get them to eat their dinner. WowWee, Amazon $14.88 

Baby Shark Bath Squirters - A bath time favorite in my house is the Baby Shark bath squirters. Included in this set are Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Shark and an orange fish. The bath toys are easy to clean and are of great quality. WowWee, Amazon $8.99

Baby Shark Song Cube Plush are perfect for mini gifts or stocking stuffers for toddlers. The square shapes are in the form of different members of the Baby Shark family. Easy to hold, fun to squeeze, and simple to operate little ones will delight in hearing their favorite song over and over again - parents, eh, not so much! WowWee, Amazon  $6 to $8

Baby Shark Fingerlings are just the cutest Fingerlings! Baby Shark Fingerlings have the same cuteness as Fingerlings except now they are members of the Baby Shark family. Collect them all and experience the magic of this phenomenon in Fingerlings form. WowWee, Amazon $7.49

WowWee is known for their growing line of Fingerlings, and adding Baby Shark was just the icing on the cake. Kids will love the other interactive varieties of Fingerlings that WowWee released this year like Jules the Dolphin and Nikki the Narwhal.

Baby Shark Bath Toys by ZURU are fun and functional toys! Drop them in water and they will sing and swim using ZURU’s RoboFish technology. Collect all three members of the Baby Shark family. We have used these for water toys for outside play and for the bath. WowWee, Amazon $8.88

Baby Shark tent by Playhut Baby Shark fans will enjoy this little tent and tunnel set that not only provides a great pretend play scene, it also has baby shark characters all over it. When playtime is over, the tent and tunnel folds up flat for easy storage. Amazon $33.42

Owleez are the first interactive toy that you kiddo can teach to fly! Available in two colors pink or white, kids will love this toy! Crash downs are okay as she is made of a very durable plastic! Place her back in her nest to soar again, or to take a rest. Owleez really will provide lots of fun moments for children and will keep them engaged during pretend play. Spin Master, Target $49.99 | Walmart $48.82 Ages 3+

Pixie Belles Keep the magic with you at all times with Pixie Belles, WowWee’s latest technology. Pixie Belles mixes the world of enchantment with true interaction with coloring changing moods, dancing, interchangeable tails that can be worn of your wrist and switched out with other Pixie Belle’s tails. With their magnetic power pod, you can wear Pixie Belles on your shoulder to show off how spritely you are. Pixie Belles also give a lot of love with their KissTech technology, they’ll give you a long kiss! They come in a variety of styles and all bring a level of adorable to each Pixie Belle. WowWee, Amazon $9.99

Cutetitos are adorable plush dolls wrapped in a cuddly burrito blanket. There are 12 Cutetitos to collect in all like a Chihuahito, Catito, Puppito, Sealito, Pigito, even a Walrusito and more! Each Cutetito animal has a different personality and can be revealed by their "Hot Spot" as well as the color-coded buritto blanket (for series 3). Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $9.97 | Walmart $9.97 | Target $8.99 (on sale!) Ages 3+

Pair Babitos with a Cutetito for the ultimate in cuteness overload! With the same idea as Cutetitos, Babitos are wrapped in a taco shell! Basic Fun! Toys, 2-pack Walmart $13.97 Ages 3+

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center Buzz Become Buzz Lightyear and explore Sector 7 of the Gamma Squadron with this amazing playset. Pretend play is so important and this toy truly sparks the imagination. With three ways to play kids can take off into hyperspace, or stand upright and man the controls, and then switch it to a functional desk for study time. Every space ranger needs to do homework after all. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $99.00 

Wish Me Zoonicorns are sweet plush that encourage children to dream. Make a wish, blow your Zunicorn a kiss and hear a magical chime. If they dream big enough, their wishes may come true!
 Jay at Play, Amazon $7.95

Club Petz animals are funny, adorable, cuddly, cute, and just overall totally fun interactive dolls. Choose from a bunch of cute animals like Puffy the Unicorn, a hamster, a cat, and more! Honestly, the reviews are mixed by parents, but I'm sorry to say - they probably don't have a sense of humor or understand at all how children's minds work. Kids love farts and toys that go wacky. These toys help facilitate free play and will get kids moving. I am all for them, and I highly recommend Club Petz for kids with high energy, big hearts, and parents with open minds. IMC Toys, Ages 3+ 

Puffy the Unicorn Amazon $19.39 Target $19.99 

Bam Bam the Hamster Target $8.69 

Bim Bim the Squirrel Target $10.79 

Spitzy the Llama Target $24.99 

Mini Tickles - You can also get the Mini Tickles that respond to tickles on their tummies. Target $9.99 

Little Mermaid Ariel Playdate Princess Ariel wants to be where the people are, and she really will be part of your world as she is 32” tall! From head to toe, she is true to Disney Princess-life with her iconic flowing, red hair, dinglehopper in hands, and sequined mermaid tail, this doll is ready to play! Ariel is fully articulated and for a large doll, she sincerely poses with ease to help recreate key scenes of this wonderful “tail” that celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. Make her a part of your world, and help create the scene for a wonderful play date.  Jakks Pacific, Amazon  $54.99 | Target $54.99 (on sale now, save extra with 5% RedCard savings)

Little Mermaid Lights and Music Vanity by Jakks Pacific is a wonderful toy to help promote pretend play. Pretend to be Under the Sea and keep your precious treasures untold safe in the vanity’s drawer. Dance to Under the Sea with Sebastian as he pops up once the vanity is opened; he’s always watching out for Ariel. Life is the bubbles with the vanity mirror as it is surrounded by light up bubbles. Included in this set are adorable accessories for your kiddo to get dolled up including a play curling iron, dinglehopper brush, clip-on clamshell earrings, hair ties, and more! Jakks Pacific, Target $59.99 

Little Mermaid 4-in-1 Stroller for $59.99 is truly a fun and innovative stroller! My son absolutely loves this stroller and travels around the house with baby Ariel like it’s his baby. Playing pretend with a baby doll (not included) is a wonderful activity to help engage and encourage self-expression, empathy, improves socialization, and more. Plus this stroller is a toy that is four in one as it blows bubbles, has a neat activity tray with Flounder, turns from a stroller to a bouncer, and more! This stroller is the perfect size for toddlers and their older siblings to get in on the fun, too. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $59.99 Ages 3+

    ChuChu tv toys line Fans of ChuChuTV will enjoy playing with this educational line of toys. Including colorful eggs with letters and animals inside, Moose Toys made sure that the ChuChu TV toy line was chock full of different ways to have teachable moments during play. Parents and educators can use each egg a multitude of ways to promote number learning, letter learning, color learning, animals, and animals sounds! When kids get older, you can mix up the eggs to match the colors. Spell out words with the eggs. Take a ride on the ChuChu Train and have your eggs take a ride. 
    ChuChuTV Train: 
    Amazon $19.99
    Alphabet Starter Set: 
    Amazon $11.99 
    12 Pack Eggs: 
    Amazon: $29.99 

    Hatchimals are still one of the hottest toys and they come in a bunch of fun forms, you can get giraffes, miniature hatchimals figures, and now Pixies! 

    Giant Surprise Egg is the best bang for your buck. This egg is a gigantic Hatchimals surprise egg. Each heart that you crack reveals a different level of surprise. There are 10 Hatchimals, and even am Exclusive Pixie inside! You also get a bunch of accessories like tiaras, crowns, and jewelry for the Hatchimals and the Pixie. Plus, you also get three free codes to use in the Hatchtopia Life app, which is a fun game where you build a truly beautiful neighborhood for your virtual Hatchimals. I'm telling you, this egg is worth EVERY penny - no junk in here. Oh, I forgot to mention that there are stickers to decorate the inside of the egg to use as little cubby homes for your Hatchimals. Spin Master, Amazon $34.82 Ages 3+ 

    Hatchimals Pixies are the newest addition to the Hatchimals toy line. They are about 3-inches in size, poseable, and full magic! Their fluttery wings move when your child moves the doll. They come in adorable eggs to hatch, which makes the unboxing experience that much more fun! Spin Master, Amazon 2-pack $9.81 Ages 3+

    Hatchimals Secret Surprise are adorable medium-sized surprise eggs with a whole world inside! Build your own Hatchtopia in real life with these adorable play-sets. Kids will love to peel and reveal their surprises, and for the price, you cannot go wrong for a large stocking stuffer or as a standalone gift. Spin Master Amazon $9.92 | Target $6.85 Ages 3+

    Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Jewelry Box Royal Dozen are an instant collection of a dozen Hatchimals with 10 eggs to hatch and two visible exclusive Hatchimals. Inside you can find accessories for the latest season of Hatchimals (season 6.5 Royal Snowball), which include winter-themed accessories, tiaras, and jewelry! Spin Master, Amazon $19.99 Ages 3+

    Brain Train is a fun and unique way to develop fine motor skills as well as foster problem-solving. With the use of colorful shapes, your little one can create their own train that can move in sync with each of the shapes are placed correctly. Marvel over how skilled your little one is with the amazing set! There are 48 challenges included and four skill levels to help promote cognitive learning as early on as three years old. The cute train helps a lot, too! Smart Games, Amazon $29.99 

    Scribble Scrubbie Pet Vet Clinic - Mix Arts and Crafts with pretend play with this adorable playset by Crayola. The whole Scribble Scrubbies line inspires kids to create any way that they like. Like so many toddlers and pre-schoolers, they change their minds fast! No worries, just scrub away the marker easily with some water and the brush. This set is awesome - my son plays with it - color the pets, and send them to the Vet Clinic! Soothe boo-boos, kitty colds, and more with this adorable set. Scribble Scrubbie Pets are the perfect gift that ticks off all of the boxes to keep kids busy and engaged. Crayola, Amazon $14.99 Ages 3+

    Little Tikes RV Camper Pop Up Tent - I haven’t reviewed it myself but the savings cannot be beaten. You get a Big Bang for your buck with this item. It includes the pop-up RV tent and blows up accessories like a dog, campfire, and marshmallow sticks. This provides a great play starter like a pretend camping experience, or pretend BBQ! Target $19.94 

    Rainglow Unicorn Vet Moose Toys Rainglow has two functions, happy and sick, and includes a bunch of accessories to get feeling better. By promoting pretend play and building social skills, kids will enjoy taking care of their cuddly unicorn. Rainglow’s expressive face will give kids the impression that she’s really alive.  Walmart $39.97 | Amazon $39.97 Note: Target is selling this toy for $59.99, and the cost savings are not present, so I'm not linking until the price goes down!

    Mr. Potatohead Toy Story 4-pack Your favorite Toy Story 4 characters are now in potato form just like beloved Mr. Potato Head! Kids can mix and match all of the pieces to mash into new characters Playskool, Amazon $11.99 

    Movin' Lips Mr. Potato Head is a new way to experience the delight of Mr. Potato Head! Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy hearing 50+ phrases and sounds. Not only can you still move his parts around, but you can also switch out two different sets of lips that move when prompted. My kids have a blast with him, and I know many will get a kick out of him too. You can still mix and mash-up different Mr. Potato Head parts to create a bunch of wacky combinations. The only real difference is that there is no storage compartment. Hasbro/Playskool, Amazon $18.88 | Walmart $18.88 | Target $24.99

    Ryan’s World Costume Chest  Kids can be apart of Ryan’s World with this fun and totally organized pretend play costume chest. It comes with three costumes and they all fit in the chest after playtime is over. If you have friends and siblings playing all three costumes come complete so everyone has a chance to dress up. Walmart $39.82

    Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk (Amazon Exclusive) by Jakks Pacific - With 21 pieces included, there are enough outfits for four Princesses to join in on the fun! Also included are jewelry pieces, stickers, and even a fancy storage box to keep these treasures tucked neatly away once pretend play is over. Amazon $32.08

    Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Play Tent Pop up into hyperactive hyperdrive with this adorable play tent. Perfect for space-saving, this pop-up tent will promote pretend play and won’t break the bank. Walmart  $12.99

    Antsy Pants Unicorn Bowling - Bowling is truly a game of skill, so it is the perfect indoor or outdoor toy for toddlers and little kids! The Unicorn Bowling Set by Antsy Pants mixes fantasy and skill together with the adorable kid-friendly unicorn bowling pins, and a kid-sized pink bowling ball. Play indoors or outdoors! Antsy Pants is known for promoting pretend play with their whimsical playsets, outdoor toys, and more, so this bowling set is no exception. Great for all ages, toddlers and kids will hone their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, agility, concentration, and judgment. Antsy Pants also supports KaBoom a non-profit that builds playgrounds in poverty-stricken neighborhoods across America. Antsy Pants, Target $24.99

    Antsy Pants Stepping Stones Kids will strengthen their balance by hopping from one colored stone to another. Call out the stone colors and turn this fun way to strengthen core muscles into a full-body, standing game of twister! Add in that extra challenge of not falling off of the stone into the “hot lava” will keep kids engaged, laughing, and strengthening their bodies all at the same time! Stack them up for easy storage once playtime is over. You can play with the Stepping Stones indoors, too. Indoor play can be a bit more toned down by color sorting with other toys, or even stacking them. Will it fall challenge? Wobble Challenge, perhaps? Antsy Pants, Target $19.99 Ages four and up 

    The Gym Mat has always been somewhat of the be all end all of the physical play. You can use the mat to become a Pretend Olympic gymnast! Go for gold in the All-Around Tumbling Floor Exercises. I have bronze in Just Rolling All-Around. Seriously, these durable, colorful mats will inspire to move in ways your kiddo didn’t know he or she could! With the soft mat to catch their fall, it gives them that added feeling of invincibility. Add the mat as a grand finale of a makeshift obstacle course, so kids can get the sillies out by rolling and wiggling around. Antsy Pants, Target $39.99 Ages four and up

    Watch this space for more added gifts to help promote pretend play! Did you click through and buy through my links? Thank you so much! You RULE the holiday for sure! 

    Some links contain affiliate links! Clicking through is free for you to do, and much appreciated by a coffee-crazed mama!

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