Wednesday, November 27, 2019

40+ Top Gifts for Tweens (Kids and Teens, too)! Holiday 2019 - Room Decor, Tech, Trendy Gifts, and more!

This holiday season, you can hear sentences like this, “Mom, I love this!” or “Dad, you’re the best!” Don't think it's possible? Well, I have the ultimate gift guide for you! 

Sometimes shopping for kids and tweens can be tough, stuff I liked when I was 12 is totally different than what 12-year-olds today like today. I asked for Holiday Barbie, books, and clothes that my two older sisters didn't wear. Now kids are asking for Instax cameras, scrunchies in multiple colors, Fortnite characters, and felt boards to write their thoughts. 

Kids are more connected today - socially and technologically, and you want to foster their needs in a fun way, too. From age-appropriate surprise toys to DIY kits to room decor to tech to fun, quirky fads, I’ve got the hot list for you to rule the holiday!

Gifts listed here are mainly for ages six and up. When I refer to tween, I am talking about the years are from age eight to age 12, and this applies to both girls and boys. 

If you're looking for more gift ideas, please check out the rest of my Rule the Holiday Gift Guide, and more ideas are at my Holiday Gift Shop storefront on Amazon!

Gifts for the Trendy Tween 

Blinger by Wicked Cool Toys was a hit at every single blogger event that I attended this year - the booth was always packed with attendees getting glammed up in just seconds. My 12-year-old niece loved getting her hair blinged. It’s so easy to do, and looks just so magical! If you ever bedazzled your jeans then think of the Blinger as the much easier to use cooler cousin. This time you’ve got pretty bling gems that are totally safe and easy to remove. Just bling your hair with the Blinger tool, and when you’re done being all sparkly, just comb out the gems. You can use Blinger on your hair, clothes, accessories, and more! The Blinger Diamond Collection comes with 75 gems in a variety of colors to add glitter and glam to everyday life. Wicked Cool Toys, Amazon Deluxe Kit $24.99  Refill Kit $19.99  | Claire’s $24.99 Refill Kit $11.04 | Walmart $16.88, ages 6+

Spa Lab: Bath Bombs - Give the gift of relaxation and STEAM learning with the Smart Labs Spa Lab: Bath Bomb DIY kit. From start to finish, tweens will love the process of creating these wonderful balls of fizz and magic. Add some sparkle or tiny surprises inside for an added surprise. Tweens can even make their own line of fizzy bath bombs and give them away to deserving mamas too during the holidays. Create next level bath bombs with the unique tiny molds to create a bomb within a bomb effect. Smart Labs, Amazon $24.99, ages 8+

Smart Lab also creates other fun lines of DIY kits that are engaging and educational. From the Lip Balm Boutique kit that uses all-natural ingredients to Tiny Baking with miniature tools to really mini cakes and pies, they have a whole list of fun STEAM and STEM products. Lip Balm Boutique Amazon $10.97  Tiny Baking Amazon $19.99, ages 8+

Wengie, YouTube and K-Pop sensation came out with her own line called Whimsical by Wengie.

Whimsical by Wengie Unicorn Hair Kit helps tweens reinvent their everyday looks with hair chalk, glitter, and even a surprise unicorn charm.
Dare to be different and stand out with this fun and easy to use hair kit. The hair color is really just hair chalk and it goes on really well. The color won’t stain your clothes and will come out of your hair very easily. Adding in a little hairspray will keep the hair chalk in your hair longer, too! Creative Kids, Target $16.99, ages 6+ 

Whimsical by Wengie Unicorn Body Art Kit includes a bunch of fun accessories to add some sparkle and glam to your tween's every day look. Tweens can create their own temporary tattoos and channel their inner unicorn! Creative Kids, Target $19.99
, ages 6+

You may get the old eye-roll with this one, but trust me, Carpool Karaoke The Mike by karaoke at home legendary company, Singing Machine, is no joke. Connect it in the car via Bluetooth, or even connect at home for some epic sing-offs! Fun for sleepovers or just to belt out a tune, The Mike will grow with your tween and be fun for the entire family. The Singing Machine, Note! PRICE DROP Amazon $39.99  | Walmart $49.99 all ages

KeiKi Ukulele Tween and Teen icon Taylor Swift empower her fans through her music and endless kindness. Swift is known for surprising fans at their homes - she is truly a selfless performer. Did you know she also rocks the Ukulele? Tweens can learn how to play this adorable instrument too with the KeiKu Ukulele by Salus Brands. It comes with everything your kid needs to get started like a digital tuner, gig bag, strap, picks, easy instructions, and stickers to personalize their ukulele. Pair this gift with a suggestion to play for their TikTok fans and you may see happy eyes widen with joy! Salus Brands $29.95, ages 5+ 

Chalk of the Town is a fun DIY company geared towards kids and adults. I find their niche to be really relatable to tweens as you can express yourself in fun and playful ways without being too cutesy. You don't just make and display your craft, you can create and wear your hard work. With the ever-changing likes of kids, you can change out what you wrote on the shirts, totes, or patches in a flash as the liquid chalk wipes off with just water. Kids and even adults will be inspired by the fun chalkboard shapes on the shirts like unicorns, hearts, chat bubbles, and more. You can get shirts, patches, and even tote bags on their website. You can also pull inspiration from their website. Your tween may also like that their work is featured when you take a photo and share it with #mychalkofthetown on Facebook and Instagram (@mychalkofthetown). Chalk of the Town Long Sleeve Set $29.95 | Patch + Markers $9.95 | Tote Bag Set $19.95

LEGO Hidden Side is LEGO's latest creation and is totally a trending collection of fun builds. The Hidden Side tells the story of the students of Newbury High School and how they have to help their town get rid of those pesky ghosts. I love this collection, and I think kids and tweens would enjoy the Hidden Side as well; it's just so kitschy and cool. Download the free app once done with the build, and see the world of the Hidden Side in a completely different way. Ward off ghosts by battling through the advanced AR technology via the app. A variety of sets are available for all price ranges. LEGO, Ages 7+

  • LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School, Amazon $129.99

  • LEGO Hidden Side Shipwrecked Shrimp Boat, Amazon $23.99

  • LEGO Hidden Side JB's Ghost Lab, Amazon $15.99
  • LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack, Amazon $39.99

Create a world of geometric buildings and structures all while igniting a true sense of wonder. GEOMAG playsets truly exemplify what learning through play truly means - each set includes a collection of magnetic bars and steel spheres to truly create anything your heart desires. Go bold with a giant structure for other toys to live - my son made a cage for his plushies. I made a Christmas tree. Honestly, there are so many possibilities. There are also a variety of sets to get your builder started, and all at great price points depending on which set you to choose to get. Each set may encourage the desire to learn different things like their Glow-in-the-Dark Space set encourages space exploration and understanding the importance of science. Kids will think, problem-solve, increase their focus and build up their patience as they tinker, connect, and build. Just keep in mind for little kids under three, these steel balls are tiny, and even if you're three year old is interested to play I would suggest adult supervision. It's best that really little ones play with the totally toddler-safe line, MagiCube, which is safe for kids ages one and up. Check out my Toddler and Kids Gift Guide to see more on that magnificent line that even older kids will have fun playing! GEOMAG, Amazon $18.49 - 35 PC Set (lowest price!) | Target $26.99

Tween + Family Friendly Board Games

Include the whole family for a fun family game night with some of the gift ideas below! The holidays are a great time to get everyone together for some competitive fun. New Year's Eve was a family game night frenzy in our house. 

Not Parent Approved is the winner of several awards from the Scholastic Gold Star Toy Winner to NAPPA Awards Winner. Perfect for coming of age tweens, they can play with parents (with minimal embarrassment!) or with their friends to giggle the evening away. I would recommend it more for ages 12 and up as some cards can err on the edge of PG-13. Expect a cleaner version of Cards Against Humanity that will have you cracking up laughing, though! Perfect for kids who love toilet humor. Not Parent Approved, Amazon $24.99 Expansion Card Packs Amazon $9.99 each, ages 7+

Zing Pong is fun for the whole family, but tweens may enjoy playing this game to watch their friends drink up the gross concoctions they create. Be the first player to get their colored pong in the Zing Pong cup to avoid drinking gross mixtures like pickle juice and milk, orange juice and milk, salt and pepper soda, and more! Zing Toys, Amazon $16.99, ages 6+ 

Toy Story Obstacles and Adventures Deck Building Game brings beloved Toy Story characters to life from the shorts to the latest film Toy Story 4.  Hazards from villains may hinder you from completing your objective in this cooperative game. Fun for the whole family or as little as two people, Disney-Pixar fans will enjoy playing as their favorite character from Toy Story like Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Jesse, and evening Rex! Fans young and old will enjoy this game. Perfect for Disney-Pixar themed sleepovers or family game nights! USAopoly, Amazon $45.54 

Super Mario Chess Set is perfect for gamers! Test your skill and play with collectible character variants at Chess pieces like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, 1-Up Mushroom, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Birdo, Goomba, Hammer Bros, and Magikoopa! Packaged in a collectible tin, this set is perfect for display or for play. USAopoly, Target $29.99 | Amazon $48.84 Ages 7+

Toy Story Chess Set features collectible Chess pieces in the form of the latest Toy Story 4 movie! Including Bo Peep in her newly reimagined outfit, and lots of old friends too. Opposing players from gold and blue teams will enjoy different character variants. The blue team features Jessie and Buzz Lightyear as queen and king, Trixie and Rex as rooks, Dolly and Bullseye as knights, Slinky Dog and Mr. Pricklepants as bishops, and Little Green Aliens as pawns. The gold team features Bo Peep and Woody as queen and king, Forky and Hamm as rooks, Duke and Buttercup as knights, Bunny and Ducky as bishops, and Green Army Men as pawns. This set is adorable, and perfect for any Toy Story fan! It's perfect for display or for play. Expect 60+ minutes of game time to test your skills and increase brain power. USAopoly Amazon $53.95 | ShopDisney $59.99 Ages 7+

Villainous Disney Villains Embody the wickedness of Dr Facelier, The Evil Queen or Hades in this strategic board game ripe with evil. Villains can play within their own stories or crossover storylines using the Fate Deck to double-cross your opponents.   This game can be played as a stand-alone game or expanded with other Villainous lines. 2019 Toy of the Year Winner! Wonder Forge, Amazon $26.24 Ages 10+

Escape Room Puzzle that combines the strategy of piecing together 759 pieces and then once done, marvel at your work only to learn that you must escape! High-quality puzzle pieces and a rich strategy make this the ultimate in puzzles. Read the story, solve six riddles, connect the solution pieces to reveal your escape - this is some next level puzzling here! Tweens will love this challenge as you can do it alone or marvel over a puzzle with a small group of friends. You can escape a room without leaving your room - every tween's dream. Ravensburger, Amazon $19.99 

Harry Potter Labyrinth is perfect for Harry Potter fans ages 10 and up. Navigate the halls of Hogwarts and locate your friends in this magical reboot of the classic Labyrinth. Locate your fellow Hogwarts students and professors and get back to your house to win the game. Ravensburger, Amazon $24.99 Ages 8+

Cow Snatchers is a fun STEM and logic game made for one! Solve over 60 challenges using the included cards. Try and solve this magnetic maze and collect all of the magnetic cow coins to the farm's exit. Don't take a wrong turn though, as you will lose a cow! With skill levels ranging from easy to genius, parents can expect to play this game, too. I do! ThinkFun, Amazon $29.99 Ages 6+

know! is a fun Google Assisted powered game for the whole family! It requires some trivia knowledge as it plays like a quiz game, it even includes game show-style buzzers. Play immediately out of the box offline, or play online for the full interactive experience. Ravensburger, Walmart $19.97 (on sale now!) 

What's in the Box? is the perfect game for a large group or even for just two players. Place a mystery item inside, and challenge each other to guess the correct item. Blip Toys, Amazon $18.00 | Walmart $19.82 Ages 4+

Tween Room Decor Gift Ideas!

Tweens want their independence, and the first step is totally reimagining their room from a cutesy kid room to cutesy tween room. My tween niece is begging for a redesigned bedroom for Christmas, which leads me down this room decor rabbit hole. Room decor for kids is way better than what it was back in the day! The coolest things I had were blacklight posters and lava lamps. All I wanted to do was paint my walls black and listen to punk, but I had to keep my Barbie pink walls. I want your kids to express themselves, and I feel a lot of these room decor ideas allow for self-expression as they incorporate a lot of DIY!

Whimsical by Wengie Lava Lamp Kids love lava lamps (I should know, I have six from my childhood!), and now you can make your own. Using water from home, the Whimsical by Wengie Lava Lamp Kit has everything else you need to make this mesmerizing light. Wengie, YouTube sensation, and K-Pop star, made sure to include her free-spirited and whimsical attitude with this set. This set includes the power of DIY with the opportunity to rope in your tween's creative needs. Creative Kids, Target $14.99, ages 6+

Sleepy Lites are fun lights with whimsical characters like robots and mermaids that will give a layer of fun to a tween's room. Each character comes with a remote to set the mood to relax, do homework, or to sleep. Perfect for a night light for travel as well. Amazon, $29.95 

Emoji-Notes Color and Shine lights give kids as young as six the opportunity to leave their mark on these fun lights - again and again! Kids can leave themselves notes, leave funny notes for friends, or helpful reminders by mom or dad to wake up to each day. Leave positive notes like "Sweet Dreams," to promote a good night's sleep. Continuum Games, $19.99  Coming Soon to Amazon!

Gumball Machine Maker is actually a STEM kit, but it's really just so cute, I think it would be a great gift for room decor, too.Kids will learn the fundamentals of physics with this set all while creating a wacky and fun way to retrieve gumballs. Thames and Cosmos, Amazon $39.95  Ages 6+ | Target $29.99

Moosh-Moosh Squared2 are very much like their rounded siblings; Moosh-Moosh Squared2 has the same softness and high-quality feel, not to mention some super cute variations like unicorns, bats, elephants, bees, narwhals, and more. The Moosh-Moosh Squared2 line is perfect for tweens as they have that cute, kawaii look, but they also add a little oomph to a tween's room decor with their large bodies that over 10" big, they'll sit nicely on a bed or nightstand. Moosh-Moosh has recently been recognized as a top sensory toy by Autism Live - not only are they cute and well made, but Moosh-Moosh plush also promotes social interaction and has a calming effect, which is so important for proper sensory processing. MMG Brands, Target $16.99 | Michael’s $14.99 | Walmart $18.99 

Orbeez Wow World Legends of Luck Light Up Globe is just like Orbeez Wow World Globes, but with a glowing twist. Kids as young as five can enjoy these Wow World globes, but tweens will love the light and the kawaii style motif with whimsical cloud and gemstone cap. There are three styles to collect in all and each comes with two exclusive Wowzer friends. Maya Toys, Target $14.99

My Pix Perfect Pixel Art Kit Kids can glam up their wall space with My Pix Perfect’s Pixel Art kits! With hundreds of color combos and millions of ideas ready to be pixelated, this is the perfect kit for the crafter, collector, and pop culture connoisseur. Get inspired by the instruction booklet with different pixel ideas or create your own art. Perfect for any room in the house, but I know tweens will love this craft project. We could all use a little glitz and glam when we walk into a room, and once that light hits it, oh boy, it’s purty!  For my first creation, I made Princess Ariel! My Pix Perfect, Starter Kit Amazon $34.99 | Extra Boards Amazon | Extra Pixel Pieces Amazon $9.99

Hanging Organizer is perfect to add in the extras that are always going in and out of your kiddo's backpack. From dance gear to soccer shin guards. I love anything that hangs over the door as this is really unused storage space. Delta Children, Amazon 2-pack $15.78

Rainbow Bed-in-a-Bag set is the perfect icing on the cake for any tween's room. This bed is vibrant, yet is not specific to any character - it just has character all on its own. With a sky blue backdrop and a crazy amount of rainbows, this bed will make you rise and shine with a smile each day! Walmart $29.98 | Amazon $29.88

Tween DIY and Craft Sets Gift Ideas

Crafting is so important! Kids are actually doing it more and more, so fuel that desire to create with all of these awesome kits that I have tested throughout the year. A lot of these gift ideas are multiple-use in that they tick off many boxes like Trendy✓ Cool✓ Useful✓!

Pretty Pixels by Bandai are a fun, new way to brighten your pencil box and to correct your mistakes in kawaii style! With fun colors, cool designs, and a flair for DIY, kids in school will love these tiny erasers that they made themselves. Pretty Pixels are so easy and fun to make as each kit comes with a themed pack where you can follow along with the simple instructions, or create your own design. Choose from one of four design packs Animals, Sweets, Fruits, and Fashion. Once your design is complete, pop it in the microwave and then you have your own custom eraser! The end result is a pixelated version of a cupcake, rainbow, or butterfly - the pixelated look is very on-trend and nostalgic! Bandai, Amazon $24.99  

Pretty Pixels Starter Packs are also available and are theme-specific like fruits, fashion, sweets, and animals! Bandai, Amazon $16.99

Cutie Stix Cutie Compact Jewelry Kit is an all-new way to experience jewelry making! With adorable animal-themed compacts to choose from like a pig, cat, and dog, crafters will love making their own jewelry! Each compact comes with everything you need to make four Cutie Stix bracelets or two necklaces. Store you creations and use it as a personal jewelry box with a real mirror. Perfectly sized for the holiday stocking or as a collection of gifts, the Cutie Stix Cutie Compact will make the perfect gift! I definitely love the size as it's great for road trips as you have a self container craft kid. Maya Toys, Target $9.99 | Amazon $14.99 Ages 5+

If you're looking for a larger set, then definitely consider the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker set. This is a full craft set, and is perfect as a standalone gift. Pairing it with the Cutie Stix Compact will just enhance the experience! Maya Toys, Target $11.99 Ages 5+

3D Doodler Pen Set is a perfect craft kit, but it has STEM learning elements too. Kids will show their creativity and build their art. Draw like you would with a pen but your kiddo will create three-dimensional art. The 3D pen heats up but is totally safe for kids to use. As your kiddo draws, the plastic tubing dries fast, so it's like drawing in the air! MSRP $49.99 3Doodler Amazon $34.99 BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! Ages 6+

Get the 3Doodler Bundle for $49.99! This set includes 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, 10 Mixed-color Packs of Start Filament (240 Strands), 6 DoodleBlocks®, Micro-USB Charger, Activity Guide and Instruction booklets for multiple projects! Ages 6+

Create+ Kit is for older kids and adults, too! This super set includes 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen, JetPack, Project Book, 10 packs of ABS, PLA and FLEXY 3mm 3Doodler plastic refills (250 strands), Ultimate Guide to Doodling with 5 projects, Tuk Tuk stencil kit, User Manual, Power Adaptor and a set of tools. 3Doodler, Amazon  $79.99 | 3Doodler $79.99 Ages 14+

Y'Art Perfect for kids and tween Y’Artists! Yes, Y’Art a fun, new way to create artwork. Y’Art is a cool craft that is mess-free, and mistake-free! You just need some safety scissors and some patience as each piece is carefully crafted to make a beautiful, totally frame-able piece of Y’Art! If you make a mistake with the yarn, just simply pull the yarn off of the canvas and reapply. Y’Art includes six colored yarns, the canvas with five designs to choose from! This set is so easy to follow, kids can follow the Y’Art by Number and match the areas to the numbered colored to create their Y’Art piece. Also,  little artists can channel their creative side and choose to mix up the colors to create their own individual piece. Each sold separately for $14.99 each, you can choose from a pug dog, a unicorn, a llama, a flamingo, and a narwhal. Perfect for on the go or for a craft at home, kiddos ages eight and up will love Y’Art! 

StikBots inspire creativity and will spark a whole new love of film directing. StikBots are basic figures with suction cups for hands and feet allowing kids to pose and capture each movement. The Zing StikBots Studio app is a free app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and will walk users through the experience of creating their stop motion videos! For beginning creators, I highly recommend the StikBots Studio as it comes with everything your kiddo needs to get started on the road to stop motion animation. Zing Toys, StikBots Studio Amazon $12.99

StikBots Pets Minifigures are adorable packs featuring a pet friend for your StikBot. StikBots Pets make for great stocking stuffers! There are a bunch of animals to choose from like dogs, a horse, cat, cow, monkey, and more! Zing Toys, Target $4.99 Ages 3+

KlikBots are new the line by Zing Toys that provide the same inspiration to create and sparks pretend play on a whole new level. KlikBots have even more features including some mixed up fun! KlikBots tell a different story than StikBots in that they are fully articulated plus you stop motion movie creators can switch out the suction cups hands and feet to hands. KlikBots comes with a bunch of accessories to save the universe, too. The latest update to my blog found that they will arrive after Christmas, but don't let that stop you as they would make a great gift for any time of year! Zing Toys, KlikBots Studio Pack Amazon $14.99 Ages 3+

Vendees are whimsical DIY sets with a fun and unique twist! Working as a toy vending machine, Vendees takes the element of surprise to a new level. Once all are unboxed, use your surprises for some fun DIY! With six styles to choose from little crafters can create their own lip balm, nail art, jewelry, and more! I unboxed two sets on my channel, and I found Vendees to really bring that
"wow" factor. The unboxing was endless, and the craft at the end really brought the experience together. Plus, you can continually use the craft more times after. Horizon Group USA, Amazon $15.29

smART Pixelator will encourage everyone in your house to get creative! With different textures like beads, sequins, pegs you can create custom pixel pieces using their pre-loaded artwork or upload your own via the app. Use the guide to coordinate each bead, peg, or sequin in the board. Once done, iron your create to make 2D pixelated artwork or connect pieces to create 3D works of art. Tweens will love the option to create their own custom jewelry with their smART Pixelator. Amazon $49.99 Jewelry Kit Amazon $23.31  Ages 7+

Encourage more creativity with extra refill kits. Your tween will appreciate extra beads, sequins, pegs, and more neatly packaged in its own storage tower. Complete with extra boards and applicators to help complete the set. Organizer Kit Amazon $18.39 

smART Sketcher by Flycatcher - If your artist likes to draw by hand and needs some practice, consider the smART Sketcher. It projects an image you either sync using the app, or use the cartridge for kids to follow along and draw. Once drawing is done, the smART Sketcher breaks down to be a totally compact for easy storage. Perfect gift that will continue giving the power of creativity again and again! Flycatcher, Amazon $59.99 | Walmart $59.99 | Target $59.99, Ages 5+

smART Sketcher Cartridge Packs are about $12.99 each, and there are at least 10 to choose from! Choose from titles like Jungle Animals, Royal Princesses, Under the Sea, and more! Flycatcher, Amazon $12.99

Tween Slime and Tactile Toys

Slime and squishies are not going any time soon! This fad is here to stay as companies keep coming up with awesome, fun ways to include them in DIY kits, pretend play kits, and surprise toys. These are the top favorites that I know tweens will love! 

Mash'ems are so much fun to squish, stretch, and mash! With cool characters to collect like PJ Masks, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Pac-Man, and even Disney-Pixar Toy Story characters, they will make great stocking stuffers! They come as single capsules for $2.99 each at stores like Target, Walmart, and even at Five Below. You can also purchase these handy 4-packs, which can be broken up to be placed as stocking stuffers. Kids love them, and adults love them for their fun characters and how squishy and stretchy they are! Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $11.49 Ages 4+

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu are battle figures filled with goo that provide hours of tactile play! Each Goo Jit Zu figure is filled with their own unique goo filling to provide for a different tactile play experience each time. Goo Jit Zu hits all of the marks for sensory play with crunch figures, squishy figures, spongey figures, stretchy figures, and more. The best part is that you can stretch, squish, pull, and squeeze and Goo Jit Zu will return to their original shapes unphased. I love them! Moose Toys, Hero Packs (includes one Goo Jit Zu Figure) $9.99 Walmart | Amazon $10.99 (May Arrive After Christmas) | 2-Packs (includes two Goo Jit Zu figures) $19.99 Target Ages 3+ 

Morphimals are my favorite squishy, foam, stretchy pets! Collect a Skulptysloth (sloth), Twistycorn (unicorn), Shapeosaurus (dinosaur), and more! Orb makes the coolest products, and Morphimals have to be my favorite as you can twist, mold, pull, or squish these superbly made tactile toys. These are a hot ticket toy, so when you see them in store, I would grab it! They would make a great stand alone gift or as an incredible stocking stuffer. MSRP: $9.99 (US) $14.99 (CAN) Retail Availability: Target, Five Below, Toys “R” Us  Amazon Ages 8+ 

Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise globes are a wonderful combination of tactile fun and the trendy element of surprise - making these a tween favorite! Each Wow World globe includes a generous helping of Orbeez surrounding an adorable figure that can twirl inside. Just add water and reveal your Orbeez Wowzer figure. They are the perfect size for stocking stuffers, or to create a fun and sensory-filled holiday gift! Maya Toys, Walmart $5.97 | Target $5.99 Ages 6+

ORB Slimi Café™ All-in-One-Kit combines squishies with slime to mix together tactile play and pretend play. Create yummy looking creations that are sticky, gooey, stretchy, squishy, and fun to just play with! Drizzle slimi goodness over a squishy donut. Kids love layering slime, but usually, slime mixes together when you layer them, thus, creating the slime smoothie, which is fun but Orb Slimi Café™ is way cooler. Once tactile play is over, separate each ingredient with ease for future play! A variety of toppings and delights are available individually too! Get the Orb Slimi Café™ All-in-One Kit, and add in extra toppings for just $5.97 each (on Amazon they're $9.99 - find them in Target cheaper!). Perfect as a gift collection or add in extra toppings fun stocking stuffers. For tips and tricks check out ORBSlimiCafé.com. Orb, Amazon $16.99 | Walmart $17.98 Ages 8+  

Fluffy Slime Advent Calendar - perfect for tweens, unbox your own ingredients for slime each day! In the end, make a holiday filled slime smoothie. Amazon $24.99

Lil’ Shuckies Glitzy Sea Shell Set Mermaids in training will find Lil Shuckies truly magical. Now in a large seashell carrying case, reveal three Lil’ Shuckies oyster shells, along with beach treasures like sand, and extra pearls to create a custom bracelet. Shuck the oyster shells to discover a variety of common to ultra-rare pearls. There is also the best slime inside each oyster shell, so tweens can choose to make their own jewelry or use the filler pearls as fun mix-ins to make the slime nice and bumpy.  Compound Kings, Walmart $14.88

Deluxe Slime Kit! SLIME! Slime! Slime and more slime! This kit has everything your Slime Queen and Squeezeking needs to fulfill their oddly satisfying needs. It includes mix-ins and over one pound of slime! Compound Kings, Walmart $25.00 Ages 4+

Super Cool Slime Coming in varieties like Unicorn Poop, Glow in the Dark, Poop Emoji, and Jurassic World, Super Cool Slime is just that - super cool! Salus Brands takes this slime making very seriously, so each slime variation has unique colors and feels. I love the feel of the Jurassic World slime the best, and it comes in three fun colors, but the black color is the best - it’s super cold and wet! That’s the slime I love! Perfect size as a stocking stuffer for your slime obsessed tween. Salus Brands, Amazon 3-pack $7.95

Drop Dots Love Ems are unique squishies that also have spikes! The spikes won't hurt, they are soft and actually quite stretchy. Holding and squishing a Love Em is actually quite calming and sensory-filled as they are squeezable and slow-rise. What makes them so great for Tweens are the fun and colorful styles like pineapples, cactus, unicorns, cats, and more! Perfect stocking stuffers! Kess, Amazon $9.99 Ages 6+

To promote active play and sensory play, consider Drop Dots that are bouncy balls with stretchy, soft spikes. They also come as a football, and a variety of bouncy ball sizes. Kess, Amazon $9.99 - Football | Target $5.99 - 3-pack Mini Bouncy Balls | Target I $8.99 Football/Drop Dots Bouncy Balls Ages 6+

Foodie Roos are adorable plush with a fun twist. Maya Toys mixes cute, cuddly plush with satisfying and sensory tactile fun! Squish, squeeze, shake, wiggle and jiggle this heavenly scented collection of Foodie Roos. Foodies Roos come in a variety of sweet "flavors," and seriously just smell good enough to eat. There are 20 to collect in all, and since you can get an idea of who you're getting through the "Peek a Roo" window, you won't get any duplicates! The scents are seriously spot on and the varieties are really just cool! The soda is a squishy plush, and when you shake you can hear the liquid. You've got four of the five senses ticked off with this toy! Maya Toys, Walmart $9.99 | Target $9.99 (SOLD OUT online - find in store) | Claire's $14.99 Ages 5+

Foodie Surprise should be categorized as a DIY kit, but it has that Kawaii style that kids love! Kids and tweens will love creating their own candy! Younger kids may need some assistance, but older kids can work independently creating gummy candies in fun shapes. Each Foodie Surprise is a surprise cart from Pizza Cart to Sushi Cart. There are little compartments attached to keep your candy fresh. No batteries or cooking involved! This is a great way for kids to learn measurements and patience as each candy takes a very small amount of time, but you have to layer it to build the flavor! Kids can also use the carts as a way to enhance pretend play! Redwood Ventures, Amazon $9.99 Ages 4+

Foodie Surprise Yolkies are great stocking stuffers for candy lovers! Inside is a gelatin egg that when cracked looks like a real, raw egg! You also get the most adorable figure who is a little egg! So kawaii! Redwood Ventures, Target $4.99 Ages 4+

Goo Goo Galaxy DIY Slime and Glitter Kit - Goo Goo Galaxy combine everything tweens love - cute aliens, slime making, slime, squishy squeezes, and more slime! Now they can fill their Goo Drop alien up with its own custom slime! Squeeze, squish, and care for your Goo Drop baby. Squeeze their tummy to squeeze out the slime from their mouth. Sound fun, parents? It actually is, and provides important tactile play and fulfills sensory needs. Fill this adorable alien, Bowie, with some glittery space slime and you can squeeze the slime back out! Moose Toys, Amazon $22.99 

Goo Goo Galaxy Aliens You can also collect four more Goo Goo Galaxy friends with pre-filled squishy bellies. Inside each Goo Goo Galaxy alien spacecraft is an adorable Goo Drop alien with loads of personality! Mix up easy to make slime in just 15 minutes for tactile play. Moose Toys, Walmart $12.99

Pop Pop Pets and Pop Pop Slime sets are so much fun! They are slime-filled slime pods that emit a loud pop when opened! Inside there is also the chance to get a Pop-Pop Pets or Pop Pop Snotz, depending on which set you get! Yulu, Ages 5+ 

Pop Pop Petz and Pop Pop Snotz 50-pack Get the ultimate slime pack! Break this set up to drop in the stockings for multiple kids to save on cash, or give the ultimate slime popping frenzy gift! I love these sets as they provide different levels of playing from unboxing, popping, squishing the slime, playing with the mini games inside the packs, stretching the mini pets and snotz, and more! Yulu, Pets 50-pack Amazon $23.50 Snotz-pack Amazon $21.99

Pop Pop Pets Slammer Pack Play-set includes a slammer hammer to pop open each pod with slimy explosive fun! You can also store your Pop Pop Pets inside. Collect all of your slimes together to store in the head of the hammer for future tactile play. Yulu, Pop Pop Pets Amazon $13.59 

Pop Pop Pop Hammer Play-set that comes in Snotz and Pets colors. Slam your Pop Pop slime pillows open, and store your squishy figures inside the handle. Store your slime inside the head of the hammer.  Amazon $13.59

Treasure X Series blows me away with the tactile fun to be had. From discovering ancient relics and the bones of the hunters who sought them, each set tells a story! Not only that, but kids love to dig and squeeze and squish. Check out each line and see which one your kiddo or tween would enjoy. 

Treasure X King's Gold Hunter Pack includes a magic rock slime that doesn't make a huge mess and is so much fun to dig through. Get the newer series as this is very easy to clean up (it will say "New Magic Rock" on the package! Discover the remains of a hunter who was searching for the King's Gold, there is the chance to discover a real gold-dipped treasure! I found one, and it is the real deal! Moose Toys, Amazon $8.46 Ages 5+

Treasure X Aliens is a really fun slime set mixing that element of surprise and discovery with some silly tactile fun. Dissect the alien, and dig through its slimy innards to discover the hunter that was eaten by the alien! Find ancient relics and accessories for your hunter. The hunter can get the ultimate revenge by storing the slime in the alien's head to reveal a fun squeeze! This is my favorite set of the year! Moose Toys, Amazon $10.99 Ages 5+

Tech for Tweens

Here are some tech ideas for kids and tweens! 

Instax Camera - Documenting everyday life seems to be the norm, but what hasn't stopped is the instant film to photo! Tweens and teens love taking selfies and group photos with the INSTAX cameras, and this set has everything they need to be totally creative like sticker frames, a photo album, glitter camera cover, extra film, and the purple camera of course. FUJIFILM, Amazon $89.95

Kids love anything retro. This throwback to the original classics with Basic Fun!’s Arcade Games is the perfect gift for tweens and teens. Styled to look like arcade cabinets from the 80s, tried and true arcade gamers will appreciate the clear screen, the detailed cabinet art, and the original game sounds. Enjoy titles like Galaga and Miss Pac-Man for the ultimate ‘80s experience. Other titles are available like Pac-ManTetrisWhere in the World is Carmen San Diego?, and Oregon Trail All links indicate lowest prices at varying stores.

Tamagotchi ON is the next generation of virtual pets. Now you can get married, go shopping, make friends, and more! Tweens will love taking this adorable kawaii-style interactive device with them on the go as it is so cute and small that it can fit in a pocket or can be clipped to a bag. Choose from different themes like fairy and magic to unlock exclusive features. Bandai, Amazon $49.99 

Nintendo Switch Lite is the next generation of Nintendo Switch. Save yourself $100 to be able to solely take your favorite games on the go. The Switch aspect is lost here as this game is a very fancy Gameboy, but you get the power and the graphics of the Nintendo Switch. Plus you can play all of the awesome games. Amazon $199.99 | GameStop $199.99 (Get 20% Used Games with any console purchase) | Walmart $199.96 | Target $199.99 | Bundle this case with the new Nintendo Switch Lite at Walmart for $199.96 (you get an Ematic case for free!) 

SEGA Genesis Mini Console - It’s been 30 years since the original US release of the original SEGA Genesis, and what a way to commemorate this momentous event of the greatest 16-bit gaming system of all time with a cuter, smaller version of itself! Using a simple plug and play style, the SEGA Genesis Mini looks like the original but is loaded with 40+ classic SEGA game titles to pull at the heartstrings of gamers young and old. You’ll be able to play titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra: Hard Corps, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, and more! Get the real feel of gameplay with two replica controllers with six-foot cables so you can finally sit on the couch and play. Amazon $78.95 Now $59.99 | Walmart $78.95 | Price Drop to $59.99 Target | GameStop $59.99 NEW $54.99 Pre-owned 

AirPods Tweens can be hands-free while talking and listen to their favorite tunes in wireless style. I sincerely love my AirPods. I don’t know how I ever survived without them. You don’t even need an Apple device, you can just connect via Bluetooth. Amazon $134.99   

Pair the Apple AirPods with an Amazon Music subscription for the ultimate gift. 

HEROMASK Learn a new language or sharpen your Maths skills with this innovative new product! Perfect for kids ages five and up, HEROMASK takes the power of Virtual Reality and mixes it with educational gaming. The Language HEROMASK can help teach kids Spanish, French, German, English and Chinese. The Math HEROMASK provides an immersive VR experience to improve Math skills in a fun and exciting way! HEROMASK, Amazon $54.99 Ages 5+

Really Rad Robots Turbo is a fun and interactive toy that doesn't feel like a toy, so it's perfect for bigger kids and tweens. Turbo comes with his own remote and can travel up to 8 MPH, he responds to simple voice commands, listens and repeats what you say, and more! Command Turbo to dance, spin, tell jokes and explore. While Turbo explores, listen to his funny commentary - he'll sniff the area, sneeze, and like he is allergic to his new home. Turbo loves to breakdance and you will be amazed at how this robot can move! The remote is seamless, comfortable to hold, and Turbo will keep everyone entertained! This is the perfect gift for kids who are in that in-between stage of play. Turbo will inspire your child to create obstacle courses to travel facilitating problem-solving and the basics of STEM learning. Moose Toys, Amazon $49.99 | Target $49.99 | Walmart $49.99 Ages 5+

Tween Fitness and Fun

Get kids moving with these fun outdoor and indoor play toys!

ICE hoops Take a spin with an awesome ring of light called Ice Hoops. A fun and exciting take on the typical hula hoop, now you can add a touch of sparkle with every turn! Perfect for outdoor and indoor play. Hit the lights and watch the magic swirl. This toy gets kids moving and keeps them motivated to keep spinning so the light stays on. Kess, Target $5.99 

Tweens and teens can play an age-old schoolyard sport with Drop Dots Jump Rope! Mix active play with sensory play with the unique styling of Kess Drop Dots Jump Rope handles! Kids will love the soft and stretchy spikey handles and the colorful assortment of jump ropes that Kess has to offer. This is a great enhancement and improvement to liven up the classic jump rope. Kess, Amazon $7.99 Ages 6+

Hyper Strike gets people moving, and is perfect for tweens and teens, adults too! Hyper Strike is a challenge game fully loaded on fun and promotes competitiveness you didn't even know existed! I have always wanted to shoot a bow and arrow, and Hyper Strike makes it easy with their patented loop-and-launch technology. We had the most epic family backyard battle. We had a blast! Zing Toys, Camo Green Amazon $29.99 Carbon Orange Amazon $24.99 Blue Target Exclusive $29.99 

Zax - Mix darts and ax throwing with Zax - family fun for the whole family! Zax is safe for outdoor or indoor play. Kids as young as six love this game - my son is one of them! Zax is perfect for holiday get-togethers or barbecues. Zax is a kid and adult-friendly, so it’s a gift that will keep on giving! Zing Toys, Amazon $19.99 (2-pack) | Target $9.99 (single) 

STEAM Gifts for Tweens

STEM and STEAM products are included within many genres now, so the majority of gifts that I have tested also seem like craft kits. Craft kits that teach are pretty awesome in my book, though. 

Slime Lab by Thames and Cosmos - Become a Slime Scientist and learn the process of slime making. The Slime Lab comes with everything you need to make slime (except water) plus a functional lab to conduct experiments. Thames and Cosmos, Amazon $24.95

Candy Lab Create your own candy with the Candy Lab and become a Candyologist. Creating a lab-style workspace gives the power of education within this fun and easy to use set. Thames and Cosmos, Amazon $14.99

Tiny Robots by Smart Labs are tiny STEM sets where you create mini-robots. There are 15 suggested builds, but endless possibilities and will certainly ignite the need to build and learn more. Perfect age for curious tweens looking to be the next Elon Musk! Smart Labs, Amazon $19.99 ages eight and up

Ooze Labs: Soap and Bath Bomb Lab combines a fun DIY activity along with the power of science. The set includes enough to complete 10 fizzy and bubbly experiments. You can surely use your own products from home to add some fun to your bath bombs. The lab has realistic tubes and beakers to create a fun pretend play experience all while learning the inner workings of chemistry. Thames and Cosmos, Amazon $29.95 Ages 6+

Aquabeads beginner’s Studio is the ultimate DIY! Now you can create more aquabeads designs more efficiently with this all-in-one studio. Kids and tweens will appreciate how they can use one pallet instead of waiting for the image to dry. Get a pack of magnets to attach or add a ribbon with some school glue to create cool DIY projects. Epoch Everlasting Play, Amazon $19.95 Ages 4+

Add in some cool sets to expand kid’s imaginations from Disney Frozen, Calico Critters, Disney Tsum Tsum, and more! Epoch Everlasting Play, Varies in Prices - links via Amazon and reflects the lowest prices!

DIY Piñata Fiesta Activity Set is the perfect gift for kids and tweens.Choose from a donkey, pony, unicorn, rainbow, taco, and more! These sets are so much fun because kids can create their very own piñata from scratch. Each set even includes surprises to put inside and everything else to make this set unique and festive, stickers, and more! Jakks Pacific, Amazon $16.99

Air-Walker is a robot that defies gravity! Build five different models and marvel over this intricate system of connectors and components that allows these robots to walk on walls! The power of construction and physics combined together will demonstrate the power of air pressure. Thames and Cosmos, Amazon $29.99 | Thames and Cosmos $39.95 Ages 8+

Give the gift of music and STEM this holiday with a collection of different DIY STEM Kits. TechWillSaveUs is on a mission to make sure all kids get a basic understanding of STEM builds, or they just want to form the biggest rock band ever! Either way I am happy, and I am pretty sure your tweenager will think these sets rock too. Choose from the Electro Guitar Kit where kids can build their own electric guitar and the amp from start to finish. Record & Remix Kit is a hot item for the holiday as there are only seven left on the website! Kids love to record and playback their voice, so this is a hit for educational value and entertainment value. Synth Wave Kit helps your kid understand the mechanics of a DJ booth with mixing beats and sounds to layer them into music.  TechWillSaveUs $34.99 Ages 8+

 E-Blox truly will take your brick building to new heights with their latest innovations. Power Blox Light ‘N Flight will give a regular build some character. Learn how to power motors, switches, and add light all with no wired connectivity - you just need batteries and some imagination! Add this set to your kiddo's collection of bricks. I personally love E-Blox as you don't get a specific character set, you're free to build as you please with what you already have, thus breathing new life into your child's creativity. E-Blox $43.99 Ages 8+

Add life to your brick building with E-Blox. Circuit Blox Lights 'N Motion are just so much fun to look at when they are all lit up! The kicker is that once you have connected everything, you can watch your creation take a spin. Use this set as a stand-alone set, or add to your kiddo's brick collection. I think tweens will love this particular set as it lights up bright, and would look great for a room decor display piece.  E-Blox $29.99 Ages 8+

K'Nex Dragon's Revenger Thrill Coaster will provide hours of build and play fun! K'Nex provides so much educational value as well as building important social skills like patience and problem-solving! The ferocious dragon is pretty awesome too. Details like a burnt-out tower and draw-bridge entrance give this rollercoaster a great storyline for kids to further tell the story through pretend play. Hit the lights to see the light-up rollercoaster car run the coaster in the dark! Basic Fun! Toys, Amazon $32.95 Ages 7+

Grow a Crystal sets are so much fun! You can choose to sit there and watch the magic unfold, or let it happen over time. Tweens may even appreciate hands-on experiment with little guidance as the solution to grow your crystal is from a safe solution of potassium aluminum sulfate. Mixing the power of science with that surprise factor makes this set a lot of fun, too, as they come in a variety of mystery colors like pink, blue, green, and more!  Thames and Cosmos $5.95 (various colors available) Ages 8+

Totally Cute, Fun, Fierce, and Funny! 

Buttheads are a favorite of ours as they provide true comic relief! Not only can you host battles, but Buttheads also promote a fun way to prank your friends and family with the timer. With over 20 realistic fart sounds and a variety of characters to choose from, there are plenty of options for any fart loving tweenager. WowWee, Amazon $9.99 | Walmart $9.84 Ages 3+

Pixie Belles are the new wearable pet and magical accessories! Remember when Fingerlings were the hottest toys of the holiday season, meet the next big holiday hit! Pixie Belles respond to your touch, let you know how they are feeling by changing the color of their mood horn, have a soft furry tail that your little one can wear as a bracelet, hair accessory, or use as a keychain, too, and they even can dance to six different songs. Pixie Belles also have WowWee’s Kiss-Tech technology, put Pixie Belle to you cheek and she will give you a smooch. WowWee, Amazon $7.85 

Grimlings go from grin to grim in seconds! The fiercer side of Fingerlings are the new Grimlings. They almost look like they are interactive zombies. These fellas are a creepier alternative to the adorable Fingerlings. Grimlongs enjoy 360-degree head-spinning fun, speed retracting fangs, and ghoulish sounds and light and are interactive just like their sweet counterparts. WowWee, Amazon $14.99

Rizmo is an interactive new doll that will get kids moving and determined to teach this little guy new music. Rizmo is a fun, new interactive toy that sets itself apart from other toys on the market. Help Rizmo magically grow up with encouragement by clapping, talking, and playing with Rizmo. Three phases of growth will finally reach the final phase where Rizmo will continue to interact and provide hours of active play! Rizmo grows to be a kid, so he has plenty of energy to withstand hours of play! MSRP $59.99 TOMY, Amazon $39.99 | Walmart $39.99 | Target $39.99 Ages 6+

Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise with over 25 surprises, the unboxing experience is totally fulfilling. You get a bunch of adorable and functional accessories, as well as a gigantic plush Rainbocorn, and more fun surprises! ZURU Toys, Amazon $59.99 

Uni-Verse by SpinMaster is a new way to collect and unbox magical creatures from a mystical cloud! Drop your cloud in water to reveal any one of 40+ magical unicorns! Each Uni-Verse pack includes a mystery figure and two accessories that the figure can wear. Plus there is more to discover as each accessory can be mixed and matched for silly combinations! SpinMaster, $9.99 Target Ages 3+

Boppi the Booty Shakin' Llama twerks and is cuddly cute! Watch her dance, bop, and shake her booty to three different songs. She is available in white and purple. ZURU Target $19.99 

Smooshy Mushy squishies are now miniature and totally cute! Collect Smooshy Mushy Miniatures and create a world of tiny, totally squishable characters from Smooshyville. Each Smooshy Mushy mini has its own personality and it is reflected within their tiny room to the accessories included. There are six to collect in all, and these tiny squishies are right on trend with the squish factor and the new tiny factor. Create an amazing gift set at Walmart with three Smooshy Mushy products in one - Smooshy Mushy Miniature, Sticky Snacks, and Mystery Munchie. Redwood Ventures, Walmart $14.94

Smashers Dinosaurs 8-pack and single packs are so much fun! Kids will love smashing the dinosaur eggs to reveal a mystery dinosaur, fossil, or slime inside. Perfect for stocking stuffers or to round out a larger gift! ZURU Toys, 8-pack Walmart $9.97

Smashers Epic Dino Egg is the ultimate unboxing experience for dinosaur fans! Build one of three fossil dinosaur statues, along with a full tactile experience with slime, sand, and more! Perfect for the future paleontologist or the kid or tween who loves to unbox toys! ZURU Toys, Walmart $24.97

Lucky Fortune BFF Series Wear your luck, and share your luck with a friend. Over the summer the wildly popular Lucky Fortune bracelets added a BFF bracelet to each set, and gave each set even more of a whimsical vibe. BFFs both got surprises inside their fortune cookie with a unique charm bracelet inside. Collect charms like treats, tech, fantasy and more. WowWee, Amazon $6.97

Little Live OMG Pets are electronic squishy puppies that are the secret hit of 2019! Everyone who comes across these little guys immediately falls in love with them! I highly suggest them as a substantial stocking stuffer or as part of a bigger gift. They are squishy, yet sturdy pups. Reveal their gender with their baby bottle. The pups react to touch and you can hear 15+ interactions. They are really so cute and they come in a variety of breeds, so dog lovers will get a kick out of this toy! Moose Toys, Amazon $9.99 | Target $9.99 | Walmart $9.97 Ages 5+

Little Live OMG Pets Bestie Bag and Puppy is the perfect gift set for any dog lover! It includes a fashionable carrier, interactive OMG puppy with 15+ interactions, gender reveal bottle and a food bowl. The puppy is a French Bull Dog, a beloved breed for all dog fanciers! This set is a great gift and will promote pretend play and improve social skills. Moose Toys, Amazon $19.99 | Target $19.99 | Walmart $19.99

Pomsies Lumies are sweet, cuddly little interactive unicorns that aren't on YouTube, but the latest release of these beautiful creatures teach kids colors and there are Easter Eggs in there of kids' favorite social media and YouTube stars! Kids will swoon when they discover that  Toys Unlimited, We Wear Cute, Ellie Sparkles, Pineapple Pack (Sandaroo Kids/Disney Car Toys), and YAYOMG all had a hand in making these cuties even more magical! Skyrocket, Amazon $8.99

Pomsies are cuddly and soft and totally interactive! With two modes of play Freeze Dance and Virtual Pet mode, kids will love playing with these cuties! They react to pets, cuddles, and tickles, plus make 50+ adorable sounds! Skyrocket, Amazon $7.58 (MSRP $14.99)

Fart Ninjas are hilarious figures that take pranking next level. Affordably priced, you'll want to collect all eight-figures. With eight Fart Ninjas to collect, you can build a team of pranking Fart Ninjas letting off thunderous 10 realistic fart sounds. Plant ninjas all over the house for a Fart Ninja symphony - give an unsuspecting parent a real thrill! Line an up outside for the New Year's Eve party and hear the farts ensue as people come and ring the bell only to get greeted with thunderous claps! Funrise, Amazon $7.99 5+ 4-pack on Amazon $24.82

For the ultimate in pranking, Fart Ninja XL is a deluxe 5" figure coming in four farty varieties. Collect gems like Ihira Fart or Mythical Hot Wind! Simply place your Fart Ninjas XL in a discrete spot, and when your prey is in sight, let ‘er rip!! I have to mention that it also comes with a martial farts accessory - every true Fart Ninja needs one. Plus, record your own distinct, quick record for the ultimate in pranks! Funrise, Amazon $14.99 Ages 5+

Slap Ninja is a fun, new game by Jakks Pacific that tests your ninja skills. Test your reflexes and see who is the slyest and fastest ninja in the East. You can choose your destiny - to be a Ninja Master and protect your coin or be the Ninja Student and try to not get slapped and tap the coin. Either way, it’s knee-slapping fun! Jakks Pacific, Amazon $19.99 Ages 4+ 

5 Surprise Mini Brands by ZURU Toys captivated millions on TikTok and YouTube with these wedge slices chock full of shopping surprises! From mini shampoos to mini anti-aging cream to packages of bacon. Each wedge includes the perfect recipe for a fun unboxing and pretend play shopping experience. Perfect in size to promote imaginative play, kids will love to enjoy unboxing and revealing which mini brand they will reveal next! You may even get one of three supermarket accessories like a shopping cart, a retail shelf, or a basket. Target $9.99 | Amazon 2-pack  $30 | BJ’s sells them as 2-packs for $9.99 (Membership is recommended to save on products!)

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad is everyone unicorn lover's dream! Unbox each segment to reveal a unicorn, clothes, accesories, shoes, and even unicorn putty slime poop! ZURU Toys, Walmart $5.97

Dino Strike 5 Surprise are a fun, new way to battle dinosaurs! Discover a different dinosaur that you have to put together form the pieces inside each segment. Each dinosaur has a working blaster or dart gun to shoot projectiles and battle other Dino Strike dinosaurs! This is s such a fun line and I already know kids are going to go nuts for these new 5 Surprise! ZURU Toys, Amazon $5.99 | Walmart $5.97

Piñata Fiesta are a fun new way to reveal surprise toys. Each piñata comes with a ring or a bracelet to attach your charms, so you can wear your collectibles. You can collect mini charms like winking hot dogs, metallic treats and shapes, spicy peppers, rainbows, tacos, and watermelons - each charm explodes with personality! When you pull the string, a mystery compartment opens up and out pops your charm or jewelry pieces along with colorful confetti. You can get Piñata Fiesta at Walgreen’s and Hot Topic for $6.99 each.

Who’s Your Llama? are my favorite figures, and kids love them too! These adorable llamas come in RV-shaped packages and each has fun outfits and different personalities. Each Llama is capable of doing one of four silly features: they may spit, wink, stick their tongue out, or crack a big toothy smile. Some llamas like to move fast like Roller Llama, some are sleepy like Dreamy Llama, and some are sandwich experts like Deli Llama. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $12.95 (2-pack of the latest series) Ages 4-7 years

As a plumber’s daughter, I feel it necessary to share the hilarity of the Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm. This is more of a big kid's toy and a novelty than anything, but kids eight and up can join in on the fun, too. Fill the Blaster with water, pump it up to create a rapid-fire shootout of toilet paper spitballs. You just need one roll of toilet paper to create 350+ spitballs. It’s neater than paintball, and actually easier to clean up!  Just pump and blast your opponents of the toilet! Get it for $39.99 on Amazon, and be the talk of the loo. You can now also find Skid Shot, a similar blaster for just $9.99 on Amazon

Chocolate Poop Maker pairs the novelty of chocolate candy making with a quirky kid’s obsession - poop! Melt the chocolate, pour it in the toilet bowl, and then use the plunger to remove sweet treats of poop shaped chocolate! You can even use own our chocolate from home. I would make fun varieties like Krispees Poop, Popcorn Poop, and more! Get this silly set just to encourage kids to create and make sweets without the use of too many ingredients. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $9.99 Ages 6-9 

Grumblies are angry, farting creatures that bounce and vibrate across the room. There's really nothing to these little guys except that they are so funny and cute! Collect a variety of characters all representing different elements of nature. When nature calls, they don't mind letting her rip with their thunderous farts! My toddler loves Grumblies, and so does my six-year-old! Skyrocket, Amazon $14.99 Ages 5+

Untamed Legends Dragon acts as an articulated display piece as well as a fun addition to a dragon fan's room decor. With fabric, motorized flapping wings, and expressive facial features, along with a menacing roar, this dragon is sure to please even the most critical of collectors. Along with the beauty of the Untamed Legends Dragon, it also acts as room guard, and when prompted it will scare off any pesky parents! Vulcan is shown in a menacing royal blue. WowWee, Amazon $34.99

ROBO Alive Dragons Fire and Ice! Two dragons to choose from and both totally ferocious! They each walk and "breathe" fire. ZURU Toys, Walmart $24.88

HEXBUG Box SUMO An epic battle awaits! Who will you battle in the ring that also acts as a nifty carrying case?! With 60 skins to choose from, you can mix up the battles to your liking. With different categories like Holiday, Family, Pets, Fantasy, and more you can battle Santa against a gnome or the tooth fairy against a frog! Put the skin of your choice on the nano + base drop your opponents in the ring! HEXBUG, Target $14.99

Wrapples are "furry fashionable friends" and work like a slap band. They say over 50 cute sayings, their eyes light up based on their mood and react to movement. Turn this cutie upside down and she'll go to sleep. Kids and tweens love these little Wrapples as they repeat what they say in a funny voice, plus Wrapples are adorable and look so cute on anyone's wrist! Moose Toys, Amazon $14.84 | Walmart $4.97 Great deal!

Wraptiles are your fierce best friends! Choose from a lizard, crocodile, or cobra to show off your fierce side. Shake your wraptile to agitate him, and then lull him to sleep by turning him upside down. They have over 25 sayings, and kids can record a message and the wraptile will repeat it back in their own voice. Moose Toys, Amazon $10.19

Pop Tween Gifts

Kids and tweens are interested in a variety of pop culture icons from games to books to vintage movies. 

LEGO Ideas The Flintstones is another great set to build as a family as The Flintstones has a great nostalgia with parents, and their parents too! Your tween may or may not enjoy this quality time together, but if they do you won't see the smile on their face anyway. This set is awesome, and it includes Fred, Wilma, Betty, and Barney as well as a full replica of The Flintstones' house. Also, this set is pretty nostalgic as it is the first of its kind to release a fabric roof for The Flintstone's vehicle. LEGO, Amazon $47.99 Ages 10+

K'Nex Pac-Man Rollercoaster Set is a great gift for kids and adults, too. Pac-Man is a pop culture icon from the classic arcade game to movies and shows, Pac-Man is recognizable. Now get this awesome where kids and parents can enjoy some great family time! Basic Fun! Toys, Walmart $29.97

Tweens are just getting into the famed books by JK Rowling, so pairing their newfound fandom with these amazing new products by Wow! Stuff would make the perfect gift or gifts! 

Take home Hedwig, Harry Potter’s trusty owl. With 12 realistic, owl-like movements, interact with Hedwig and watch as she responds to your voice by turning her head. Hedwig is not only beautiful, but her details are very realistic, and any Potter fan would be proud to receive such a gift. Wise choice, indeed. Jakks Pacific, Amazon $19.99 Ages 4+ 

Pair Hedwig with the Harry Potter wave die-cast wands for $4.99 each. Now you can collect wands from Narcissa Malfoy, a Death Eater’s wand, or even Neville Longbottom’s wand in a four-inch scale. Each of the wands is resting on a beautiful stand that looks like the magic of the Pensieve. These wands are tried and true collectibles! Jakks Pacific, Amazon $21.97 3-pack 

Harry Potter Wow! Stuff Invisibility Cloak is the perfect set for any Harry Potter fan. Appear to disappear with the free app, and wow your friends. Wow! Stuff, Amazon $74.99

HP K-Blings are adorable figural clip-ons that will make wires, shoelaces, and more super magical! K-Blings also come in other fun styles like Emoji and Wow! Stuff's own line of fantastical characters! Wow! Stuff, Amazon $14.99 

Dobby the House Elf is a cute plush in the likeness of this beloved Elf from Harry Potter! Dobby talks and says phrases about how Dobby is no longer a working House Elf! With six key phrases in all, you'll want to throw all of the socks at him. Wow! Stuff, Amazon $29.99

Light Painting Wand is a beautifully designed wand made of resin. Pair it with the free app to create your own magical creations written in mid-air. Wow! Stuff, Amazon $15.99

Golden Snitch allows you to look like the ultimate Wizard. Control the Golden Snitch in the palm of your hands. Wow! Stuff, Amazon $13.35


Hollopanes are sort of creepy, but they're cool, too. Tweens will love that Harry Potter appears to watch them from his live photo. They kind of remind me of the spooky lenticular pieces at Disney Parks - totally kitschy and cool! Wow! Stuff, Amazon $5.61 

JoJo Siwa Collectible Tins and Sequin Surprise Keychains Kids love tiny tin trinket boxes, and I highly recommend the ones by Bulls-i-Toy as they are chock full of high-quality collectibles of licensed favorite characters. From JoJo Siwa to Marvel to Baby Shark (some tweens find Baby Shark a-doo-doo-doo-dorable!), there a wide variety of tins to collect. Inside find 3D magnets to keychains, stickers, and more. The outside of the tin is in full color and can hold their treasures inside. Perfect as a stand-alone gift collection or for use stocking stuffers. Bulls-i-Toy, Amazon 4-pack of tins/4-pack Plush Keychains $24.99

Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Deluxe Playset $49.99 Everyone’s favorite game Jailbreak featuring wildly popular Roblox is no available as a play-set Create your own scenario with this set with all of the characters that are included like Sneaky Criminal, Scared Cop, Unkempt Collector and more! Jazwares, Amazon $42.99 | Target $49.99

Fortnite Battle Bus The iconic Fortnite Battle Bus Drone is now available as a 7” model with lights and sounds and you can now really “drop” in just like the game. The RC remote controls where you’ll drop in next as it is a real working drone. It also comes with a 6-inc micros USB cable for easy charging when not in use. Jazwares, Amazon $37.49 | Target $37.49 Price drop!

Jumbo Loot Llama Pinata This piñata just provides the most epic unboxing experience. Build the iconic clocktower. Figure fans will appreciate the 19 points of articulation on the highly-detailed figures, Frozen Raven and Ice King. Standing at just over two feet tale, there are over 100 surprises inside this piñata - that’s a lot of loot! Amazon $69.99 | Target $69.99

Gift the Open Road

12V Nighthawk by Roll play - Don't adjust your screen, this is truly sweet looking ride! For an interesting and very different kind of ride, consider the Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay. This is a 12-Volt ride-on that packs a big punch and will give your tweens and teens a thrill. Kids will be able to strengthen their focus and balance while maneuvering this stealth-like vehicle. Lean left and right to dip through obstacles. Kids use their body to keep the vehicle in check, but use the side handlebars to maintain control. The included charger helps keep the battery fresh for unlimited rides. Perfect for kiddos ages six and up, and recommended for riders weighing up to 110 lbs. Rollplay, Amazon $149.99 | Walmart 149.99 Ages 6+

Wave Catcher by Rollplay Mix it up, and don't gift the same old scooter! Rollplay has the ultimate in ride-on for kids on the GO! The Wave Catcher by Rollplay combins the design and power of scooters, skateboards, and electric power for a sweet ride. Tilt from side to side as you would on a skateboard with little effort, and kids will feel like they're riding the waves. The long lasting 24-Volt provides a lengthy ride time, so seasoned riders can take the Wave Catcher out for a spin to their afterschool activities! Perfect for kids ages eight and up and up to 143 lbs, some parents can enjoy this, too! Rollplay, Walmart $129.99

Schwinn Koen Bicycle is the perfect starter bike to transition kids from training wheels to two wheels with ease. With sporty BMX style and the SmartStart design, this lighter frame bike is built to grow and also built for a child’s proportions. Kids can comfortably hold the handlebars, and adjust the seat without tools when needed. A handy seat handle makes carrying the bike or hanging for storage at home really convenient. Safety features like a fully covered chain guard, transitional front and rear brakes, and a limited lifetime warranty are all key features of this bike, plus the awesome nameplate a la BMX styling.  Available in three distinct colors of black, blue, and red and all colors come with training wheels except the 20” bike.  Depending on the size of bike you need, the prices range from $117.99 to $169.99 on Amazon in various sizes 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”. Get kids started riding as early as two years to 12 years old. 

Schwinn Elm Bicycle gives beautiful styling with full-on safety features to put parents at ease as their kiddo takes their first set of wheels out for a spin. Built with a child in mind this beauty of a bike has Schwinn’s prized SmartStart design that fits kid-specific proportions for easier pedaling and handling. The Schwinn Elm is a great starter bike for kids beginning the independence from training wheels to a two-wheeled bike and will give the confidence kids need to embark on such a milestone. Available in three vibrant colors and a handy basket, the Schwinn Elm gives a vintage feel along with lots of individual style. Schwinn, Amazon Prices vary size and comes in three colors: pink, purple, and teal. Ages two to 12 years Sizes: 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” & 20”  MSRP: $129/ $117.99, $129.99, $145.99, $157.99, $169.99 

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