Wednesday, October 23, 2019

YouTube Educational Channel ChuChuTV Launch Peek & Play Surprise Toys Line with Moose Toys

Toddlers rejoice! ChuChuTV now has a full line of surprise eggs to mimic their Surprise Eggs videos featuring animals, colors, and letters. 

Thank you Moose Toys for sending ChuChuTV for our review! They are HIT at our house! My two year old loves the Peek & Play Surprise eggs and the Chu Chu train! All opinions expressed are my own.

Do you have a little fan of ChuChuTV at home? The educational channel, ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Learning Videos now has toys made by top toymaker, Moose Toys. Moose Toys sent us the Peek & Play Surprise toys for our review, and some are definitely firsts for Moose Toys' play lines. 

What's Inside?

In this collection, you can get a ChuChuTV Choo Choo Train featuring a surprise egg with Horace the Elephant inside. The train also sings Johnny-Johnny Yes, Papa, and other familiar sounds and songs from their channel's videos. Just like the videos from their YouTube channel, there is a collection of surprise eggs with faces on them. Moose Toys created this whimsical toy line to recreate the magic of ChuChuTV. Each surprise egg is colored and has a face from the channel's videos. Inside the eggs are different animals and the letter identifying that animal. You can collect all of the eggs to build the alphabet (A, B, C, D, E comes as a 5-pack set). The ChuChuTV toy line really has so many advantages. 

Versatile Educational Toys

Teach your little one the fundamentals at home using fun and playful methods. Name the letter and the animal associated with that letter as well as the animal's sound, plus the color of the egg. All of that is just one egg! Adding another Peek & Play Surprise egg to playtime will now add a new letter, new animal, new animal sound, new color, and now a number to count your eggs.  

Parents, the holidays are coming! Choose a variety of ChuChuTV toys now available on Amazon. Links below are affiliate links. The Chu Chu Train sings familiar songs and holds three eggs for jus $19.99 each on Amazon. The 12 Pack of Surprise Eggs are the perfect stocking stuffers, and you can split up the box amongst your kiddos to share for $29.99. The ABC Starter set includes five surprise eggs that are lettered A, B, C, D, and E. 

Thank you Moose Toys for providing the Peek & Play Surprise Eggs for our review!

Some links contain affiliate links, which are free for you to click through! Help a mama out, please!

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