Friday, October 11, 2019

Untamed Legends Dragon Vulcan Added to Long List of WowWee Fingerlings Line

Meet Vulcan! The latest innovation by WowWee. Vulcan is the first large scale dragon in the Untamed series!

The brand new addition to the Untamed collection is Vulcan, a ferocious beast conjured from the hot lava of the ancient WowWee Volcano. Beautifully colored in a dark blue, accented with neon green spikes, and a fiery orange mouth, this beast will be a mainstay on collector's shelves as well as in the toy box of many dragon fans. Intricate details like muscle tones on the articulated legs and arms, as well as, shred marks on their fabric wings give this toy dragon a very realistic look. As realistic as a dragon can be, I mean.

Vulcan's wingspan is impressive, and the sound of the flapping alone makes me feel like he is going to fly away. Powered by motion and sound, you can "fly" your dragon through the air and he will respond to those movements like nosediving on a brigade of his fellow fingerlings. While moving through the air, Vulcan will flap his wings to that movement. His look is just awesome, and in our video, all you can hear are the oohs and aahs of my little assistant, my six-year-old son, Marcello. 

Pose your dragon in a room that gets a lot of traffic, clap your hands twice to activate the motion detector, and whenever someone walks passed they will feel the wrath and fury of Vulcan. With a light-up chest and ferocious sounds, this legend is will be a fiery hit to your collection! Get it for $40 at Amazon and Walmart.

Thank you, WowWee, for sending us this beautiful dragon for our review for free.

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