Friday, October 11, 2019

TAGIE Nominees Includes Young Inventors of Games Like Goo on My Shoe, Draw into Crime, and more!

Young Inventors Nominated for TAGIE Awards - Vote Now To Support Young Inventors! 

Let's get into the holiday spirit with some board game gift ideas and the TAGIE awards! Say what? You heard me! The TAGIE awards are the prestigious awards ceremony for the best in Toy and Games Innovations for 2019. Chitag put together the Young Inventors category where a select group of young toy inventors that were nominated for the very best in toy inventing. Among that group are two of PlayMonster's finest, Edie Piacenza and Tiggy Sliwinski! Check out their inventions below, and be sure to support younger inventors as well as veteran toy inventors by casting your vote before October 30th! Stay tuned to my blog and to the Chitag website to see the winners after the ceremony on November 22, 2019. 

Another PlayMonster title, Draw into Crime, is the work of child inventor, Tiggy Sliwinski. Draw into Crime is a whodunnit style board game with a fun twist, you have to draw out the suspect using clues from the player who witnessed the crime. Limited art skill is required for this game - as it’s all about communication and a simple process of deduction, which is what makes this game so cool. Lots of luck, Tiggy! Don’t forget to vote! You can find Tiggy's game on the PlayMonster website, and on specialty store shelves for $19.99.

Check out Goo On My Shoe and Draw into Crime. Both games are manufactured by PlayMonster, but their backstories have a fun twist. Each game was invented by a kid, and now both games and their inventors are up for TAGIE Awards! You can vote for them amongst other categories here. It is free to vote, and would give these Young Inventors an extra boost of confidence, hopefully sparking them to create more! 

Goo on My Shoe, invented by Edie Piacenza, came about when Edie literally stepped in her dog’s poop. With the support of toy and game giant, PlayMonster, Edie's invention was brought to life and now sells on the PlayMonster website, Amazon, and on specialty store shelves for just $19.99 or less. 

The game board is whimsical and has a touch of nostalgia with its merry-go-round styled spinning wheel and tiny shoe game pieces. Make sure you have the least amount goo underneath your shoe game piece, and then you will be declared the winner. The goo is actually colored putty and the person with the most has a rainbow of colors under their shoe game piece. Kids who love tactile toys like slime, dough, and putty won’t mind stepping in some goo during a round of Goo On My Shoe. Lots of luck, Edie! Don’t forget to vote here. 

There are more nominees in the Young Inventors category who also invented games, an interactive robot, and even a pillow shaped like a soft animal that encourages creativity at bedtime. Lots of luck to these awesome and intelligent kids who set the bar high, and deserve congratulations even if they do not win this prestigious award.

Go on and vote! The TAGIE awards are November 22, 2019, and voting closes October 30th! Who will you be voting for? Let me know who got your vote in the comments below.

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