#SNAPSTAR Born to Be Stars Music Video is Live! New Music Video Reveal!

My favorite social girls the #SNAPSTAR dolls by YULU dropped their new music video that today, and it's a smash hit. Watch Born to Be Stars and share with your friends! The song is an original song written and produced especially for the video. The hook is really powerful, and just a lot of fun!

Screenshot of new video, Born to be Stars!

The tune is catchy and has an amazing message, as said by YULU co-founders Jochem van Rijn and Thijmen de Schipper,  “The song is representative of every kid’s dream of being heard and understood.”

The music was produced using cutting-edge cinematic-quality avatars of the dolls dancing to the music - all of this was done with real dancers. Get a behind the scenes look of how the video was made here

Hundreds shared their talents from dancing to acting to bring this magical moment in toy history from real life to digital. #SNAPSTAR is a content-driven brand, which fully supports the girls (all seven dolls) niche in the social media world. The song and music video features Echo and Yuki the DJ to bring this performance to the big screen. Expect to hear and see more from #SNAPSTARS very soon!

Once I started playing the song, my son Marcello started to sing and dance immediately, it’s that catchy! Let’s clap back with some positive energy and share Born to Be Stars! You can find the #SNAPSTAR collection at Walmart and Target from dolls to now play-sets. Fans of the music video can bring the video to life at home with Echo’s Debut on the Pink Carpet that is for sale at Target for $24.99. 

Let me know what you think of the new music video in the comments below!


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