Monday, October 7, 2019

Radz Candy Dispensers for a Sweet Halloween Treat or Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Radz Candy sent us lots of candy just in time for the Halloween season!

We are no stranger to Radz, especially, their fun line of disensers Radz candy provides next level candy retrieval with their unique styles. They also have a huge collection of licenses from Secret Life of Pets to Shopkins to Paw Patrol.

Radz sent us Radz Twistz and Radz Foamz featuring our favorite Secret Life of Pets 2 characters. Fulfill your sweet tooth on the go with these adorable candy dispensers. Not only do you get a fun surprise candy dispenser, you also get a full-color poster and Radz candy.

You can fit the Radz Twistz in your pocket and have your favorite sweet Radz candies totally accessible. With Radz Foamz, you can hang a squishy character from a backpack or purse to grab that candy when the craving arises. With the Radz Foamz, fulfill a sweet craving and squish away your stress.

Radz candy dispensers make for easy to gift treats for the holiday season from Halloween trick or treats to Holiday stocking stuffers. Thank you Radz candy for sending us so many treats! Collect them all and get them at Walmart and Target. Large packs of them are even sold on Amazon, which helps make for great party favors.

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