New Toy Reveal! Disney Frozen 2 5 Star! Collectibles by Funko #FrozenFanFest #Frozen2

Happy #FrozenFanFest Day! I have a fun reveal for you, new Disney Frozen Funko 5 Star! figures featuring Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and the lovable, summer-loving snowman, Olaf! Big thank you to Funko for giving us the opportunity to share these adorable figures with all of our fellow collectors. Check out my videos on YouTube and IGTV, otherwise, read on for some up-close photos and my review!

5 Star! Figures already have a huge support system of great licenses under their belt and just being a year old. The line rolled out in 2018 with Harry Potter, another magical character who needed to learn how to control his magical abilities, just like Queen Elsa. The trio of figures in this line adds something different to collector's shelves, as you can pose, even change out parts, and add accessories to encourage to recreate the storyline on to your display shelves. The packaging itself is the beginning of the story with the window to peek inside to the figure, then you open the box door like you would open a book revealing the figure and their accessories. 5 Star! Figures are unique in that they encourage storytelling with these interchangeable accessories and pieces. Some figures in the line from different licenses even include change out faces. Each of the 5 Star! Figures have three points of articulation allowing for easy posing. 

Now, the Figures!


Queen of Isolation 

Queen Elsa comes with two additional accessories. One is the lizard that I recall seeing from the Frozen 2 trailer. To include him in this kind of collectible set indicates to me that he is a vital character. I wonder if he will play a role similar to that of Olaf, or even like Pascal from Tangled, Rapunzel’s best friend and tiny sidekick. Queen Elsa also includes an extra right hand. The additional hand comes with a magical spell attached, so when you go to display or even with the figure, you can have her conjure up a beautiful ice spell. Within the spell are tiny snowflakes, and the piece itself is translucent. Elsa’s dress is new for Frozen 2, it’s really beautiful with lots of Nordic prints. Her attached cape is a clear frosted blue, and she had white boots. 

Little Sis Looks All Grown Up

Princess Anna has two accessories that are very different from her big sister. She comes with a decorated rucksack and a removable cloak. In my unboxing video, I had some trouble putting it on. Nothing a bit of turning of her didn’t fix. The joints of these figures are tight enough so when you do something crazy like this, you’re not going to ruin the articulation later on. It also just makes it easy to pose, and you know they’re not going to fall apart if your child plays with the figure, which is fine in my house. The details of Anna’s dress are more muted. Her dress mimics the tones of Autumn. She is also missing her magic streak in her hair, but her hairstyle is very romantic, and the red tone is perfect.

Unfortunately, Olaf was not available yet for a preview. Please watch this space and my social media channels (@tubeytoys on IG) for any updates on him! Let’s guess what accessories he will come within the comments below. I think possibly some leaves or maybe even his own cloud to keep him cold. 

Overall, I am very happy with the 5 Star! figures. I think Funko did the sisters, Elsa and Anna, justice. We will appreciate them more after the film comes out and have a better idea of the symbolism of each. I highy recommend getting to add to your collections. This is my first time even unboxing 5 Star! figures, and I definitely have been missing out. 

Frozen 2 - The Sequel is FINALLY Here!

Disney Frozen 2 will be in theaters November 22, 2019, in the US and UK, and December 26 in Australia. This long-awaited sequel is welcomed by millions of fans waiting to learn the meaning of Queen Elsa’s magic. According to the trailers, it seems that her magic isn’t a curse after all. Make sure you follow the trending hashtag #FrozenFanFest to learn more about the awesome reveals of new Frozen 2 merchandise hitting stores October 4, 2019 (my 10 year wedding anniversary!). You can find Disney Frozen 2 5 Star! Figures in stores for $10 each. 

Thank you again to Disney and Funko for sharing these beautiful figures with us. They will be treasured! All comments and opinions are my own. 

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