Monday, September 16, 2019

New Novelty Toy Club Petz Spitzy, Bim Bim, Bam Bam - Good Old Fashioned Fun!

IMC Toys sent us Club Petz Spitzy, Bim Bim, and Bam Bam for our review. Club Petz are already plush sensations overseas, so it's no wonder that their cuteness is taking North America by storm.

Toys With Character!

My son loves Bim Bim and Bam Bam!

Meet Club Petz, adorable plush toys with loads of personality. Kids sometimes need to just take a break from all of these highly educational toys, and pepper in some colorful fun. They are made of high-quality plush and have intelligent devices to make them truly unique toys. Club Petz cuteness factor seriously makes collecting them super easy. 

Collect Spitzy the Llama who spits, burps, and acts like a llama in just the cutest way possible. Press her tummy, and her cute little mouth moves in a circle. Play a trick on your sibling or parent with a face full of water - it's all in good fun! 

We also reviewed Bim Bim and Bam Bam, a squirrel and hamster team that probably work best when purchased together. Priced at under $10 each, they would make great gifts without breaking the bank. Press their buttons to reveal bopping, shaking, vibrating fun - watch out for Bam Bam though, he likes to bop behind the couch!

Kids can also visit the Club Petz website to play games, and do fun activities. You can also see all of the varieties of Club Petz toys. Take home the whole collection or pick and choose from a large variety of adorable Club Petz like a whale, unicorn, cat, dog, parrot, and more! Club Petz are highly responsive and some even interact with one another like the beautiful collie dogs that respond to commands like Lucy does with her sister Lola. 

Thank you so much, Club Petz and IMC Toys -- creators of Cry Babies -- for sending us this amazing collection for our review! 

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