Sunday, September 8, 2019

Luvi Pups New Tactile Toys that Stretch, Teach, and Support Pups! Donate to Oregon's Luvable Dog Rescue

Meet the Luvi Pups, eight adorably stretchy and squishy pups that need rescuing by you! Each Luvi Pups surprise pet carrier has six miniature accessories inside to make the transition from shelter to forever home an easy one. The beauty of these toys that Redwood Ventures is taking a portion of each sale of Luvi Pups and donating them to Luvable Dog Rescue.  Luvable Dog Rescue rescues dogs and gives them a second chance at living in a loving home. They also shelter other small pets, like cats. With each purchase, it comes with a card acknowledging a pup that Luvable Dog Rescue has found fur-ever homes for in the past. 

Luvi Pups provide that tactile touch that kids love like squishing a stretching them. This toy can also create a wonderful teachable moment on how not to play with real animals. Kids love squishy toys; I even like them, and these Luvi Pups stretch like Stretch Armstrong and then return back to their adorable pup-like selves. Each accessory is small and the perfect size for the Luvi Pup. The fun part about the accessories is that you can put the dog bone, chew toy or even doggy bowl in the pup’s mouth. Kids will love to pretend play and collect these adorable little pups. 

Thank you so much Redwood Ventures for sending us Luvi Pups for our review. Redwood Ventures is also responsible for creating Smooshy Mushy squishier as well as Foodie Surprise! To learn more about Luvable Dog Rescue, please check out their website and their Etsy shop that sells merchandise to further support their cause. Luvable Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Oregon that rescues precious pups from kill-shelters. 

You can find Luvi Pups for $7.99 each exclusively at Target. Since each pup is visible in the pet carrier, it will be easy to complete this set of eight pups for the first litter. 

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