Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Holiday Stocking Stuffers 2019 | Get ZIGI With It - New Novelty Toys that Wiggle, Wobble, and Are Totally Fun!

Meet ZIGI, the latest novelty toy by Jupiter Creations. Zigis are wacky, wobbly toys that make fun noises when you shake them and have funny names like Gol, Zag, and Zombo. Drop them, flip them, and play a variety of games with as many as three Zigis and battle your friends or battle yourself with these cool slammers. Jupiter Creations sent us some Zigis to unbox and we are having a blast with them. You can find them in blind bags or as 3-packs. Zigis even have their own wardrobe as you can dress them up with the included colorful outfit made of thick glossy cardstock. Zigis promote open-ended play as you can continue to make up your own games as you play, and you can even create your own storylines as each Zigi acts like a figure with their little outfits. Mix up their outfits to create a fun match game, or just to add some silliness to playtime. 

Kids can even play suggested Zigi games. The Flip game is totally fun and requires three zigis to play. Be the first player to flip the prize ZIGI. Each ZIGI has a different side, like heads and tails. The winner is the player with the most zigis. You can also play Catch where only one Zigi is required. You have to catch the Zigi by having it land flat on your hand without closing up your first. If you're playing alone, try doing some tricks like the underpass (throwing the zigi up and switching hands), or throwing it under your leg and catching it with an open hand. You can also play the game Against the Wall where each player stands four feet away from a marker, and you have to throw your zigi toward the marker. The player who gets the closest is the winner. I would suggest Zigi bowling where you can knock down other toys with your ZIGIS! 

Like B-Bbuddieez, ZIGIS are fun, tiny, and versatile toys that will be a great addition to a holiday toy shopping list. The 3-pack is a great bang for your buck as it is only $4.99, and would make a great stocking stuffer. You can find ZIGI on Amazon now. 

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