Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Finding the Right Pacifier for Your New Baby! Why Wubbanub is the Way to Go!

Wubbanub sent us their Lovey plush for our review! Having been a Wubbanub customer for six years I want to share with you my Wubba-wisdom! Vote for Wubbanub now - they're up for an Earnie Award!

Our Pacifier Story

Wubbanub has been there for me since 2013. I say me, because it gave me some freedom and sanity as a parent. It’s the only pacifier that my firstborn would keep in his mouth. Marcello was a cluster feeder, and would always want to nurse. I was never free. I went through pacifiers like water - he spit out everything. He wouldn't even take a bottle. I was at my wit's end. Then one day, I was perusing Babies R Us (God rest their soul), and I found this pacifier with an animal attached. It was 2013, I wasn't an "influencer" then, and I didn't even use social media then unless it was to complain about how tired I was with a new baby. In fact, Wubbanub was the first photo I ever shared tagging a company on Instagram! Wubbanub saved me, and here's why...

The Pacifier With a Purpose

Wubbanub uses the same pacifier from the hospital but with an adorable twist, a cute plush is attached to it and it comes in a variety of styles. Then there were not many styles to choose from, so I went with an adorable owl. I still have one of his owls years later and periodically I will take it out of the cabinet and cuddle it just for a second. The Wubbanub meant that much to my son, Marcello. Owls were also his nursery theme, so it was perfect! Marcello loved his Wub and because the Wubbannub plush has a little bit of weight to it the pacifier stayed in his mouth. The pacifier would be in his mouth and the plush would rest on his chest and tummy, so he always felt the comfort of what he probably thought was my hand while he slept (for 10 minutes, but that's a different story all-together). 

Now you can choose from so many designs to conform to your baby's nursery theme from adorable animals to mythical unicorns and dragons to even your favorite baseball team

I had three Owl Wubbanubs on rotation. If one ended up on the floor, I had another on hand to replace it. Wubbanub are machine washable; I always let my son’s air dry after washing. Tip: make sure you wash the pacifier again after you wash the Wubbanub. Not one day after he turned one, he no longer wanted his Wub, and my heart sank. That owl was always in his mouth, and then he just turned it away. 

Then when my second son, Rocco, was born, I rejoiced! Before my due date, I bought two Wubbanubs, and this time a super cute penguin. The penguin is a Limited Edition design. However, Rocco was born tongue-tied, so nursing was an issue as well as keeping a pacifier in his mouth. Even after his surgery, it was still a problem, but he still loved his Wub! We used to bring it with us just in case, and he would play with it and cuddle it. He didn't have the attachment that Marcello had to it, but every child is different. 

Wubbanub now has a new line of plush called Lovey, which are adorable mini lovey blankets that showcase that same high-quality fabric and plush. The flat part is soft and cuddly, and the plush animal is adorable. Toddlers will love bringing it everywhere, and it is a great alternative to toddlers who outgrow their pacifier, or as an incentive to give it up. 

Wubbanub pacifiers also have limited edition plush and once they are gone, they are really gone coming in fun styles like dragons, sloths, unicorns, and more. If you are purchasing a Limited Edition style, then I would sincerely consider buying three: one for your diaper bag, one for home, and one for just in case. Trust me on this! I recall a time when we could not find all three of the Owl Wubbanub! I couldn't even find a replacement on Amazon at that time. Oh, the chaos that ensued. Thankfully, the Wub was located in the seat of the couch. For the baseball fan, have your kiddo show off your team spirit with intricately embroidered team logos on colorful bears and pups. 

Big thank you to Wubbanub for sharing their new Lovey plush with us. I wish I had been offered this years ago as I could have been the Wubbanub Ambassador. Hah! I sing Wubbanub's praises to this very day, and it is always included in any gifts I have for new babies. Parents look at it in bewilderment but thank me later. Wubbanub is the way to go! Prove me wrong otherwise in the comments below!

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